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Connie Ferguson Biography, Age, Husband, Daughters, Family, Wedding and Career

Connie Ferguson Biography

Connie Ferguson ( Connie Masilo Ferguson) was born on 10th June 1970 in Kimberley, Northern Cape in South Africa. She is an actress, producer and model. She is popularly known for her role as Karabo Moroka in the soap Generations which aired on SABC 1.

Connie Ferguson Acting Career

She starred in the M Net soap opera The Wild, as Marang Lebone a helicopter-mom and the matriarch of the Lebone family that aired from 2011-2013.

Connie has played lead roles in What If, Crime Reporter, Maitemogelo and Soul City 1, 2, 3 and 4. She had a lead role in the production Cape of Good Hope and made a guest appearance on Okavango.

She has also made cameo appearances on Danger Zone, Matswakabele 2 and 3, Lesilo Rula 2, On The Right Track and Surbuban Bliss.

In 2013 she produced and starred in the Mzansi Magic drama series Rockville.

In 2013 she was one of the celebrities who competed in the sixth season of a reality competition Strictly Come Dancing that was aired in SABC 3.

Connie Ferguson Age

She was born on 10th June 1970.

Connie Ferguson Daughters

She has two daughters; Lesedi and Alicia.

Connie Ferguson Husband – Connie Ferguson Family

She is married to Aaron ‘Shona’ Ferguson and has two daughters, Lesedi and Alicia.

Connie Ferguson Wedding

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Connie Ferguson Achievements

In 1993 she was voted one of South Africa’s Ten Most beautiful Women by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

In 1997 she was featured in David Dodd’s Portraits of South Africa’s Most beautiful Women.

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson interview with Confidente

How do you juggle your roles as an actress, businesswoman, wife and mother?

Connie Ferguson: I have help. I am not in denial be­cause I am no superwoman. (Laughs).

Namibian women are faced with so many challenges. Is there anything you would want to share with them?

Connie Ferguson: Realise your beauty from the soul and never let anyone take that away from you. Be true to yourself. You are not alone, be strong and continue fighting.

Who are your role models?

Connie Ferguson: My mother, before anyone else. I know what we have been through and we managed. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and my siblings that I make it a point to fully support her.

The Wild just ended. Are you considering going back to Generations?

Connie Ferguson: I loved Generations and I was torn apart when I left. My fans want me to return to the soapie. Though I am not sure, never say never. Karabo fans love her and the fact that the character is not dead is something to look into.

What do you do for fun?

Connie Ferguson: (Laughs) …You won’t believe it but I watch mov­ies. My husband, the children and I are obsessed about TV series. We like to sit down as a family and just watch television together.
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