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Doors in Kenya

There are many kinds of doors each for a specific purpose. Careful selection of door type is very important in determining how effective the door will be in serving its purpose. The average door height is 2.1 meters and the average width is 900mm. This can be smaller-unto 800mm especially for toilets and bathrooms or larger-1.2m to 5m for main door entrances and gates .

From a range of swing doors to state of the art automatic sliding, tele-sliding and integra sliding doors, Doors in Kenya gives you a door solution which is ideal for your particular use and space.Their solutions are continuously improved and integrated with technology so that we provide you with safety, security and convenience that match the rapidly changing demands of your modern lifestyle.

Doors – Quality of a Door

You never know the real quality of a door until you encounter a top quality, well designed and extremely secure door.  Companies are industry leaders when it comes to supplying quality doors . Not only do they stock steel doors , they also have other types of doors that have attracted a huge demand and placed us at the top when it comes to door supplies.

doors in Kenya

doors in Kenya

Factors to include when choosing a door.

Determine if the door is internal or external.

External doors are made to withstand the harsh climatic conditions that are associated with the outdoors.Wooden external doors made of solid wood as opposed to wooden internal doors which are made of hollow or solid block board.

Determine the design that you like

There are many door designs available in the market.
MDF skins are usually stuck on top of a normal block board door to come up with a close resemblance of a hardwood door.

Determine your budget.

Doors come in various prices. The cheapest external doors being the T&G doors that retail for around 1200KES and the most expensive being the hardwood and steel security doors that retail for an average of 15000KES each.

Security level

Security is a crucial factor in determining the door type.
For rooms that require very high security level such as bank strong rooms, the doors are usually made of steel and have a very complex combination lock. The walling around the strong room is also done specially with reinforced concrete to prevent any attempted breakage.
For most residential houses, solid wood doors are used as main entrance doors since as much as they are weather proof, they are also not easy to break. These doors can also be reinforced with steel doors which can be designed as steel panel doors or steel grill doors.

Types of Doors

  • Automatic Doors
  • Steel doors
  • Fire doors
  • Aluminium doors


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List of Security, Steel and Wooden Doors Dealers

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