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Feist Biography,Career,Age,Awards and Songs

About Feist

Leslie Feist,known professionally as Feist, is a Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter and guitarist, performing both as a solo artist and as a member of the indie rock group Broken Social Scene. Leslie Feist was born on 13 February 1976 in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her parents are both artists. Her father, Harold Feist, is an American-Canadian abstract expressionist painter who taught at both the Alberta College of Art and Design and Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Her mother, Lyn Feist, was a student of ceramics from Saskatchewan. After their first child, Ben, was born, the family moved to Sackville.

Feist’s parents divorced soon after she was born and Ben, Feist and their mother moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, where they lived with her grandparents. They later moved to Calgary, Alberta, where she attended Bishop Carroll High School as well as Alternative High School. She aspired to be a writer, and spent much of her youth singing in choirs. At the age of twelve, Feist performed as one of 1,000 dancers in the opening ceremonies of the Calgary Winter Olympics, which she cites as inspiration for the video “1234.” Because her father is American, Feist has dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship, joking later that she was given U.S. citizenship as part of a deal with Apple.

Feist Career

At age 15,in 1991,Feist got her start in music when she founded and was the lead vocalist for a Calgary punk band called Placebo (not to be confused with the English band Placebo). She and her bandmates won a local Battle of the Bands competition and were awarded the opening slot at the festival Infest 1993, featuring the Ramones. At this concert she met Brendan Canning, whose band hHead performed immediately before hers, and with whom she joined in Broken Social Scene ten years later.

Feist was forced to take time off from music to recover from vocal cord damage in 1995. She moved from Calgary to Toronto in 1996. That year she was asked by Noah Mintz of hHead to play bass in his solo project Noah’s Arkweld. She played the bass guitar in Noah’s Arkweld for a year despite never having played bass before. In 1998, she became the rhythm guitarist for the band By Divine Right and toured with them throughout 1998, 1999, and 2000. She also played guitar for some live performances by Bodega, but was never an official member of the band.

Feist Photo

Feist Photo

Feist moved into a Queen West apartment above Come As You Are with a friend of a friend , Merrill Nisker, who then began to perform as electro-punk musician Peaches in 1999. Feist worked the back of the stage at Peaches’ shows, using a sock puppet and calling herself “Bitch Lap Lap”. The two also toured together in England from 2000–2001, staying with Justine Frischmann of Elastica and MIA Feist appeared as a guest vocalist on The Teaches of Peaches. Feist appears in Peaches’ video for the song “Lovertits”, suggestively rubbing and licking a bike. Later, Feist covered this song with Gonzales (whom she met while touring with Peaches) on her album Open Season. In 2006, Feist contributed backup vocals on a track entitled “Give ‘Er”, which appeared on Peaches’ album Impeach My Bush.

Feist Age

The amazingly talented singer is 41 years old.

Feist Songs

  1. 1234
  2. I Feel It All
  3. My Moon My Man
  4. Mushaboom
  5. How Come You Never Go There
  6. Fire in the Water
  7. The Bad in Each Other
  8. The Limit to Your Love
  9. One Evening
  10. Train Song
  11. Inside and Out
  12. Undiscovered First
  13. Secret Heart
  14. Life’s A Happy Song
  15. Bittersweet Melodies
  16. Past in Present
  17. When I Was a Young Girl
  18. How My Heart Behaves
  19. Cicadas and Gulls
  20. Brandy Alexander
  21. Tout doucement
  22. Gatekeeper
  23. Century
  24. Caught a Long Wind
  25. A Commotion
  26. Pleasure
  27. Lonely Lonely
  28. Now at Last

Feist Awards

Feist has found success at awards shows in Canada, receiving eleven awards from sixteen nominations at the Juno Awards. She received five awards from five nominations in 2008 from the Juno Awards, including Single of the Year for “1234”, Album of the Year for The Reminder, and Artist of the Year. She has also received four Grammy Award nominations, including Best Pop Vocal Album for The Reminder and Best New Artist in 2008, but has yet to win an award.

Feist Video