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Jimmy Barnes Biography, Wife, Children, Age, Albums and Songs

Jimmy Barnes Biography

Jimmy Barnes is a Scottish-Australian rock singer-songwriter who was born on 28th April 1956. His career both as a solo performer and as the lead vocalist with the rock band Cold Chisel has made him one of the most popular and best-selling Australian music artists of all time. The combination of 14 Australian Top 40 albums for Cold Chisel and 13 charting solo albums, including nine No. 1s, gives Barnes the highest number of hit albums of any Australian artist.

Jimmy Barnes is the heart and soul of Australian rock & roll. After 40 years on stages of all kinds, Jimmy is an icon – his nickname “Barnesy” conjures up thoughts of rock music at an ear-splitting volume, and of soul standards given a unique reading. Jimmy has been through it all and lived to tell the tale and that has earned him a place in Australia’s heart and heartland. Along the way, he has sold more records in Australia than any other domestic rock & roll artist. Jimmy’s live shows are legendary for their intensity.

Jimmy Barnes Wife

Jimmy Barnes is a married man. He is married to, Jane Mahoney.

Jimmy Barnes Children

He has five children named, Mahalia Barnes, David Campbell, Jackie Barnes, EJ Barnes and Elly-May Barnes.

Jimmy Barnes Age

Jimmy Barnes was born on 28th April 1956.

Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes Albums

  1. Bodyswerve
  2. For the Working Class Man
  3. Freight Train Heart
  4. Two Fires
  5. Soul Deep
  6. Heat
  7. Flesh and Wood
  8. Psyclone
  9. Love and Fear
  10. Soul Deeper… Songs From the Deep South
  11. Double Happiness
  12. Out in the Blue
  13. The Rhythm and the Blues
  14. Rage And Ruin
  15. 30:30 Hindsight
  16. Soul Searchin’

Jimmy Barnes Songs

  1. Driving Wheels
  2. Seven Days
  3. Too Much Ain’t Enough Love
  4. Do or Die
  5. Waitin’ For the Heartache
  6. Last Frontier
  7. I Wanna Get Started With You
  8. Thick Skinned
  9. I’m Still on Your Side
  10. Lessons in Love
  11. Lay Down Your Guns (feat The Living End)
  12. Time Will Tell (feat The Baby Animals)
  13. Ride The Night Away (feat Steven van Zandt)
  14. Stand Up (feat Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates)
  15. I’d Die To Be With You Tonight (feat Diesel)
  16. Stone Cold (feat Tina Arena and Joe Bonamassa)
  17. Working Class Man (feat Jonathan Cain and Ian Moss)
  18. Going Down Alone (feat Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain)
  19. Love And Hate (feat Shihad)
  20. No Second Prize
  21. I’d Rather Be Blind (feat Jon Stevens)
  22. When Your Love Is Gone
  23. The Other Kind
  24. Walk On (feat David Campbell)
  25. No Second Prize
  26. I’d Die to Be With You Tonight
  27. Working Class Man
  28. Promise Me You’ll Call
  29. Boys Cry out for War
  30. Paradise
  31. Without Your Love
  32. American Heartbeat
  33. Thick Skinned
  34. Ride the Night Away
  35. Daylight
  36. Forgiveness
  37. Red Light
  38. I Can’T Tell You Why
  39. Out in the Blue
  40. Better Off Alone
  41. Blue Hotel
  42. Driving Wheels
  43. I’d Die to Be with You Tonight
  44. No Second Prize
  45. Little Darlin’
  46. When Your Love Is Gone
  47. Flame Trees
  48. Working Class Man

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