Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya

Fashion and Design Colleges in Kenya

Fashion design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place. They consider who is likely to wear a garment and the situations in which it will be worn.

Here are some of the best fashion and design schools in the country.

1.Evelyn College of Design

Category: Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya

Evelyn College of Design was founded in 1976 as the first design college in East and Central Africa.The College  was started in Nairobi Kenya in 1976 as a pioneer design institution offering training in clothing construction, fashion and textile and later interior design courses were also introduced. They provide an excellent education for careers in the design field, preparing young people for the challenging and exciting world of today.

For more information please visit: Evelyn College of Design

2. Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts

Category: Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya

Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts ( BIFA) was established in 1993 under the management of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Buruburu. It provides an ideal development opportunity in the world of Art and Design.

For more information please visit: Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts

3. Mcensal School of Fashion Design

Category: Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya

Mcensal School of Fashion Design is located in Adalyn Flats Next to Nairobi Baptist Church Off Ngong Rd Nairobi County.It was launched in 2009 with just one student and has over time risen to become the best fashion school in the country.It has produced famous names like Brianna Kisia,who owns fashion mountain among others.

For more information please visit: Mcensal School of Fashion Design

4. Vera Beauty & Fashion College

Category: Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya

Vera Beauty & Fashion College is located in Emperor Plaza, 2nd Flr, Kenyatta Ave Nairobi County. Vera Beauty College was established in 1998 in response to a need for professional training in Hair, Beauty, Modeling, Fashion and Design and Instructors Course.

For more information please visit: Vera Beauty & Fashion College

5. Kenya Textile Training Institute

Category: Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya

The National Industrial Training authority [NITA] is a newly established state corporation [former Directorate of Industrial Training]. It was established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. Its mandate is to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensure adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in industry.

For more information please visit: Kenya Textile Training Institute

List of Fashion and Design Schools in Kenya

Here is a  comprehensive list of all fashion and design Colleges in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the fashion and design schools in Kenya websites.

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Fashion and Design Schools Photo

Fashion and Design Schools Photo