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Paint Companies in Australia

Paint Companies in Australia

Paint Companies in Australia: The first commercial production of paint in Australia dates back to the 1850s. Over the past century, the Paint and Coatings Manufacturing industry in Australia recorded strong growth in line with Australia’s industrial development, before entering a slower growth phase as the industry matured.

Paint Manufacturers in Australia

Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation

The Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation Inc (APMF) was established in 1947. Today, its purpose is to represent and advance the interests of its members to ensure the sustainability of the Australian paint and surface coatings industry. The industry produces some $2.7 billion worth of surface coating products and directly employees some 7,500 persons. The APMF represents 40 companies and our members account for over 90 percent of all paint manufactured in Australia. It is a not-for-profit industry association.

The APMF is governed by a National Council representing both large and small manufacturers as well as members who are the suppliers of materials and services to the surface coatings industry. The APMF is managed by a Chief Executive Officer and a small staff and provides a range of services in the health, safety, environment, packaging, distribution, storage, logistics and technical areas. The APMF is the chief industry advocate for the State and Federal Governments and various statutory authorities.

The Federation also fulfils a vital function in advising members of changes to relevant legislation and regulations, and in representing members’ concerns to the relevant regulatory authorities. Relevant statistical reports and analysis are also regularly circulated to our members.

Coating Manufacturers Australia

The only Australian coating manufacture that reached the top 88 producers in 2016 was Dulux Group. However, there are also other, smaller Australian paint producers. some of them focus on the traditional coatings including consumer goods and industrial coatings. Nonetheless, there also manufacturers who are experimenting with nanotechnology and smart coatings. The following is the list of coating producers in Australia including also foreign companies whose products are on the Australian market.

  1. PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd
  2. Dulux Australia
  3. Haymes Paint
  4. Keim Mineral Paints Australia
  5. Wattyl Australia PTY Ltd.
  6. Jotun Australia Pty Ltd
  7. Hempel (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
  8. 3M Australia
  9. Akzo Nobel (Australia) Pty Ltd
  10. Sika Australia
  11. Sherwin-Williams (Australia) PTY LTD
  12. Lacnam Paints (Australia)

Full List of Paint Manufacturers in Australia

  1. Acrolyn Wall Coatings & Painting Contractors
  2. Adcrete Industries Pty Limite
  3. Adelaide Grinding Pty Ltd & Others
  4. Advanced Chemicals Pty Ltd
  5. Advanced Protective Technologies Pty Ltd
  6. A & I Coatings
  7. Air-Lac Coatings Pty Ltd
  8. Air-Lac Pty Ltd
  9. A J Blackwood (Aust) Pty Ltd
  10. Akzo Nobel Coatings (Holdings) Pty Limited
  11. Akzo Nobel Industries Limited
  12. Akzo Nobel Pty Limited
  13. Asian Paints (Queensland) Pty Ltd
  14. Astec Paints Australasia Pty Ltd
  15. Australian Paints Pty Ltd
  16. Automotive Plastic And Paint Supplies
  17. Avt Paints Pty Ltd
  18. Aztec Powder Coatings Australia Pty Ltd
  19. Barham Manufacturing Pty Ltd
  20. Barry Crommelin Nominees Pty Ltd
  21. Beenleigh Powdercoating Services Pty Ltd
  22. Biobarrier Pty Ltd
  23. Bio Products Australia Pty Ltd
  24. Bizfine Pty Ltd
  25. Blygold Australia Pty Ltd
  26. Brenco Surface Engineering Pty Ltd
  27. Brinlay Paints Pty Limited
  28. Cameleon Paints
  29. Camfen Pty Ltd
  30. Cammthane Pty Limited
  31. Cassidonis Investments Pty Ltd
  32. Cavalcade Coatings Pty Ltd
  33. Sunshine North, VIC Australia
  34. Chem Spec (Coatings) Pty Limited
  35. Chilmix Pty Limited
  36. Clariant (Australia) Pty Limited
  37. Clearshield Glass Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd
  38. Clorox Australia Pty Limited
  39. Coating Manufacturers Australia Pty Ltd
  40. Colours And Chemicals Proprietary Limited
  41. Colourshield Int Pty Ltd
  42. Colourtrend Paints
  43. Colourtrend Paints (Aust ) Pty Ltd
  44. Concept Paints Pty Ltd
  45. Conway Chemicals Pty Ltd
  46. Crete Holdings Pty Ltd
  47. Crystal Paints Pty Ltd
  48. Danville Holdings Pty Ltd
  49. Daorah Enterprises Pty Ltd
  50. David Evans For Epoxy Coatings
  51. Dennis Holdings Pty Ltd
  52. Dent Services Pty Ltd
  53. Derivan Pty Ltd
  54. Designer Flake Pty Limited
  55. Dominion Plastic Industries Pty Ltd
  56. Dulux Australia
  57. Duluxgroup (Australia) Pty Ltd
  58. Duluxgroup Limited
  59. Duluxgroup (New Zealand) Pty Ltd
  60. Duralex Paints Pty Ltd
  61. Dycor Nominees Pty Ltd
  62. Dy-Mark (Aust ) Pty Ltd
  63. Earth Tones (Australia) Pty Ltd
  64. Epoxy Solutions Pty Ltd
  65. Equipment Services (Vic) Pty Ltd
  66. Equis Industries Pty Ltd
  67. Evergard Industries Pty Ltd
  68. Evic Pty Limited
  69. Expo Paints Pty Ltd
  70. Farmer Family Enterprises Pty Ltd
  71. Fast & Fluid Management Australia Pty Limited
  72. Flint Group Australia Pty Ltd
  73. Florite Coatings Pty Ltd
  74. Fordex Pty Ltd
  75. Freeworld Coatings Australia Pty Ltd
  76. Fx Australia Pty Ltd
  77. Gadmar Pty Ltd
  78. Gazbatch Pty Ltd
  79. Glassmetal Industries Pty Ltd
  80. G Makrides & H Moulatsiotis
  81. Gpi Automotive Products Pty Ltd
  82. Great Western Paint Co Pty Ltd
  83. Guardian Protective Coatings International Pty Ltd
  84. Guardian Protective Coatings Pty Ltd
  85. Henry Haymes Proprietary Limited
  86. Hichem Group Pty Ltd
  87. Hichem Pty Ltd
  88. Huntsman Corporation Australia Pty Limited
  89. Idec Protective Coatings Pty Ltd
  90. Illawarra Coatings Pty Ltd
  91. Indoc Pty Ltd
  92. Industrial Cleansers Pty Ltd
  93. Instant Bitumen Pty Ltd
  94. Insulating Technology Pty Ltd
  95. Insulpaint Australia Pty Ltd
  96. Intec Coatings Pty Ltd
  97. Ipcq Pty Ltd
  98. J H Wilberforce Pty Ltd
  99. Jotun Australia Pty Ltd
  100. Klaas Coatings Pty Ltd
  101. Kwik-Coat Aust Pty Ltd
  102. Kyzac Powder Coating Pty Ltd
  103. Lacnam Properties Pty Ltd
  104. Lacquer & Enamel Supplies (Australia) Pty Ltd
  105. Lamington Holdings Pty Limited
  106. Liqmet Pty Ltd
  107. Liquid Plastics Co Pty Ltd
  108. Luxury Paints Pty Ltd
  109. Manis Pty Ltd
  110. Mark Buckley Bitumen Surfacing Pty Ltd
  111. Masterbrand Paints Pty Ltd
  112. Melbourne Acrylic Coatings Victoria Pty Ltd
  113. Meric (Australia) Pty Limited
  114. Mirotone Pty Ltd
  115. Mirotone (Vic) Pty Ltd
  116. Mmp Industrial Pty Ltd
  117. Monocure Pty Limited
  118. Montuoro Enterprises Pty Ltd
  119. Mpc Services Pty Ltd
  120. Mr Sand Blaster Pty Ltd
  121. Munno Para Paint Supplies
  122. Murobond Coatings Pty Ltd
  123. National Maintenance Products Pty Ltd
  124. New Technologies Pty Ltd
  125. Norglass Laboratories Pty Ltd
  126. Nukote Australia Pty Ltd
  127. Nukote (Wa) Pty Ltd
  128. Nutech Distributions Pty Limited
  129. Nutech Paint Pty Ltd
  130. Omega International Coatings Pty Ltd
  131. Opal Industries
  132. Paintec Pty Ltd
  133. Painters Power Pty Ltd
  134. Paint Industries Pty Ltd
  135. Paints’n’more Pty Ltd
  136. Para Plastics Pty Limited
  137. Parr Paints Pty Ltd
  138. Pascol Holdings Pty Limited
  139. Pascol Paints Aust Pty Ltd
  140. Passila Pty Limited
  141. Permalast Pty Ltd
  142. Permalux Pty Ltd
  143. Phoenix Lacquers & Paints Pty Limited
  144. Phoenix Paints Pty Ltd
  145. Pigment Manufacturers Of Australia Limited
  146. Polco Australia Pty Ltd
  147. Polycure Pty Limited
  148. Polynyl Plastics (Aust) Pty Limited
  149. Poly Protective Coatings Pty Ltd
  150. Poly Tech Coatings (Australia) Pty Ltd
  151. Polyurethane Processors (W A ) Pty Ltd
  152. Porell Pty Ltd
  153. Porter’s Paints Pty Limited
  154. Ppg Industries Australia Pty Limited
  155. Prestige Industrial Coatings
  156. Prism Properties Pty Ltd
  157. Pro-Cote Powdercoaters Pty Ltd
  158. Produce Paint & Hardware Centre Proprietary Limited
  159. Protec Pty Ltd
  160. Protect-A-Window
  161. Protectex Pty Limited
  162. P & S Putty Blend
  163. Pylon Chemicals Pty Ltd
  164. Quantum Timber Finishes Pty Ltd
  165. Rainbow Paints Pty Ltd
  166. Red Fire Holdings Pty Ltd
  167. Regent Paints Pty Ltd
  168. Resene Paints (Australia) Limited
  169. Rgm Power Resources Pty Ltd
  170. Rhys Protective Coating Pty Ltd
  171. Rockcote Pty Ltd
  172. Rolux Coatings (Qld) Pty Ltd
  173. Ronstin Pty Ltd
  174. Ross Resources Australia Pty Ltd
  175. Rotatech Solutions Pty Ltd
  176. Salstrip Antifoul Removal Pty Ltd
  177. Sherwood Paint Industries Pty Ltd
  178. Shieldcoat Pty Ltd
  179. Si Group-Australia Pty Limited
  180. Simple Manager Pty Limited
  181. Skudo Manufacturing Pty Ltd
  182. Slipcoat
  183. Smtc Pty Ltd
  184. Southern Crown Paint Pty Limited
  185. Spectracolour Paints
  186. Spectracolour Paints Pty Limited
  187. Strudwick Investments Pty Ltd
  188. Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd
  189. Surface Coatings Pty Ltd
  190. Sydfind Pty Ltd
  191. Tasmanian Paints Pty Ltd
  192. Tegg Agencies
  193. Texture Masters Pty Ltd
  194. The Flood Company Australia Pty Limited
  195. The Valspar (Australia) Corporation Pty Limited
  196. The Valspar (Australia) Holdings Pty Ltd
  197. Thirty-Seventh Saldean Pty Ltd
  198. Thornycroft Investments Pty Ltd
  199. Topline Paint Proprietary Limited
  200. Tridek Pty Limited
  201. Twenty Two Services Pty Ltd
  202. U-Beaut Enterprises
  203. Ulm Pty Ltd
  204. Ultimate Sprayed Protective Coatings
  205. Ultralast Pty Limited
  206. Ultratex Coatings (Australia) Pty Ltd
  207. Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd
  208. Urethane Coatings Pty Ltd
  209. Venture Chemicals Pty Ltd
  210. Vincent River Pty Ltd
  211. Vipond’s Paints Proprietary Limited
  212. Wagon Paints Australia Pty Ltd
  213. Wattyl Australia Group Pty Limited
  214. Wattyl Australia Pty Ltd
  215. Wattyl Holdings (Australia) Pty Limited
  216. Wattyl Pty Limited
  217. W P Crowhurst Pty Limited
  218. Xtroll Global Pty Ltd
  219. Zaganite Industries Pty Ltd
  220. Zeus Chemical Products Pty Ltd
  221. Zsy Enterprises Pty Ltd