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Plastic Manufacturers in Australia

Plastic Manufacturers in Australia

Plastic Manufacturers in Australia: Plastics Industry Manufacturers of Australia (PIMA) is the industry body representing member organisations and suppliers that process plastics & other polymer material in Australia. PIMA is the leading industry association for organisations processing plastics & other polymer materials in Australia.

PIMA is a not for profit body established to foster a vibrant & innovative plastics industry for the benefit of our youth and the Nation, and seeks to unite industry, academia and government in this cause.

Australian Moulding Company

The Australian Moulding Company (AMC) is a family owned business which is proud to celebrate many Years of manufacturing. AMC are proud to offer one of the largest ranges in Australia through our Skirting Boards and Architraves online catalogue.

Australian Moulding Company are proud to offer a selection of the most popular designs. The wide range of moulds can be produced from any timber of the choice whilst moisture resistant medium density fibre board is of the highest quality (MRMDF). All profiles are finished to a high quality, smooth standard ready to paint.

Australian Moulding Company Showroom

Showroom is located in Bayswater, Victoria and displays a large range of the mouldings as well as a selection of the most popular combinations of mouldings and a selection of the door range.

Australian Moulding Company Showroom Customer Service

The Australian Moulding Company and The Australian Door Company understand that creating a beautiful, comfortable and functional home takes time and experience.

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