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Tex Perkins Biography, Albums and Songs

Tex Perkins

Tex Perkins, born Gregory Stephen Perkins on 28 December 1964 in Darwin, Australia is an Australian singer-songwriter, who is widely known for fronting the popular Australian rock-band The Cruel Sea, but has also performed with the Beasts of Bourbon, Thug, James Baker Experience, The Butcher Shop, Salamander Jim and Tex, Don and Charlie. He has also released many solo records. In 1997, a portrait of Tex Perkins by artist Bill Leak won the Packing Room award at the Archibald Prize.

He has played a key role in Australian music and it’s understandably difficult to pull together a coherent picture of a man whose career has taken in everything from the groundbreaking experimental punktonica of Sydney mid-80s noiseniks Thug to the lilting, dark country of his recent material with the Dark Horses.

From the hard edged pub rock of the Beasts Of Bourbon’s, a snarling slice of filthy pub rock to the evocative soundscapes of The Cruel Sea, whose extraordinary 1991 single ‘This Is Not The Way Home’ placed Perkins’ world-weary growl in a new musical context and heralded the emergence of an entirely original yet archetypically Australian sound.

Perkins started his musical career in Brisbane cowpunk outfit Tex Deadly and the Dum-Dums, before moving to Sydney in 1982, garnering considerable attention in the Sydney independent music scene and also touring Melbourne, before the departure of guitarist Mark Halstead ended the band.


  1. Tunnel at the end of the light
  2. Everyone’s alone
  3. Tex perkins & the dark horses
  4. Tex perkins & his ladyboyz


  1. What I Done to Her
  2. I Know, You Know, I Know
  3. The Cruel Sea
  4. Whenever It Snows
  5. She Speaks a Different Language (Bilingual Mix)
  6. Half of Nothing
  7. Changelings
  8. Ice In the Sun
  9. Lucid
  10. Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses
  11. I Don’t Worry Anymore
  12. A Place to Hide
  13. It Won’t Last
  14. Anybody But You
  15. The Cruel Sea
  16. Please Break Me Gently
  17. Paycheques
  18. Fake That Emotion
  19. Real Love
  20. Still the Same
  21. The Singer of the Song
  22. Another Rain Song
Tex Perkins

Tex Perkins