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Radha Mitchell Biography and Movies

Radha Mitchell

Radha Mitchell known as Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell is an Australian actress born 12 November 1973. She started her career acting in various Australian television series and films and later appeared in Hollywood films such as Pitch Black, Phone Booth, Finding Neverland, Man on Fire, Melinda and Melinda, Silent Hill and The Crazies.

Radha Mitchell, a native of Melbourne, began acting when she was still in high school and had her professional debut on the popular Australian soap, Neighbours in 1994. Two years later, she made her film debut in the romantic comedy Love and Other Catastrophes, in which she starred as a college student experiencing a messy breakup. The film proved to be fairly popular in Australia, but it wasn’t until she was cast in High Art that Mitchell gained an introduction to a wider audience.

Radha Mitchell grew up in Melbourne and attended St Michael’s Grammar School in St Kilda, the daughter of a model-turned-fashion-designer mother and filmmaker father who divorced when she was young. She was named Radha after the Hindu goddess.

Radha Mitchell Movies

  1. Man on Fire
  2. Pitch Black
  3. Silent Hill
  4. The Crazies
  5. London has Fallen
  6. The Darkness
  7. Olympus Has Fallen
  8. Surrogates
  9. Finding Neverland
  10. High Art
  11. The Shack
  12. The Frozen Ground
  13. Rogue
  14. Henry Poole Is Here
  15. Silent Hill: Revelation
  16. The Children of Huang Shi
  17. Melinda and Melinda
  18. Phone Booth
  19. Feast of Love
  20. Love and Other Catastrophes
  21. Mozart and the While
  22. The Waiting City
  23. When Strangers Apear
  24. Everything Put Together
  25. Looking For Grace
  26. Sacrifice
  27. Cleopatra’s Second Husband
  28. Pu- 239
  29. Bird People
  30. Whoever Was Using This Bed
  31. Kick
  32. Fugly
  33. Expecting
  34. Visitors
  35. Evidence
  36. Big Sur
  37. Ten Tiny Love
  38. Dead Heat
  39. Nobody’s Baby
  40. Standing Up
  41. Cowboys and Angel
  42. Sleeping Beauties
  43. Shearer’s Breakfast
  44. Barbados
Radha Mitchell

Radha Mitchell