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Sharlto Copley Biography, Awards and Wife

Sharlto Copley Biography

Sharlto Copley was born on 27th November 1973 in Pretoria South Africa. He is an actor, producer and director.He has produced and co-directed short films that have appeared at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as commercials and music videos.

Sharlto Copley Education Background

He attended St. Andrew’s Preparatory school in Grahamstown

He attended Redhill School in Morningside, Johannesburg.

Sharlto Copley Career

At the age of 25 he was the youngest South African television producer. He met Neill Blomkamp who worked for him in exchange for use of the computers to pursue his talent for design.

Blomkamp would many years later go on to direct Copley in his star-making debut as nervous bureaucrat Wikus van de Merwe in the Oscar nominated science fiction hit District 9 (2009).

He later landed a role on The A- Team in 2010 where he acted as H.M. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and it was also directed by Blomkamp.

Sharlto Copley Career


  1. 2006: Yellow
  2. 2006: Alive in Joburg
  3. 2009: District 9
  4. 2010: Wikus and Charlize
  5. 2010: The A-Team
  6. 2013: Europa Report
  7. 2013: Elysium
  8. 2013: Oldboy
  9. 2013: Open Grave
  10. 2014: Maleficent
  11. 2014: The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King
  12. 2015: Chappie
  13. 2015: Hardcore Henry
  14. 2016: The Hollars
  15. 2016: Free Fire


  • 2015 to 2016 he played the role of Christian Walker in the series Powers.

Sharlto Copley Awards and Nominations


  1. 2009: Best Performance IGN Movie Awards.
  2. 2009: Fvorite Summer Hero, IGN Movie Awards.


  1. 2009: Most Promising Performer at Chicago Film Critics Association Award.
  2. 2009: Best actor of the year at the Golden Schmoes Awards.
  3. 2009: Breakthrough Performance of the year at the Golden Schmoes Awards.
  4. 2010: Best Newcomer at Empire Award.
  5. 2010: Best Actor at International Cinephile Society Award
  6. 2010: Best Breakthrough Performance – Male for the Online Film & Television Association
  7. 2010: Best Actor Online Film Critics Society Award
  8. 2010: Best Science Fiction Actor during the Scream Award.
  9. 2010: Choice Movie Actor – Sci-Fi during the Teen Choice Award

Sharlto Copley Wife

He is in a romantic relationship with a South African supermodel and actress Tanit Phoenix Copley who they began to date in 2012. He proposed on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, on the 28 March 2015. They got married on 15 February 2016, in Cape Town, South Africa.


Sharlto Copley

Sharlto Copley