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Finn Brothers Biography, Albums and Songs

Finn Brothers

The Finn Brothers are a New Zealand musical duo consisting of brothers Neil and Tim Finn. In June 1993 both members were awarded the OBE for their contribution to music.

The brothers Tim and Neil Finn have been making music together for most of their lives, through their formative years and their time with Split Enz and Crowded House. However it wasn’t until 1989 that they started writing together, a powerful musical collaboration that yielded many great songs for a side project named the Finn Brothers.

Brought up in the small New Zealand village of Te Awamutu, Tim and Neil Finn are siblings and share a lengthy musical history that began within the intimacy of their family home. Tim, the eldest of the brothers, explored his musical career while studying in university, eventually leaving university to pursue a career in music with Split Enz in 1972. Many years later, when one of the founding members, Philip Judd, left Split Enz, Tim’s younger brother, Neil was brought to the band to fill his space.

The brothers reunited in 1995 to continue their collaboration and produced an eclectic, lo-fi album that they called Finn, using some of Woodface to influence their collaboration as a duo who would become known as the Finn Brothers.
Finn Brothers was the name attributed to their own stage names and the name of the album to avoid confusion with another artist, whereas in New Zealand,the album was called Finn. The brothers played most of the instruments featured on the album, wrote and sang its lyrics.

Finn Brothers

Finn Brothers

In 2004, the brothers returned to release another album, Everyone is Here, that was first recorded in New York and then again in Los Angeles with Crowded House producer, Mitchell Froom. The Split Enz song “Edible Flowers” was also featured on the album. In the music video for this song, two individuals appear wearing a donkey costume and this became Neil and Tim’s attire for their 2005 tour.

Finn Brothers Albums

  1. Everyone is Here
  2. Finn

Finn Brothers Songs

  1. Only Talking Sense Lyrics
  2. Won’t Give In Lyrics
  3. Nothing Wrong With You Lyrics
  4. Where Is My Soul Lyrics
  5. Edible Flowers Lyrics
  6. Part Of Me, Part Of You Lyrics
  7. Last Day Of June Lyrics
  8. Homesick Lyrics
  9. Suffer Never Lyrics
  10. Anything Can Happen Lyrics
  11. Luckiest Man Alive Lyrics
  12. Paradise Lyrics
  13. Kiss The Road Of Rarotonga Lyrics
  14. Gentle Hum Lyrics
  15. Angels Heap Lyrics
  16. Disembodied Voices Lyrics
  17. All Of The Colors Lyrics
  18. All God’s Children Lyrics
  19. A Life Between Us Lyrics
  20. Niwhai Lyrics
  21. Mood Swinging Man Lyrics
  22. Eyes Of The World Lyrics
  23. Bullets In My Hairdo Lyrics
  24. All The Colours Lyrics

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