Electronics in Kenya – Products, Equipment and Shops in Kenya

Electronics in Kenya

Electrical equipment are equipment which are dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields inorder to operate. These includes phones, television, computers, heating appliances, electrical cooking appliances and many more. 

From TVs and Hi-Fi systems that entertain, to home appliances that help you save time, cell phones that allow you to stay connected, to electronics that simplify your work, these companies in East Africa delivers the things you need to embrace life and enjoy its greatest moments.

Electronics in Kenya – Technological Advances

Electronics in Kenya are about making life good. They are designed to be intuitive, responsive and energy efficient so you can spend wisely, be more productive and reduce your impact on the world around you. they’re committed to providing electronics that work best for the way you live and to keeping you updated with the latest technological advances, so you can enjoy the good life year after year.

Electronics in Kenya Photo

Electronics in Kenya Photo

Electronics in Kenya – Electronic Equipment

These businesses provides coverage to electronic equipment, including computers, against sudden and unforeseen physical damage in a manner necessitating repair or replacement. Electronic equipment constitutes all electrical gadgets that consume low electrical current. Cover includes mechanical or electrical breakdown, faulty material, faulty design, lightning and over-voltage incidents.

Electronics in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all companies that deals with electronics in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the electronics company website.

Electronic Equipment and Supplies in Kenya

  1. 9th Street Electronics & Electricals
  2. 9th Street Electronics & Electricals
  3. AAK
  4. Agape Electronics
  5. Aguko Machinery & General Supplies
  6. Aguko Machinery & General Supplies
  7. Al-Mansoor Video Services Ltd
  8. Alfajiri Technologies
  9. Alfajiri Technologies
  10. All In One E Lectronic Shop
  11. Allen Bradley Systems
  12. Anvil Systems Ltd
  13. Audio Visual Electronics
  14. Audio Visual Engineering (K) Ltd
  15. B S Mohindra & Co (K) Ltd
  16. B S Mohindra & Co (K) Ltd
  17. Barcode systems in Kenya
  18. Bilaal Freemark
  19. Billrose Electronics
  20. Bless International
  21. Brownee Electrical Sales & Services
  22. Brownee Electrical Sales & Services
  23. Cellcare Electronics
  24. Chatur Radio Service
  25. Chloride Exide Ltd
  26. Cissy General Supplies
  27. City Electronics
  28. City Park Electronics Ltd
  29. Coachman Electronics
  30. Commercial Corporation (Kenya) Ltd
  31. Customsound Ltd
  32. Devam Electronics
  33. Diamond Plaza Management Office
  34. Diamond Plaza Management Office – Nairobi Branch
  35. Divex Digital Co. Ltd
  36. Dixons Electronics Ltd
  37. Dixons Electronics Ltd – Kenyatta Ave Branch
  38. Doshi & Company (Electricals) Ltd
  39. Dubai Electronics Ltd
  40. East African Cables
  41. Ebrahim Electronics
  42. Eldo Electronics (ELD) Ltd
  43. Eldolink Electricals & Services Ltd
  44. Encapsulated East Africa Ltd
  45. Engineering Manufacturers Ltd
  46. Esteem Electronics Ltd
  47. Forecast Electronic Solutions Ltd
  48. Fotoworld Electricals
  49. Gamestech Enterprises
  50. Generations Electronics & Allied Ltd
  51. Generations Electronics & Allied Ltd
  52. Global Acostic & Electronics
  53. Global Acostic & Electronics
  54. Grid-tech Electricals & General Supplies
  55. Grid-tech Electricals & General Supplies
  56. Haifa Electronics
  57. Harsha Ltd
  58. Hesron Nyaa Electronics
  59. Homecare & Hardware Ltd
  60. Homecare & Hardware Ltd – Yaya Centre Branch
  61. Homecare & Hardware Ltd
  62. Homecare & Hardware Ltd – Yaya Centre Branch
  63. Imamia Electrical & Hardware
  64. Imamia Electrical & Hardware
  65. Ing Electonics
  66. Integrity Digital Technologies
  67. Interunique Electronics Trading Co
  68. Linear Kitchens
  69. Multilock
  70. Mundu Electronics
  71. n- soko (Natural Stones Ltd)
  72. Nakumatt Holdings Limited
  73. Ngaira Electronics Services
  74. Panna Music Centre Ltd
  75. Philleliz Electronic Services
  77. Powerline Electricals
  78. Rina’s Electrical Sales
  79. Rina's Electrical Sales
  80. Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd
  81. Semrani Electronics
  82. Shamtronic Sales & Service Centre Ltd
  83. Shamtronic Sales & Service Centre Ltd
  84. Sight and Sound Ltd
  85. Silver Springs Merchants
  86. Sintronics Ltd
  87. Solar World (E.A) Ltd
  88. Solarmics Systems
  89. Solartronics Energy Systems Ltd
  90. Sollatek Electronics (K) Ltd
  91. Sollatek Electronics (K) Ltd
  92. Sollatek Electronics (K) Ltd
  93. Somrose Enterprises Ltd
  94. Sound City Ltd
  95. Stable Energy Ltd
  96. Stares Electronics & Electricals
  97. Stares Electronics & Electricals
  98. Studertek Power Systems (E.A.) Ltd
  99. Super Bargains Hardware Kenya Limited
  100. Talent Electronics
  101. Talent Electronics Networks Ltd – Adams Arcade Branch
  102. Teknobyte (K) Ltd
  103. Thales (E.A) Ltd
  104. Tiriki Electronics Ltd
  105. Tiriki Electronics Ltd
  106. Turbo Electro Distributor
  107. Turbo Sound (2003) Ltd
  108. Turbosound Ltd
  109. Tuskys
  110. Uniscan Electronics Services
  111. Urban Electronic Systems
  112. VeeZed Entreprises Ltd
  113. Vipul Electrical Enterprises
  114. Waani Electronics
  115. Walkersonic Electronics
  116. Wenton Kenya Limited
  117. Wilgo Agencies Ltd
  118. Willi’s Electronics
  119. World Electronics Co. Ltd
  120. X-treme Electronics Ltd
  121. Zamana Ltd


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