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Kav Temperly Biography

Kav Temperly

Kav Temperly, born Finlay Beaton on 3 July 1978 is the lead singer, songwriter, bassist and occasional keyboard player of the Australian band Eskimo Joe. Kav Temperley has played a major role in the success of Australian three-piece, Eskimo Joe, as both a front man and award winning songwriter. He’s also been integral in creating soulful collective Basement Birds and as a role model and champion for Oxfam’s “Close The Gap” campaign.

Kav Temperly was born in Mosman Park, Western Australia and grew up in Fremantle. At seven years of age, his name was changed to ‘Satyam Kavyen Temperley’—Temperley is his mother’s maiden name and ‘Satyam Kavyen’ means “Poet of Truth”. The Temperley family were members Sanyassin and made trips to Oregon, United States (US) and India throughout the early 1980s.

Between the ages of seven and twelve, Temperley attended the Lance Holt School, a Fremantle community school. At the age of thirteen, he accompanied his mother on a trip to India, where they stayed at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. It was during this trip that he enrolled an international alternative boarding school in Devon called Ko Hsuan that is based on the teachings of controversial Indian mystic Osho. Temperley was accepted as a boarder and remained at the school for a year.

Kav Temperly is focusing on co-writing with various artists, championing his position as APRA Ambassador and is writing mode for more of his own releases to come.

Kav Temperly

Kav Temperly