Real Estate Agents in Kenya

Real Estate Agents in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all real estate agents in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the real estate agents in Kenya websites.

Some of the top five agents according to Lamudi Kenya are:

1. Cherwell limited

Category: Real Estate Agents in Kenya – Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Cherwell Limited is a project management consultancy company that has created a niche for itself in the construction industry. The company takes you through the whole process from project evaluation, project proposal, feasibility studies, project management, financial management and property sales. They have encompassed all these services to offer diverse services for people looking to develop property. They have currently partnered with Proxima, Pixirani and Tamarind Properties. Their property portfolio ranges from getaway homes to affordable houses.

2. Canaan Properties

Category: Real Estate Agents in Kenya – Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Founded in 2003, Canaan Properties comes in second on the list. Initially started as a company to only sell land, Canaan Properties has grown to offer other real estate services, such as managing and selling other properties types and development consultancy within Nairobi and its surrounds.

3. Oakpark Properties Limited

Category: Real Estate Agents in Kenya – Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Oakpark Properties Limited was founded in 2003 and seeks to tap into the lower- to middle-income market by providing innovative solutions for this segment. The development company has made a name for itself by constructing quality and affordable houses not only in Kenya but also the East Africa region. They go by the mantra of ‘high-quality well priced housing’, as their houses offer a high standard of architecture in the most sought-after locations within the three main cities of Kenya.

4. Financial and Property Consultant Limited (FAPCL)

Category: Real Estate Agents in Kenya – Real Estate Companies in Kenya

It was founded in 2010 by Innocentia and Martin Dias, who previously had successful careers as bankers. The couple took advantage of the knowledge and skills they gained during the past careers and opened a company that offers both financial and property solutions, mostly for the high-end market.

5. EMM Consult Limited

Category: Real Estate Agents in Kenya – Real Estate Companies in Kenya

In fifth place on the list is EMM Consult Ltd, who pride themselves in exemplary customer service. Focusing on Nairobi, EMM Consult seeks to provide affordable yet quality homes in the capital. Their staff are well-versed with real estate to ensure customer satisfaction.

Real Estate Agents in Kenya - Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Real Estate Agents in Kenya – Real Estate Companies in Kenya

List of Real Estate Agents in Kenya

  1. 14 Maasumina
  2. 36 Degrees Real Estate
  3. Abacus Property Ltd
  4. ABN Outlets Co
  5. Accra Plaza Business Centre
  6. Achero Commercial Agencies
  7. Acrelands Ltd
  8. Adasca Agencies Ltd
  9. Adva Park
  10. Advantange Supplies Ltd
  11. Agape Management Agents
  12. Agibo Investments
  13. Akica Enterprises
  14. Al Huda Enterprises Ltd
  15. Al Huda Enterprises Ltd
  16. Al-Shamsy Agencies
  17. Al-Shamsy Agencies
  18. Al-Timami Agencies
  19. Alfamark Agencies
  20. Alizeti Homelink Agency
  21. All Times Agencies Ltd
  22. Allan & Bradley Co. Ltd
  23. Allbid Investments Ltd
  24. Alpha Lands Investments
  25. Althaus Services Ltd
  26. Amal Express Enterprises Ltd
  27. Amazon Valuers Ltd
  28. Amber Realtors
  29. Ambrose M
  30. Amee Management Ltd
  31. Amesnet Enterprises
  32. Amesnet Enterprises
  33. Amirs Traders & General Agencies
  34. Amisco Letting Agency
  35. Amutei Enterprises Ltd
  36. Anchor Property Consult
  37. Anfield Holdings Ltd
  38. Angaza Real Estate – Karatina Branch
  39. Angaza Real Estate – Kitengela Branch
  40. Angaza Real Estate – Mombasa Branch
  41. Angaza Real Estate – Thika Branch
  42. Ankam Commercial Agencies
  43. Apeks Enterprises
  44. Aphimas Enterprises
  45. Arcade Ventures Co. Ltd
  46. Archvillas Agencies
  47. Ardhiworth (real Estate) Limited
  48. Artioz Ltd
  49. Asher Real Property
  50. Ashina Enterprises
  51. Asriland Agencies
  52. Axis Real Estate Ltd
  53. Azizi Realtors Ltd
  54. Bace Systems Construction Ltd
  55. Baita Trading Company
  56. Baobab Development Group Ltd
  57. Barletta Holdings Ltd
  58. Beach Bay Holdings Ltd
  59. Bemwa Realtors Ltd
  60. Benwa Agencies
  61. Best Properties Ltd
  62. Bestcare Property Cosultants
  63. Bethel Business Centre
  64. Bhagawati Enterprises Ltd
  65. Biashara Development Ltd
  66. Bien Properties
  67. Bigima Housing Co Ltd
  68. Blue Arrow Assets Management Ltd
  69. Bluebell Properties Ltd
  70. Bluebird Management Ltd
  71. Bora Capital Ltd
  72. Bora Ubora Ltd
  73. Breakthrough Services Ltd
  74. Breezeland Agencies
  75. Brevilla Properties Co. Ltd
  76. Bright Options Management Services
  77. Broadway Real Estate Management Co. Ltd
  78. Brookland management ltd
  79. Bugeine Karanja Mbuu Ltd
  80. Builders (K) Management
  81. By His Grace Enterprise
  82. Byron Trustkett Investment Ltd
  83. Caltop Agencies
  84. Canopy Property Services
  85. Capital City Ltd
  86. Carrefour Enterprises
  87. Casas Ltd
  88. Century Properties Ltd
  89. Cheri Skyways Capital
  90. Cheska Agencies Ltd
  91. Chronicle Property Management (K) Ltd
  92. Citivillas Ltd
  93. Coast Land Agency
  94. Coast Properties & Accommodation Bureau
  95. Colburns Holdings Ltd
  96. Coral Property Consultants Ltd
  97. Coral Property Consultants Ltd – Malindi Branch
  98. Coral Property Consultants Ltd – Nairobi Branch
  99. Cornerstone Real Estate
  100. Cornerstone Real Estate Ltd
  101. Crown Homes Management Ltd
  102. Crystal Valuers Ltd
  103. D K Real Estates Limited
  104. Damawilas Enterprises
  105. Danimma Agencies Ltd
  106. David Lyall Ltd
  107. Deam Enterprises
  108. Delirian Ltd
  109. Denma Commercial Agencies
  110. Derby Registrars Ltd
  111. Dianah Real Estate Agents
  112. Dinara Vestures
  113. DK Real Estates Limited
  114. Dream Properties
  115. Dualway Properties Ltd
  116. Dynamic Assignment Solutions
  117. Eaagads Estate
  118. Eastern By-Pass Estate Limited
  119. Elegant Investments (1996) Ltd
  120. EMM Consult Ltd
  121. Encore Developers Limited
  122. Engineering Maintenance
  123. Equity Estates Ltd
  124. Estelle Glass Ltd
  125. Evergreen Shelters Ltd
  126. Exotic Homes Properties Ltd
  127. Fair Acres Ltd
  128. Fastrack Ltd
  129. Fonelson Enterprises
  130. Fort Properties Ltd
  131. Fourways Accomodation Bureau
  132. Geal Agencies Ltd
  133. Gembug Commercial Agencies
  134. General Marketing Services Ltd
  135. Githere Investments Ltd
  136. Glenn Kirkman Properties
  137. Global Homes Ltd
  138. Gracious Investments
  139. Green Gates
  140. Greenplots Properties
  141. Gwili Consultants
  142. H C Mehta & Sons Ltd
  143. Halifax Estate Agency Ltd
  144. HassConsult Ltd
  145. HassConsult Ltd
  146. Hawk Consult
  147. Heri Properties Ltd
  148. Highrise Elevators Co Ltd
  149. Hill & Foster Ltd
  150. Homes Universal Ltd
  151. Honour Enterprises Ltd
  152. Horeria Valuers
  153. Idime Enterprises Ltd
  154. Ifexco Enterprises
  155. Intercapital Managers & Consultants
  156. International House Ltd
  157. Ivory Homes Services Ltd
  158. Izmir Enterprises Ltd
  159. Jagon Commercial Agency
  160. Jalao Enterprises
  161. Jamar Estate Agents
  162. Jayant J.
  163. Jithiada Agencies Ltd
  164. Jiwa Properties
  165. Joe Musyoki Consultants Ltd
  166. Jogeo Properties Ltd
  167. Josmarg Agencies Ltd
  168. Jualekin Enterprises
  169. Judika Agency
  170. Kangei & Nyakinyua Building Co. Ltd
  171. Karathi Commercial Agency
  172. Kasanga Holdings Ltd
  173. Kenyawide Commercial Agencies
  174. Kihara Estate Agency
  175. Kimson Holdings Co Ltd
  176. Kipash International Agency
  177. Kisumu Real Estates
  178. Kisumu Real Estates – Nairobi Branch
  179. Knight Frank (K) Ltd
  180. Knight Frank (K) Ltd
  181. Knight Frank (K) Ltd – Westlands Branch
  182. Knight Frank Kenya Ltd
  183. Kuria Holdings Ltd
  184. La Maison D’Afrique Ltd
  185. Lamka Properties Ltd
  186. Legend Management Ltd
  187. Lemka Real Estates Ltd
  188. Lions Property Management Limited
  189. Lloyd Masika Ltd
  190. Lloyd Masika Ltd
  191. Lloyd Masika Ltd – Head Office Branch
  192. Lloyd Masika Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  193. Lustman & Co (90) Ltd
  194. Lustman Chris Estate Agent
  195. Macom Agencies
  196. Madison Properties Ltd
  197. Maestro Properties Limited
  198. Makao Enterprises Ltd
  199. Makraw Enterprises
  200. Mapland Properties Ltd
  201. Marituzzo Investments Ltd
  202. Mascot Villa Solutions
  203. Masterways Properties Ltd
  204. Mato Commercial Agencies
  205. Mbuka Ventures
  206. Mbukoni Holdings Ltd
  207. Mencia Management Ltd
  208. Milestate Ltd
  209. Milligan Villas
  210. Milsons Management Ltd
  211. Monako Investment Ltd
  212. Montana Estate Agents Ltd
  213. Montron Agencies
  214. Mortgage Direct Ltd T/A Property Direct
  215. Mosica Properties Ltd
  216. Mowens Agencies
  217. Muigai Commercial Agencies Ltd
  218. Muigai Commercial Agencies Ltd
  219. Muigai Commercial Agencies Ltd – Head Office Branch
  220. Muigai Commercial Agencies Ltd – Nakuru Branch
  221. Murinya Ltd
  222. Muthithi Investments Co Ltd
  223. Mutirithia Wa Andu Co Ltd
  224. N. W. Realite Ltd
  225. N. W. Realite Ltd – Head Office Branch
  226. N. W. Realite Ltd – Town Office Branch
  227. Nairobi Enterprises Ltd
  228. Nairobi Enterprises Ltd – Industrial Area Branch
  229. Nairobi Homelands Management Services
  230. Nairobi Homes (Mombasa) Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  231. Nairobi Homes (Msa) Ltd
  232. Nairobi Homes Ltd
  233. Ndatani Enterprises Co Ltd
  234. Neat Properties Ltd
  235. Neptune Shelters Ltd
  236. Ninjah Enterprises
  237. Njome & Sons Ltd
  238. Noskcid (Africa) Asset Management Ltd
  239. Nyandarua Agencies Ltd
  240. Nyumba Link Ltd
  241. Nyundo Consultancy
  242. Omega Commercial Services Ltd
  243. Ounga Commercial Agencies
  244. Paragon Property Valuers & Consultants
  245. Paramount Investments Ltd
  246. Pata Commercial Enterprises
  247. Pathways Properties & Gen Traders
  248. Pelly Properties & General Services
  249. Pelly Realtors
  250. Penkam Management Co Ltd

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