Gertrude’s Children Hospital Description, History, Services, Contacts and Video

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Description

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is the largest hospital in East and Central Africa dedicated exclusively to the care of children. For over 60 years, the hospital has provided high standards of pediatric care for children from birth to 21 years of age. All doctors and nurses have immense experience in pediatric care.

Our Mission

The hospital is a non-profit organization, chartered with responsibilities benefiting humankind such as providing health services, fostering good health, carrying out research and teaching healthcare professionals. The hospital board and management share the belief that hospitals can apply business acumen and enterprise in performing their responsibilities.


Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital aims to be the preferred healthcare provider for East and Central Africa’s children. The hospital is devoted to the care of children as the fundamental concern while providing a favorable environment for both patients and members of staff.

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Founder

Ewart Scott Grogan (1874–1967) was a British explorer, politician, and entrepreneur. He was the first person to walk the length of Africa, following a path from Cape Town to CairoEwart Grogan c1900.jpg

He fell in love with Gertrude Watt, the sister of a Cambridge classmate, but her stepfather disapproved of the match; while Grogan came from a respectable family, his own life had little to recommend it. He proposed becoming the first man to make the Cape-to-Cairo journey; the stepfather agreed that this would be a suitable test of his character and seriousness.

Settler conquered the wild for love, only to breed squatters. Men the world over do the strangest things to win the women they love.

But when a love-smitten Ewart Grogan, then aged only 24, declared he would trek from Cape Town to Cairo to show he was worthy of the daughter of wealthy British merchant James Watt, they thought he was joking. But Grogan decided that it was the lovely Gertrude Watt or nothing — and if the trek through some of the world’s most intimidating terrain would prove him to be worthy of her love, then so be it.

The castle governor spurned Grogan Castle, on the crest of a hill in Jipe, is arguably one of the most enduring legacies of colonial settler Ewart Grogan. Its lofty perch ensures it is visible for miles from the vast Taveta plains. But perhaps it is the building’s unique design, with a good dose of Grogan’s own idiosyncratic architectural taste, that makes it stand out.

Gertrude’s Children Hospital History

Gertrude’s Children Hospital owe Colonel Grogan a tremendous debt of gratitude on behalf of the rising generation. “Not only is the whole Hospital his gift to the children of East Africa, but his personal interest, drive and perseverance have been largely instrumental in thrashing the way through all the regulations and controls which make construction work such a nightmare to the ordinary citizen.” From a report on the progress of the Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital, given by Mrs. F.O.B Wilson in January 1947, shortly before the establishment of the Hospital.

Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital was founded in 1947, with the donation of some land by Colonel Ewart Grogan, pioneer extraordinary, in memory of his beloved wife, Gertrude Edith. As the years go by, Gertrude’s hospital has becomes more and more of a ‘giving’ hospital. It has won prestigious awards for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Gertrude’s from the beginning was and will always be a simple hospital: it now has completed the full circle by becoming a place of hope for sick children who have no expectations elsewhere, which was what Grogan aspired to help the London orphans.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is a charitable trust, meaning that all profits are ploughed back into the hospital. It is run by a Board of Trustees who offer their services voluntarily in the day-to-day running of the hospital, since they are responsible for all policy decisions. Nor do they receive any rewards or emoluments for the charitable work they do. Whereas paying patients provide the main monies for the hospital’s routine management, Gertrude’s is often reliant on donors for the purchase of the expensive paediatric equipment it requires to remain an up-to-date organisation. Any appeals for funds are almost always for the charitable work to which the hospital is committed. It is interesting to note that for the recent building extensions, Gertrude’s ‘went it alone’, shouldering the entire expense out of its own investments. Gertrude’s officially marked its Diamond Jubilee on 8th, April 2008.

This celebration fittingly marked the formal opening of the new Outpatient Department, inclusive of the Accident & Emergency unit and the Doctors’ Plaza. For an organisation that began sixty years ago with a small staff and only sixteen beds, this was a significant occasion, as Gertrude’s is now able to offer a genuine one-stop paediatric centre that can provide almost every available treatment that a child might need. It was indeed a fitting time to remember with thanks all those who have subscribed in the past, and those who continue to do so into the future, to create this unique centre of paediatric excellence in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Today: Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital stands on the site of the Sandbach Bakers’ house and is the theme of the Muthaiga Panel. The Panel shows the hospital, and surrounded by the children he loves, Ewart Grogan, Kenya’s Grand Old Man and elder statesman, who is as famous today for his part in building the country as for his epic journey from the Cape to Cairo.

Gertrude's Children Hospital

Gertrude’s Children Hospital

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Services

  1. Crystal Clinic
  2. Pharmacy Services
  3. Outpatient Services
  4. Laboratory Services
  5. Nutritional Services
  6. Child Development Center
  7. Comprehensive Care Clinics

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Wards & Facilities

Gertrude’s Children Hospital is a 24 Hour hospital fully equipped with Seven Wards which patients are admitted into. Jean Ward ( Executive Ward )
Single self-contained rooms with an en-suite bathroom for each room. The room has a cot for the patient. A bed for the parent (included in the price of stay). Children of any age admitted. The parent’s meals are to be paid for separately.

Executive ward, facilities include:

  1. Child’s cot/bed with all bed head services e.g. Oxygen, suction and nurse call with each bed.
  2. En-suite bathroom including baby’s toilet seat and bath tub.
  3. Mother’s bed and facilities (including tea and coffee making facilities, occasional chair, reading desk, large wardrobe and hand basin complete with soap dispenser and hand towels.
  4. A la carte menu and satellite TV is available.
  5. Drinking water dispenser.

Note: Mothers meals are charged separately (a la carte menu available).

Edna Ward ( New born baby ward )

Caters mainly for newborns and very small children. This ward has a cot or incubator in a private room, a bed for the parent and a wash basin. Parents will pay for their own meals separately. There is a TV/rest room at the entrance to the ward.

Felicity Ward ( 5 – 18 Month Infant ward )

This ward normally caters for infants and toddlers. This ward has private rooms containing a cot for the baby, a bed for the parent and a wash basin. Parents will pay for their own meals separately.

Jacaranda Ward ( Surgical ward )

Normally for surgical and other related cases. This ward has private rooms with a cot for the child, a bed for the parent and a wash basin. The parent will have to pay for her own meals separately. There is a small reception area with a TV for recreation.

George Drew Ward ( Surgical ward )

Normally for surgical and other related cases. This ward is a semi open ward with professionally partitioned rooms with a cot for the child, a very comfortable couch for the parent.. The parent will have to pay for her own meals separately.

Mimosa Ward ( Open ward )

Normally for surgical and other related cases. This ward has private rooms with a cot for the child, a bed for the parent and a wash basin. The parent will have to pay for her own meals separately. There is a small reception area with a TV for recreation.

Susan Ward ( Open ward )

This is an open ward normally for older children. There is one isolation room. The parents do not need to be resident in this ward, so no facilities for parents are available in this ward. This ward caters for self-paying parents

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Contacts

Tel: 020 7206000
Mobile: 0722898948 / 0731344044

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Video