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Lior Biography, Albums and Songs


Lior is a publicly and critically acclaimed Australian songwriter and performer based in Melbourne. Lior is one of the most successful independent artist debutants in Australian music history; a platinum selling album, winner of two Australian Record Industry Awards and nominated a further 6 times, as well as being nominated for triplej’s Australian Album of the Year. On television, he has won the Australian Performing Rights Authority Screen award for ‘Best Original Song Composed for Screen.’

He is a gifted writer, performer and entertainer with a self assured countenance, equally mesmerising in an intimate setting as he is in front of and mixed into the wall of sound of a live band on a concert stage, or the sublte and powerful dynamics of a symphony orchestra setting.

Lior is an ambassador for The Global Poverty Project, The Cambodian Children’s Trust and APRA, with whom he developed a national songwriting initiative for high school students.



He enjoys high respect from his peers, collaborating with SIA, Passenger, Joseph Tawardos and many others. Emmerson Nogueira, a leading Brazilian artist and Paul de Leeuw, a prominent TV personality in Holland, have covered his compositions.

Lior Albums

  1. Autumn Flow
  2. Corner of an Endless Road
  3. Compassion
  4. Doorways of my Mind: Live at the NSC
  5. Scattered Reflections
  6. Tumbling into the Dawn
  7. 3-2-1
  8. Lior
  9. Autumn Flow – 10th Anniversary Edition

Lior Songs

  1. Heal Me
  2. A Lift in the Morning Fog
  3. I Remember Me
  4. Needle and the Damage D..
  5. Stuck in a War
  6. Secret Little Garden
  7. Bells of Montreal
  8. Lost in You
  9. Burying Chances
  10. It’s Only Natural
  11. Take the Sting Out
  12. Sulitha
  13. Corner of an Endless Road
  14. April Bloom
  15. Satisfied Mind
  16. Diego and The Village Girl
  17. Thus Old Love
  18. Bedouin Song
  19. I’ll Forget You
  20. Avinu Malkeinu
  21. Grey Ocean
  22. Scattered Reflections
  23. My Grandfather
  24. If I Lost Your Love
  25. Gypsy Girl
  26. Safety of Distance
  27. Heart of Gold
  28. Tumbling into the Dawn
  29. The Art of Cruelty
  30. Building Ships
  31. Autumn Flow
  32. Sitting With a Stranger