Muthale Girls High School Details, Results and Contacts

About Muthale Girls High School

Muthale Girls High School is 4 streamed full boarding school in Eastern Province, Kitui County, Kitui west district. It’s on 12.5 hectare plot on the Kitui – Mwingi road. It neighbours Muthale Mission Hospital.

Muthale Girls High School was founded by the Frasciscan sisters in 1970 as a Mixed Day School and in the same year the boys were phased out. The school became a government school in 1981 and later in 1985 it was converted to a full one streamed girls boarding school. It is from these humble beginning that the school has over the years grown to the present Four streamed full boarding National Girls High School. The school at present has a population of 700 students, 30 teachers and 15 subordinate staff.

Muthale High School – Schools’ motto

Committed to excellence

Muthale High School – Vision

We aspire to be leading Centre of excellence committed to the production of an all-round person capable of providing quality, relevant and sustainable services to the society.

Muthale High School – Mission

We provide quality and holistic education for the girl child

Muthale High School – Core values

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Openness
  4. Patriotism
  5. Respect for Others
  6. Vision
  7. Dedication
  8. Hard work

Muthale High School has a special talent in producing participant in Science Congress and which its participants qualify to the national level every year. As it is a national school, its students are bright and therefore come out with good results in the KCSE exams.

Muthale Girls High School

Muthale Girls High School

Muthale Girls High School Contacts

School Name: Muthale Girls High School
School Code No: 13300005
Type of School: Girls Boarding
County: Kitui County
Physical Address:
Postal Address: P.o Box 20 90203 Tulia
Tel:  +254 726 331 829, +254 722 611 506

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