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Nic Cester Biography

Nic Cester

Nic Cester is an Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist, known as one of Australia’s most successful rock outfits of all time for being the frontman in rock band Jet alongside his younger brother Chris. Cester is also a founder of the Australian supergroup The Wrights. Jet’s track “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”, has won APRA Awards for ‘Most Performed Australian Work Overseas’ in 2006 and 2007.

In 1996, Nic Cester and Cameron Muncey formed The rock band, Jet, while at High School. Cester decided to learn how to play guitar after watching his uncle play “Blackbird”. Jet has a line-up of Cester his brother Chris, Muncey and Mark Wilson. When Jet first began performing in clubs, Cester was working in a local factory as a forklift operator.

Jet played multiple shows and residencies at The Duke of Windsor Hotel in Chapel Street, Windsor. Dave Powell of Majorbox Music saw them play one night and decided to manage the group. The band was signed to the Elektra record label after their debut single, “Take It Or Leave It”, became a hit.

Nic Cester

Nic Cester

Nic Cester is also a founder of the supergroup The Wrights. Cester performed alongside Powderfinger & Missy Higgins in Concert for a Cure on 31st October 2007. In February 2009, Nic Cester performed at the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of Melbourne’s Myer Music Bowl with a cover version of Wings’ “Maybe I’m Amazed”. On 22nd January 2010, he covered the AC/DC song “Back in Black” with British Rock Group Muse at the Big Day Out. On 8 June he sang it with Muse again at San Siro gig in Milan.