Bingwa Sacco Society

Bingwa Sacco Society


Bingwa Sacco Society was formerly known as Kirinyaga tea Growers Sacco was initially registered  on July 1984 being the 1st tea growers Sacco in the republic of Kenya and in Africa. In 1993 it opened its FOSA section to members. It was fully licensed by SASRA on 31st May 2011 being the 1st in the county. The society is managed by 7 Directors and 3 supervisory Directors elected directly by the members (shareholders). Currently Bingwa Sacco has over 80,000 members derived from all sectors of economy in the country.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, the sacco has in the years carried out:

  • Sponsoring needy students
  • Town clean ups
  • Assisting during disasters
  • Participate in other community developments activities.

Bingwa Sacco Society Contacts

Physical Address: City Square, Nairobi
P.o Box:

City/Town: Nairobi Town, Kenya