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Kevin J. Wilson Biography

Kevin J. Wilson

Kevin J. Wilson is an Australian actor . He is best known for his performance as executive producer Sam Murphy on the satirical Frontline and his role as Senator Albinus on STARZ TV Series Spartacus: Vengeance. He has also portrayed Sir Malcolm on erotic soap opera Chances.

Has been nominated for best actor and best supporting actor in NZ and Australia 15 times. Trained as a classical actor and has appeared in stage plays. His television roles include Legend Of The Seeker and Spartacus series one and two.


  1. Spooked
  2. An Angel at My Table
  3. Exposure
  4. Ike: Countdown to D – Day
  5. Kingpin
  6. Skin Deep
  7. Chunuk Bair
  8. Lost Valley
  9. Wild Horse
  10. Pictures
Kevin J. Wilson

Kevin J. Wilson