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Vanessa Amorosi Biography, Family, Age, Album and Songs

Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi is an Australian singer-songwriter and recording artist who was born 8 August 1981. Her combined album and single sales have reached over 2 million worldwide. In August 2012, Amorosi announced she was no longer signed to Universal Music.

Amorosi was born in Melbourne to parents who were both professional singer/dancers working in the Australasian theatre restaurant cabaret circuit. She was surrounded by music and singing and it had a profound impact on her life. At the age of four, Amarosi and her younger sisters were taking tap, jazz and classical ballet classes at a dance school run by their uncle.

At the age of 12, she started to perform in shopping centers and local council concerts under the supervision of her family. She also performed on Young Talent Time.

The big turning point came when, at 14 years of age, Vanessa Amorosi took a part-time job singing in a Russian restaurant. Her other performances had been part of regular dance class type activities in which all the all kids engaged in those activities partake in. The Russian restaurant job was different. Amarosi was in the spotlight on her own and it was there the powerfully voiced teenager was spotted by TV producer Jack Strom. Strom had recently formed a management company with ’70s recording star Mark Holden.

Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi Family

Amorosi was born in Melbourne, Victoria, in a Roman Catholic family of Italian origin, the daughter of singers Frank and Joy Amorosi. When Amorosi was four, along with her younger sisters Mellissa and Natasha, she would go to tap, jazz and classical ballet classes which were being run by her uncle.

Vanessa Amorosi Age

She was born on 8th August 1981.

Vanessa Amorosi Albums

  • The Power
  • Change
  • Somewhere in the Real World
  • Hazardous
  • Turn to Me
  • The Best of Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi Songs

  1. This Is Who I Am
  2. Mr. Mysterious
  3. Holiday
  4. Hazardous
  5. Off on My Kiss
  6. Show Me How to Love
  7. Aliens and U.F.O.s
  8. Summer Nights
  9. Touch Me
  10. Baby’s on Ice
  11. Sleep with That
  12. Higher Ground
  13. Blow Me Away
  14. Snitch – (featuring Vince Colosimo)

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