Emergency Services in Kenya – Ambulance Services in Kenya

Emergency Services in Kenya

The Ambulance Services in Kenya section provides emergency services to Kenyans in the event of an emergency such as a death, arrest, illness, injury, missing persons, destitution and other circumstances. However, the type of services provided are limited.

Emergency Services in Kenya-Emergency on Health

Emergency response is free of charge e.g. in case of unconsciousness, blocked airway (choking), difficulty breathing and severe bleeding. Evacuations for all emergency and disasters like road crash, fire, collapsed building, and terror attacks are also offered free of charge.

Emergency Services

When calling for an ambulance, state your name, location, nature of emergency, number of casualties. You may be asked for your phone contact. Kindly state if you are covered under any of our annual subscriptions.

Emergency Services in Kenya Photo

Emergency Services in Kenya Photo

The First Responder Ambulance is kitted with the following equipment:

  • Physio Control Life pack 300
  • Defibrillator 20 Litre fixed Oxygen supply
  • Portable Oxygen Cylinder
  • Resuscitator-Ambu Bag Suction Machine -Aspirator ENT Set-Ear , Nose,
  • Throat Examination Device
  • Vital Signs Monitoring Devices: Blood Pressure Machine
  • Stethoscope
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Spine Board
  • Scoop Stretcher
  • Trac3 splint
  • KED-Keinrich Extraction Device
  • Head Immobilizer
  • Neck Collar set
  • Cervical Splints
  • Vacuum splint set
  • Wheeled Stretcher
  • Emergency Lights and Siren
  • All first Aid Bags with Emergency Drugs and General Dressing Material

Emergency Services

A comprehensive list of all Ambulance Services in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the Emergency Services in Kenya websites.

List of Ambulance Services in Kenya

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