Kenya Water Institute

Kenya Water Institute Description

Training for the Kenya Water Institute Sector started in 1960 with a unit in the Hydraulic Department of Public Works to train water supply operators. In 1970, the unit was upgraded to a training section under the same Department.

When the Water Department was transformed to a fully-fledged Ministry of Water Development in 1974, the training section became the Water Development Staff Training School. In 1985, the Institute became a national water training institution and was henceforth referred to as Kenya Water Institute (KEWI). An Act of Parliament to establish the Kenya Water Institute was enacted by Parliament in 2001 and assented to by the President on 31st December 2001.

According to the KEWI ACT (No.11 of 2001) the Institute is a semi-autonomous corporate body serving the entire water sector in Kenya. The Applied Water Department was merged by training to form the new KEWI in 2003.

Kenya Water Institute Vision

“To be a World class Centre of Excellence in Training, Research and Consultancy in the Water, Sanitation, Irrigation and related Sectors.”

Kenya Water Institute Mission

“To offer first class training, research, consultancy and outreach services in the water, sanitation, irrigation and related Sectors for sustainable development.”

To provide directly or in collaboration with other institutions of higher learning, services in human resources development, consultancy, research and development in the water sector on commercial basis.
To provide training programmes, seminars and workshops and produce publications aimed at maintaining standards in the water and sanitation sector;
To provide a forum for effective Collaboration between the public and the private sector and other interested parties for the development of the water and sanitation sector
To conduct examinations and award diplomas, certificates and other awards to successful candidates

Kenya Water Institute Motto

“Fountain of Water Knowledge”

Kenya Water Institute Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science(Water & Environmental Engineering)
Diploma in Water Technology(Water Technology)
Higher Diploma in Water Engineering(Water Engineering)
Diploma in Water Resources Management(Water Resources Management)
Diploma in Water and Wastewater Laboratory Technology(Water Laboratory Technology)
Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
Certificate in Water Engineering(Water Engineering)
Certificate in Water Resources Management(Water Resources Management)
Certificate in Water & Waste Water Laboratory Technology(Water Laboratory Technology)
Operators Course in Meter Reading(Meter Reading)
Operators Course in Sewerage Operations(Sewerage Operations)
Operators Course in Water Supply(Water Supply)
Diploma in Water Engineering(Water Engineering)
Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
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Kenya Water Institute Contact

Physical Location: Ole Shapara Avenue Nairobi South C
Postal Address: 60013 – 00200
City: Nairobi Town, Kenya
Telephone: 254-020 607425/ 607433 /607348
Mobile: 0722-207757
Fax: 254-20-606718