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Colin Hay Biography, Wife, Albums and Songs

Colin Hay

Colin Hay is a Scottish-born Australian musician and actor who performed as lead vocalist of the band Men at Work and later as a solo artist. He was born on 29th June 1953. Hay’s music has been frequently used by actor and director Zach Braff in his work, subsequently leading to a career rebirth in the mid-2000s.

Colin Hay was responsible for penning several of the quirkiest pop hits of the early ’80s. Although he and his former band will forever be associated with “the land down under,” he originally hailed from Scotland, where he was born in the town of Kilwinning on June 29, 1953.

Colin Hay new album, FIERCE MERCY (released March 2017) is an epic, cinematic step forward for singer-songwriter Colin Hay, most beloved for his intimate, confessional live shows but most widely known for being an influential and celebrated frontman.

Colin Hay is most beloved for his intimate, confessional live shows but most widely known for being an influential and celebrated frontman. The range of artists who have chosen to cite him as a muse or who have found themselves on stage with him in the past year spans the genre landscape from heavy metal, to Americana, to Cuban rhythms and beyond. His inclusion as a playlist favorite from the likes of Metallica to The Lumineers reflects his continuing relevance and broad appeal.

Colin Hay

Colin Hay

Colin Hay Wife

Hay is married to singer Cecilia Noël.

Colin Hay Albums

  1. Looking for Jack
  2. Wayfaring Sons
  3. Peaks & Valleys
  4. Topanga
  5. Transcendental Highway
  6. Going Somewhere
  7. Company Of Strangers
  8. Man at Work
  9. Are You Lookin’ at Me?
  10. American Sunshine
  11. Gathering Mercury
  12. Next Year People
  13. Fierce Mercy

Colin Hay Songs

  1. A Simple Song
  2. A Thousand Million Reasons
  3. Against The Tide
  4. American Sunshine
  5. And If You Only Knew
  6. And No Matter…
  7. Are We There Yet?
  8. Are You Lookin’ At Me?
  9. Baby Can I See You Tonight?
  10. Back In My Loving Arms
  11. Bad Boy
  12. Be Good Johnny
  13. Beautiful World
  14. Blue Bay Moon
  15. Blue For You
  16. Boy Boy
  17. Broken Love
  18. Cactus
  19. Can I Hold You?
  20. Can’t Take This Town
  21. Catch A Star
  22. Children On Parade
  23. Circles Erratica
  24. Colin James Hay Interview “Looking For Jack”
  25. Come Tumblin’ Down
  26. Company Of Strangers
  27. Conversation
  28. Crazy
  29. Dear Father
  30. Dear J
  31. Death Row Conversation
  32. (Did You Just Take the) Long Way Home?
  33. Don’t Be Afraid
  34. Don’t Believe You Anymore
  35. Don’t Drink The Water
  36. Don’t Wait Up
  37. Down By The Sea
  38. Down Under
  39. Down Under 2012 – Solo Acoustic
  40. Dr Heckyll & Mr Jive
  41. Dream On
  42. Dreamtime In Glasgow
  43. Everything I Need
  44. Fallin’ Down
  45. Family Man
  46. Far From Home
  47. Fisherman’s Friend
  48. Freedom Calling
  49. Frozen Fields of Snow
  50. Gathering Mercury
  51. Giving Up
  52. Go Ask An Old Man
  53. Go To Sleep Now
  54. Going Somewhere
  55. Goodbye My Red Rose
  56. Goodnight Romeo
  57. Half a Million Angels
  58. Hard Luck Story
  59. Help Me
  60. Helpless Automaton
  61. Here In My Hometown
  62. High Wire
  63. Hold Me
  64. Hold On
  65. Hold On To My Hand
  66. Hold Onto My Hand
  67. Hold The Line
  68. Home Sweet Home
  69. How Long Will It Last
  70. I Came Into Your Store
  71. I Can See It In Your Eyes
  72. I Can’t Get Up Out Of This Bed
  73. I Don’t Know Why
  74. I Don’t Miss You Now
  75. I Don’t Need You Anymore
  76. I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You
  77. I Got Woken Up
  78. I Haven’t Seen You In A Long Time
  79. I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You
  80. I Like To
  81. I’ll Leave The Light On
  82. I’m Doing Fine
  83. I’m Going to Get You Stoned
  84. I’m Inside Outside In
  85. I’m Walking Here
  86. I Think I Know
  87. I Want you Back
  88. I Wish I Was Still Drinking
  89. If I Go
  90. If I Had Been a Better Man
  91. Into My Life
  92. Into The Cornfields
  93. Invisible
  94. It’s A Mistake
  95. Keep On Walking
  96. Lament For Whiskey McManus
  97. Land Of The Midnight Sun
  98. Lifeline
  99. Lived in Vain
  100. Loking For Jack
  101. Lonely Without You
  102. Looking For Jack
  103. Lose To Win
  104. Lost Generation
  105. Love Don’t Mean Enough
  106. Love Is Innocent
  107. Lucky Bastard
  108. Maggie
  109. Man With Two Hearts
  110. Maria
  111. Master Of Crime
  112. Me And My Imaginary Friend
  113. Melbourne Song
  114. Misty Bay
  115. Mr. Grogan
  116. My Brilliant Feat
  117. Nature Of The Beast
  118. Next Year People
  119. Next Year Peoplw
  120. No One Knows
  121. No Restrictions
  122. No Sign Of Yesterday
  123. No Time
  124. No Win Situation
  125. Not So Lonely
  126. Oh California
  127. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh Baby
  128. Overkill(Scrubs Soundtrack)
  129. Overkill
  130. People Just Love To Play With Words
  131. Pleased To Almost Meet You
  132. Prison Time
  133. Puerto Rico
  134. Pure Love
  135. Road To Mandalay
  136. Sail To You
  137. Scattered in the Sand
  138. Sea Dogs
  139. Secret Love
  140. Send Somebody
  141. Settle Down My Boy
  142. She Keeps Me Dreaming
  143. She Put The Blame On You
  144. She Was the Love of Mine
  145. Small Price To Be Free
  146. Small Town Big Hell
  147. Snakes And Ladders
  148. Sometimes I Wish
  149. Spencer the Rover (Bonus Track)
  150. Stay At Home
  151. Still Life
  152. Storm In My Heart
  153. The Best in Me
  154. The End Of Wilhelmina
  155. The End of Wilhemina
  156. The Flying Song
  157. The Last to Know
  158. The Longest Night
  159. There S Water Over You
  160. There’s Water Over You
  161. These Are Our Finest Days
  162. This Time I Got You
  163. To Have And To Hold
  164. To There from Here
  165. Touching The Untouchables
  166. Transcendental Highway
  167. Trying To Get To You
  168. Two Friends
  169. Underground
  170. Up In Smoke
  171. Upstairs In My House
  172. Waiting For My Real Life To Begin
  173. Waiting For My Real Life To Come
  174. Waiting in the Rain
  175. Walk Among His Ruins
  176. Walk Amongst His Ruins
  177. Wash It All Away
  178. Water Song
  179. Wayfaring Sons
  180. Ways Of The World
  181. Welcome to Daytrotter
  182. What Would Bob Do?
  183. Where the Sky Is Blue
  184. Who Can It Be Now
  185. Wild Mountain Thyme
  186. Woman’s Face
  187. Ya (Rest In Peace)
  188. The Chosen Ones

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