Kenya Air Cargo Services and Charters

Kenya Air Cargo Services and Charters

Kenya Air Cargo Services and Charters companies are able to provide expedited air freight service from Kenya to destinations around the world. Their head offices is strategically located in Nairobi for air freight shipments from JKIA airport to international destinations on air cargo, passenger carrier or air charter. Their airport-to-airport service is ideally suited to customers in business requiring time-critical delivery. They provide air freight service based on your requirements and schedule.

Kenya Air Cargo Services and Charters – Reliability and Professionalism

Kenya Air Cargo  meets your air freight requirements with reliability and professionalism, they offer consolidations and back to back and also chartering of aircraft as and when required.

The vast number of destinations covered from JKIA Nairobi, Kenya’s biggest airport and the large volumes handled by their Nairobi terminal enable us to consolidate direct containers to specific locations which in turn enables them to control transit time and cost and hence they are able to offer air freight services at unbeatable rates.

Kenya Air Cargo Services and Charters

Kenya Air Cargo Services and Charters

Kenya Air Cargo  – Third Parties

In order to provide the most flexible and efficient service to our clients, we offer through third parties, tailor-made all-cargo charter services to meet a variety of needs in cargo types, payloads and destinations upon request.

Kenya Air Cargo Services


KQ Pharma

KQ Pharma is an airport-to-airport service designed to cater for transportation of pharmaceutical products in the most efficient way possible to ensure cool-chain integrity is maintained and product quality preserved.

KQ Express Cargo

KQ Express Cargo is a priority product designed to cater for urgent cargo shipments with speed and reliability. This is an airport to airport service.

KQ Live

KQ Live is safe and a caring service for transportation of animals.

KQ Mail

The Kenya Airways Cargo Mail product is tailor-made to cater for the uplift of Post Office mail which includes postal items as defined by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) convention. This product is offered to postal administrations and mail agents only and is an airport to airport service.

KQ Courier

KQ Courier is a tailor-made airfreight service that caters for expedited transportation of time-definite courier material by registered courier companies only. This is an airport-to-airport service

KQ Secure

KQ Secure is an exceptional high security airport-to-airport service for your vulnerable consignments, offering maximum security and streamlined processes. This product offers, upon acceptance, special storage areas, surveillance on ground and escort to the aircraft by trained personnel to guarantee a high level of protection for your vulnerable goods.

KQ Repatriation

This is a specialized sensitive priority service that is compassionate in ensuring human remains travel safely as cargo. This service ensures that human remains are treated with utmost dignity plus full and discreet care at all stages. This is an airport – to – airport service.

KQ General Cargo

A service tailor-made to cater for the specific transportation requirements of traders, businesses, NGOs, Consolidators, Public Authorities, amongst others.

KQ Fresh

An airport to airport service designed to cater for transportation of perishable products such as fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, in the most efficient and reliable way possible to ensure product freshness and cool-chain integrity is preserved.

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