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Australian Doctor

Australian Doctor

Australian Doctor is Australia’s leading independent medical media outlet. Australian trained doctors are in high demand across the country. Doctors who have trained in Australia or gained professional experience in Australia are in demand from health services across the country.

Australian Doctors International

Australian Doctors International (ADI) is a not-for-profit, non-government development aid organisation with no religious or political affiliations. ADI was formed voluntarily by a group of interested people for a common purpose that serves a public benefit and is not carried on for the profit or gain of individual members.

Founded in 2000, ADI’s goal is to improve the health of people in remote and rural areas of PNG. ADI specialises in Doctor Supervised Integrated Health Patrols, deploying volunteer doctors and health managers to work in partnership with local health providers to provide medical treatment to save lives and reduce suffering, community health education to reduce preventable illness and disease and training to build the capacity of local health workers.

ADI’s services include:

Medical treatment: To help save lives and reduce suffering, ADI’s doctors currently treat more than 3,500 patients every year. Some people have never seen a doctor before, others only once every couple of years. Consequently, ADI’s doctors see many people in advanced stages of disease that could have been prevented. Common diseases and illnesses include malaria and tuberculosis, leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, muscular skeletal, respiratory and serious eye problems.

Training and education: To help strengthen the capacity of local health workers, ADI’s doctors conduct case-based training during clinics and teach medical education sessions. Every year, ADI also facilitates an in-service health training which brings together health staff from various locations for a week of intensive learning with local and expatriate health experts.

School and community health education: Many lives are lost due to a lack of knowledge about how diseases are caused, prevented and treated. To help with this, ADI’s doctors and health managers deliver health education talks which address PNG national health priorities and target specific groups. In 2010-2011, ADI’s volunteers gave health talks to over 15,000 adults and school children in Western Province.

Australian Doctors for Africa

Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA) is a licensed charity registered in Western Australia. Established in November 2005 by orthopaedic surgeon Dr Graham Forward, ADFA is a non-profit community-based organisation with its headquarters located in Perth, Western Australia.

It has no political affiliations. The goals of ADFA are to provide medical supplies, equipment, consult, undertake surgical procedures, disseminate best practice in health care, up skill, in-service and teach local medical and hospital staff and to assess future training needs of local staff to build capacity and maintain sustainable programmes and projects.

Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA) has a commitment to effect significant change in health care and wellbeing in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Somaliland and Comoros through the provision of overseas medical teams, teaching and training programs and in country support of infrastructure development.

List of Australian Doctors

  1. Shantona Bag
  2. R. A. de Castro Basto
  3. Patricia Brennan
  4. Herbert Bullmore
  5. Sam Chachoua
  6. Ric Charlesworth
  7. Lyn Christie
  8. Jeremy Cumpston
  9. William Doe
  10. Alan Eggleston
  11. James Fitzpatrick (Australia)
  12. Mary Glowrey
  13. James Graham (physician)
  14. Edwin Cuthbert Hall
  15. Daniel Harris (cricketer)
  16. William Thornborough Hayward
  17. Jack Hibberd
  18. John Sydney Hicks
  19. Garton Hone
  20. Archie Kalokerinos
  21. Gavin Le Sueur
  22. Renee Lim
  23. Thomas William Meagher
  24. George Miller (director)
  25. Sarah Moore (The Family)
  26. Eric Pockley
  27. Clive Shields
  28. Victor George Springett
  29. John Springthorpe
  30. Norman Swan
  31. Alec Boswell Timms
  32. Joseph Toscano
  33. Claude Tozer
  34. Reg Turnbull
  35. Athol Tymms
  36. Michael Wooldridge