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Bernard Fanning Biography, Age, Albums and Songs

Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning is an Australian musician and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the lead singer and frontman of Australian alternative rock band Powderfinger from its formation in 1989 to its dissolution in 2010.

Bernard Fanning was born August 15, 1969, in Brisbane. He joined Powderfinger at the behest of St. Joseph’s College economics classmate Ian Haug, who co-founded the group in 1989. Originally slated as a guitarist, Fanning was soon awarded lead vocalist duties, charting the group’s evolution from covers to original material.

During Powderfinger’s hiatus in 2005, Fanning began his solo music career with the studio album Tea & Sympathy. Powderfinger then reunited in 2007 and released two more albums before disbanding in late 2010.

While Powderfinger’s style focuses on alternative rock, Fanning’s solo music is generally described as a mixture of blues and acoustic folk. Fanning plays guitar, piano, keyboards and harmonica, both when performing solo and also with Powderfinger. Often speaking out against Australian political figures, Fanning has donated much of his time to philanthropic causes. He is an advocate for Aboriginal justice in Australia.

Bernard Fanning Age

Bernard Fanning was born on 15th August , 1969.

Bernard Fanning Albums

  1. Tea & Sympathy
  2. Departures
  3. Civil Dusk
  4. Civil Dusk / Brutal Dawn – Deluxe Vinyl Package ‎(LP, Album, Club, Ltd, Tra)
  5. Brutal Dawn ‎(CD, Album)

Bernard Fanning Songs

  1. The Strangest Thing
  2. Limbo Stick
  3. Call You Home
  4. Moreton Bay
  5. Sleeping Rough
  6. Here Comes the Sadist
  7. Isn’t It A Pity
  8. Reckless
  9. Change of Pace
  10. Down to the River
  11. Departures
  12. Sooner or Later
  13. What A Man Wants
  14. Unpicking A Puzzle
  15. Battleships
  16. Yesterday’s Gone
  17. Wish You Well
  18. Watch Over Me
  19. Songbird
  20. Wasting Time
  21. Not Finished Just Yet
  22. Hope and Validation
  23. Shelter for My Soul
  24. Further Down the Road
  25. Grow Around You
  26. Belly of the Beast
  27. Tell Me How it Ends
  28. Wash Me Claen
Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning