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Quantity Surveyors in Australia

Quantity Surveyors in Australia

Quantity Surveyor in Australia: A Quantity Surveyor  also known as Civil Engineer, is a qualified professional who specialises in building measurement and estimating the value of construction costs. They are able to apply their expertise during various stages of construction to ascertain the cost of building works on any residential or commercial property. They may design and build dams, roads, airports, bridges, sewer systems, pipelines and other massive undertakings. 

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recognises Quantity Surveyors as one of only a few professions which possess the required construction costing skills to calculate the cost of items for the purposes of depreciation.

When choosing a Quantity Surveyor, it is important to check that they are members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). The AIQS is an industry body that assists its members to maintain compliance with industry regulations and Australian Standards ensuring a high quality of service.

In addition to being accredited by the AIQS, it is also important to check that your firm are registered tax agents with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). The TPB is the national body responsible for the registration and regulation of tax agents ensuring compliance with the Tax Agents Services Act 2009 (TASA). Quantity Surveyors need to be registered tax agents to complete tax depreciation schedules for investment properties.

Top Quantity Surveyors in Australia

1. JLL’s Quantity Surveying

Category: Quantity Surveyors in Australia

JLL  is a leading professional services firm that specialises​ in real estate and investment management. A Fortune 500 company, JLL helps real estate owners, occupiers and investors achieve their business ambitions. JLL’s Quantity Surveying team comprises of qualified Quantity Surveyors and Cost Consultants who are accredited through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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2. ACP Quantity Surveyors

Category: Quantity Surveyors in Australia

ACP Quantity Surveyors streamline the process of obtaining a depreciation report. ACP Quantity Surveyors are professional quantity surveyors specialising in all aspects of construction cost and tax depreciation from small to large projects.

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3. Wilde and Woollard

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Wilde and Woollard is a group of Australian owned Quantity Surveying practices providing comprehensive cost planning and cost management services for construction projects from creation through to end of life cycle. Established for over many years, Wilde and Woollard have an unparalleled record of successful cost management of a broad range of project types for a wide variety of organisations.

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4. Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS)

Category: Quantity Surveyors in Australia

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is a professional standards body. Through its leadership, standards and code of ethics, it ensures that practising Quantity Surveyors are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence. The Institute is a national organisation with Chapters and Divisions in all States and Territories. It also has a strong overseas membership and is the Australian peak body to the International Cost Engineering Council and the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors.

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5. GRC Quantity Surveyors

Category: Quantity Surveyors in Australia

GRC is an independent construction cost consultancy operating across Australasia. GRC are specialist quantity surveyors focusing on what they do best – helping people successfully develop, build and maintain natural and built property assets.

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Quantity Surveyor Salary Australia

A Quantity Surveyor earns an average salary of AU$73,629 per year. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. A skill in Project Management is associated with high pay for this job. People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience.

Quantity Surveyors Sydney

  1. Capital Claims Tax Depreciation
  2. Better Tax Depreciations
  3. M & T Cost Engineering
  4. Mitchell Brandtman
  5. MDA Australia
  6. Northcroft (Australia) Pty Ltd
  7. ATR Building Consulting
  8. Kue-S-Services Pty Ltd
  9. ACP Quantity Surveyors(Australian Cost Planners Pty Ltd)
  10. Greenbridge QS Consultants
  11. Australian Institute Of Quantity Surveyors
  12. BMT Tax Depreciation
  13. Washington Brown – Quantity Surveyors
  14. JR Quantity Surveyors & Building Cost Consultants
  15. Woollam Parkinson & Partners
  16. MIAH Quantity Surveying
  18. Project Analysis Pty Ltd
  19. Leary & Partners
  20. Depreciator
  21. Asset Economics
  22. Asia Pacific Depreciation
  23. Real Property Matters (Australia)
  24. Deppro Pty Ltd
  25. Advanced Estimating
  26. Andres R Cora QSUTS
  27. E Tax Depreciation Schedules
  28. WT Partnership
  29. Craig Young R
  30. AASSR Consulting Pty Ltd
  31. Donald Cant Watts Corke (NSW) Pty Ltd
  32. Apple Cost Consulting
  33. Chris Bylett & Associates
  34. Discount Tax Depreciation Services
  35. Craig R Young
  36. Gleeds Australia (East) Pty Ltd
  37. Property & Building Assessments
  38. Corpred Enterprises Pty Ltd
  39. Turner & Townsend
  40. Australian Tax Depreciation Services Pty Ltd
  41. Ravi Naidu Tax Depreciation Consultant
  42. Perks Edward Quantity Surveyor
  43. Environmental Quantity Surveyors
  44. Property Depreciation Pty Ltd
  45. Casey Burne & Associates Pty Ltd
  46. JR Quantity Surveyor
  47. Young Craig R
  48. G J Freeman
  49. Quik-Est
  50. Newton Fisher & Associates Pty Ltd
  51. Ludlow Gavahan Pty Ltd
  52. Mothersole J & H Pty Ltd
  53. Stuart Walter Pty Ltd
  54. Wahbe Q.S.Services Pty Ltd
  55. Lazell Projects pty Ltd
  56. John J Hollis & Partners Pty Ltd
  57. Hollis John J & Partners Pty Ltd
  58. Greenhill Consulting Services Pty Ltd
  59. Derek Sonta
  60. Hugh B Gage Pty Ltd
  61. Direct Depreciation Pty Ltd
  62. MCG Quantity Surveyors
  63. Coutts Cost Consulting Pty Ltd
  64. Woollam Roger
  65. Budget QS Services
  66. Asbridge Michael K
  67. Taylor & Partners Quantity Surveying (Aust) Pty Ltd
  68. Airgonomics Pty Ltd
  69. Martin D P Pty Ltd
  70. PLQS
  71. BDA Consultants Pty Ltd
  72. Kinlay Grinham Partnership
  73. Charania Shehzad Quantity Surveyors
  74. Archi-QS
  75. Widnell
  76. The Xue Project
  77. Hanna Newman & Associates Pty Ltd
  78. Makin, Tony Associates
  79. NDT Group Consulting Pty Ltd
  80. Basil-Jones J E
  81. Osborne Kerry J Pty Ltd
  83. Altus Group
  84. Herron Todd White

Quantity Surveyor Melbourne

  1. Capital Claims Tax Depreciation
  2. Depreciation Melbourne – Quantity Surveyors
  3. Mitchell Brandtman
  4. BMT Tax Depreciation
  6. Washington Brown – Quantity Surveyors
  7. Assets Surveyors & Depreciator Melbourne
  8. Opteon Depreciation Schedules
  9. Leary & Partners
  10. Real Property Matters (Australia)
  11. Prudent Projects
  12. Asset Economics
  13. R J Vaughan & Associates
  14. Slattery Australia Pty Ltd
  15. WT Partnership
  16. Herron Todd White
  17. Depreciator
  18. Australian Tax Depreciation Services
  19. Property Returns
  20. BMT Quantity Surveyors
  21. Turner & Townsend
  22. Northwind Group
  23. Dyson Holland D
  24. Berkowitz & Associates
  25. MCG Quantity Surveyors
  26. Simon Wragg & Associates Pty Ltd
  27. Altus Group
  28. Herron Todd White
  29. BMT Property Valuers & Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyor Brisbane

  1. Capital Claims Tax Depreciation
  2. Residep
  3. ATR Building Consulting
  4. GRC Quantity Surveyors
  5. David Lee Depreciation
  6. Washington Brown
  7. BMT Tax Depreciation
  8. Koste Tax Depreciation Services
  9. A P D Partnership
  10. Abacus Quantity Surveying P/L
  11. Asset Economics
  12. Urban Consulting Pty Ltd
  13. Property Wealth Australia
  14. Quantity Surveyors – South Brisbane, QLD 4101
  15. DDH – D.Dyson – Holland & Associates Pty Ltd
  16. MCG Quantity Surveyors
  17. Wilde and Woollard
  18. WT Partnership
  19. Catalyst Property Services
  20. Donald Cant Watts Corke
  21. Depreciator
  22. Australian Depreciation Services
  23. AUSDEP
  24. Australian Tax Depreciation Services
  25. Real Property Matters (Australia)
  26. Rick Bagby & Associates
  27. Catalyst Property Services
  28. Propell National Valuers
  29. Culling Smit & Associates Pty Ltd
  30. Gleeds Australia (East) Pty Ltd
  31. Gray Robinson & Cottrell
  32. Altus Group
  33. Quantity Surveyors – Brisbane, QLD 4000
  34. Herron Todd White

Quantity Surveyor Perth

  1. Capital Claims Tax Depreciation
  2. Wilde and Woollard (WA)
  3. Washington Brown
  4. BMT Tax Depreciation
  5. Owen Consulting
  6. Leary & Partners
  7. Real Property Matters (Australia)
  8. W T Partnership
  9. Donald Cant Watts Corke (WA) Pty Ltd
  10. Altus Group
  11. Deppro
  12. David J Brierley Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyor Gold Coast

  1. Redline Quantity Surveyors
  2. Mitchell Brandtman
  3. J H L Group Pty Ltd
  4. AQS Services Pty Ltd
  5. Gardner Associates
  6. BMT Tax Depreciation
  7. Washington Brown – Quantity Surveyors
  8. GMP Management
  9. Excel Property Consultants
  10. Asset Economics
  11. Quantity Surveyors – Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
  12. Estimateit
  13. Summit Quantity Surveyors
  14. WRC Quantity Surveying
  15. Masan Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd
  16. Quantum Estimating
  17. Rider Levett Bucknall
  18. Lowry Hart Partnership Pty Ltd
  19. Simon Hanau AAIQS
  20. Andres Cora
  21. Quantity Surveyors – Nerang, QLD 4211
  22. Excel Property Consultants
  23. Chris Larsen Pty Ltd
  24. Gold Coast Property Depreciation Services.
  25. Propell National Valuers
  26. Lowry Consulting Pty Ltd
  27. DTK Construction Services Pty Ltd
  28. Gordon Leck & Associate Pty Ltd
  29. Herron Todd White
  30. Redline Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd

Quantity Surveyor Sunshine Coast

  1. AT Consultants
  2. Graham Lukins Partnership
  3. Lloyd Carey Consultants
  4. Asset Economics
  5. Accord Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd
  6. Rex Evans
  7. QS Consulting
  8. Graham King Quantity Surveyor
  9. Herron Todd White
  10. Suncoast Property Depreciation Services
  11. Rider Levett Bucknall
  12. Propell National Valuers
  13. BBS. Building Services
  14. Chapman Trevor & Associates
  15. S. J. Dunkley Pty Ltd
  16. Clifford Edmund
  17. Herron Todd White