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Paul Kelly Biography, Age, Family, Albums and Songs

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is an Australian rock music singer-songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player. He has performed solo, and has led numerous groups, including the Dots, the Coloured Girls and the Messengers. He has worked with other artists and groups, including associated projects Professor Ratbaggy and Stardust Five.

Paul Kelly music style has ranged from bluegrass to studio-oriented dub reggae, but his core output straddles folk, rock and country. His lyrics capture the vastness of the culture and landscape of Australia by chronicling life about him for over 30 years. David Fricke from Rolling Stone calls Kelly “one of the finest songwriters I have ever heard, Australian or otherwise.

Singer/songwriter Paul Kelly captures Australia in his songs the way Bruce Springsteen or the Kinks’ Ray Davies have encapsulated their homelands and he does it with the musical energy and diversity of Elvis Costello. The sixth of nine children, Kelly was born in Adelaide in 1955. After school he wandered around Australia for a few years, working odd jobs, writing poetry and thinking about a career as a short-story writer. He was already in his late teens when he picked up a guitar.

Paul Kelly made his public debut singing the Australian folk song “Streets of Forbes” to a Hobart audience in 1974, and two years later, he moved to Melbourne to join R&B pub band the High Rise Bombers. With a large lineup and three songwriters, the band’s splintering was inevitable and Kelly formed his own group, Paul Kelly & the Dots.

Paul Kelly Age

Paul Kelly was born  on 13th January 1955.

Paul Kelly Family

The Kelly Family is an Irish-American-European music group consisting of a multi-generational family, usually consisting of nine siblings joined occasionally on stage in their earlier years by their father and mother. They played a repertoire of rock, pop and folk music. They had chart and concert success around the world, especially in Germany, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Poland, Spain and Portugal. They have sold over 20 million albums since the early 1980s. The Kelly Family was ranked as the 6th most popular music act in Germany in the 1990s. Despite its American origins, the group is virtually unknown in the United States. They have sung in English, Spanish, German and Basque.

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly Albums

  1. Talk
  2. Manila
  3. Post
  4. Gossip
  5. Under the Sun
  6. So Much Water, So Close to Home
  7. Comedy
  8. Hidden Things
  9. Wanted Man
  10. Deeper Water
  11. Words & Music
  12. Smoke
  13. …Nothing but a Dream
  14. Lantana [motion picture soundtrack]
  15. Ways & Means
  16. Foggy Highway
  17. Stolen Apples
  18. Spring and Fall
  19. The Merri Soul Sessions
  20. Death’s Dateless Night
  21. Life Is Fine

Paul Kelly Songs

  1. Personally
  2. The New Rules
  3. Friendly Enemies
  4. Baby, Baby, Come Back and Stay
  5. Top of the Hill
  6. If You Can Take Her, She Wasn’t Mine
  7. Nowhere to Hide
  8. Just One Love
  9. Good Times Are Here Tonight
  10. I’m Gonna Hold You to Your Promise
  11. I’m Gonna Be Holdin’ On
  12. Smells Like Rain – (featuring Linda Bull)
  13. What You Want – (featuring Vika Bull)
  14. Keep On Coming Back For More – (featuring Clairy Browne)
  15. Sweet Guy – (featuring Vika Bull)
  16. Righteous Woman – (featuring Paul Kelly)
  17. Don’t Let a Good Thing Go – (featuring Dan Sultan)
  18. Where You Were When I Needed You – (featuring Clairy Browne)
  19. Thank You – (featuring Paul Kelly)
  20. I Don’t Know What I’d Do – (featuring Kira Puru)
  21. Down On the Jetty – (featuring Vika Bull / Linda Bull)
  22. Hasn’t It Rained – (featuring Vika Bull / Linda Bull / Paul Kelly)
  23. From St Kilda To Kings Cross
  24. Leaps and Bounds
  25. Before Too Long
  26. Darling It Hurts
  27. Look So Fine, Feel So Low
  28. Dumb Things
  29. To Her Door
  30. Bradman
  31. Everything’s Turning To White
  32. Sweet Guy
  33. Careless
  34. Winter Coat
  35. From Little Things Big Things Grow
  36. When I First Met Your Ma
  37. Pouring Petrol On a Burning Man
  38. Love Never Runs On Time
  39. Deeper Water
  40. Give In To My Love
  41. How To Make Gravy
  42. Nothing On My Mind
  43. I’ll Be Your Lover
  44. Love Letter
  45. Our Sunshine
  46. Gathering Storm
  47. Every Fucking City
  48. Be Careful What You Pray For
  49. Love is the Law
  50. If I Could Start Today Again
  51. The Oldest Story In the Book
  52. Won’t You Come Around
  53. Gunnamatta
  54. Your Lovin’ is On My Mind
  55. Song of the Old Rake
  56. They Thought I Was Asleep
  57. Everybody Loves You Baby
  58. God Told Me To
  59. You’re 39, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine
  60. Thoughts In the Middle of the Night
  61. Shane Warne

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