Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes is a singer-songwriter, comedian and podcaster. Hayes was the frontman and singer of the pop duo Savage Garden until its breakup in 2001, whose 1997 album Savage Garden peaked at No. 1 in Australia, No. 2 in United Kingdom and No. 3 in United States. It spawned the singles I Want You, To the Moon and Back and Australian and US No. 1 Truly Madly Deeply. The duo followed the success of their debut album with Affirmation (1999), which provided additional hits such as US No. 1 I Knew I Loved You and Australian No. 3 The Animal Song. Savage Garden sold more than 23 million albums worldwide before parting ways in 2001.

Since 1996, Darren Hayes has released 6 albums: two Savage Garden and four solo offerings and has toured the world many times including sold out shows at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall London, The Sydney Opera House and Radio City Music Hall New York. Some career highlights include performing at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games closing ceremonies and performing a duet with the late Luciano Pavarotti.

In 2011, Darren Hayes released his 4th solo album ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’ marking almost 20 years in the music business. As with every show in his career he toured this record with a show designed by globally acclaimed director Willie Williams (U2, We Will Rock You).

Darren Hayes Wife

After Darren Hayes divorced with his first wife makeup artist Colby Taylor in 2000, he married Cullen on 15th July 2013. Hayes and Cullen currently live in the United States.

Darren Haye
Darren Haye

Darren Hayes Albums

  1. We are Smug
  2. The Tension and the Spark
  3. Spin
  4. Affirmation
  5. Savage Garden
  6. This Delicate Thing We’ve Made
  7. Secret Codes and Battleships

Darren Hayes Songs

  1. Ego
  2. Feel
  3. Hero
  4. Void
  5. Light
  6. Darkness
  7. Pop! ular
  8. Unlovable
  9. Dublin Sky
  10. I Forgive You
  11. I Like The Way
  12. Sense of Humor
  13. Love and Attraction
  14. Strange Relationship
  15. Insatiable
  16. Heart Attack
  17. I Miss You
  18. Creepin’ Up on You
  19. Dirty
  20. Crush (1980 Me)
  21. Good Enough
  22. I Can’t Ever Get Enough of You
  23. Like It or Not
  24. What You Like
  25. Spin
  26. Strange Relationship
  27. Insatiable
  28. Heart Attack
  29. I Miss You
  30. Creepin’ Up On You
  31. Dirty
  32. Crush (1980 ME)
  33. Good Enough
  34. I Can’t Ever Get Enough Of You
  35. Like It Or Not
  36. What You Like
  37. Spin

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