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Gareth Liddiard Biography

Gareth Liddiard

Gareth Liddiard is an Australian musician and founding member of The Drones. Liddiard has released one album as a solo artist and seven studio albums with the Drones. As lead singer, guitarist, songwriter with The Drones and in his solo guise, Liddiard is a compelling and charismatic performer.

With The Drones on a rare break from touring and recording, Gareth Liddiard has released his first solo album, Strange Tourist. According to Liddiard, there’s nothing especially unique in his solo material compared to his Drones output. Liddiard formed The Drones with Pereira in 1997 and then relocated with the band to Victoria in 2000. The Drones have released six studio albums since 2002 and have toured throughout the world, including music festivals.

Gareth Liddiard released his debut solo album in 2010 and completed corresponding tours with support from artists such as Sydney, Australia musician Loene Carmen. The album earned him a nomination for a 2011 ARIA Award for Best Male Artist.

Gareth Liddiard

Gareth Liddiard

Together with Pereira, who left the Drones line-up, Gareth Liddiard contributed to the production of a self-titled album by Perth band Gutterville Splendour Six. Liddiard played guitar on fourteen songs, in addition to undertaking mixing and recording duties. All of the album’s songs were recorded on an ADAT eight-track machine and the album was released as a vinyl record on Spanish record label Bang! Records.

Liddiard cited Dimitri Shostakovich, The Stooges, North African music and Olivier Messiaen as musical influences in 2013 . In terms of writers, Liddiard provided Carl Sagan and Kurt Vonnegut as examples. Regarding his own lyrics, Gareth Liddiard stated in 2013: “I read but I’m not that widely read. I don’t know.