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Dieter Bohlen Biography, Career, Awards, Songs and Personal Life

Dieter Bohlen Biography

Dieter Günther Bohlen is a German songwriter, singer, musician, producer, entertainer, and TV personality. He was born on 7 February 1954. Bohlen is best known for being part of popular pop-duo Modern Talking during 1983–1987 and 1998–2003. Bohlen was born in Berne, West Germany, and grew up in Oldenburg. His father was a supplier to the construction business.

Dieter Bohlen Career

In 1973, Dieter Bohlen was member of the band Monza. In 1981 he was member of trio Sunday, and they had a hit “Hale Hey Louise”, which has been covered by Ricky King and others. From 1983 to 1987 and from 1998 to 2003, Bohlen was one half of the pop duo Modern Talking as producer, songwriter and composer. From 1985 to 1988, he produced and wrote songs for the disco singer C. C. Catch.

In the year 1988, Dieter Bohlen signed 15-year-old singer Anna Garcia whose stage name was “Sheree”. In 1988 she recorded a song “Ronnie – Talk To Russia!” as Sheree, written by German songwriter and former member of Modern Talking, Dieter Bohlen. After Modern Talking’s first split in 1987, Bohlen formed Blue System. For most projects Bohlen had session singers for the background vocals to produce a high-pitched chorus. He frequently worked in the studio with the producer Luis Rodríguez. Rivalen Der Rennbahn is a soundtrack written by Bohlen. It was one of the best-selling albums in 1989 in Germany. Bohlen produced the German boygroup Touché which was founded by one of the group’s five members, Karim Maataoui. In 1986, Bohlen wrote and produced Chris Norman’s “Midnight Lady” for an episode of the German crime show Tatort. This song became a major hit in central Europe.

In the 1990s, Bohlen became producer for Bonnie Tyler under Hansa Records. They released three albums; Bitterblue, Angel Heart and Silhouette in Red. Tyler had great success with her single “Bitterblue”, which was written and produced by Bohlen. He has been a judge on all the seasons of the talent show Deutschland sucht den Superstar and has worked with acts discovered in the show, yielding several major hits. He is criticized for controversial and insulting comments (“You sing like a garden gnome on ecstasy”, “Your voice sounds like Kermit getting his ass kicked”). Bohlen has also released five books. Two of these are autobiographical and describe his career, romantic involvements and experiences with singers. The first book was an unprecedented success in Germany. Both books were also released as audio books.

In 2006, Bohlen released an album called Dieter: Der Film that was a soundtrack to the movie of the same name. In 2011, he founded the clothing label “Needs Clothing” along with Felix Werner.He has also been a judge the talent show Das Supertalent, the German version of Britain’s Got Talent. He is the only judge to have been in every season of the show.

Dieter Bohlen Photo

Dieter Bohlen Photo

Dieter Bohlen Personal life

Dieter is the son of Edith and Hans Bohlen. His maternal grandmother is originally from Königsberg. He has a sibling, a younger brother named Uwe. He was educated in Oldenburg, Göttingen and Hamburg, culminating in a Business Administration degree.

Bohlen was married to Erika Sauerland from 1983 to 1994 and has three children from the marriage: Marc, Marvin and Marielin. In the year 1996 he married model and singer Verona Feldbusch but divorced her after thirty days, propelling Verona to celebrity status . Later, Bohlen lived with the 1979 born model Stefanie Küster until 2006. They have one son, Maurice-Cassian, born mid-2005.

He met his current girlfriend Carina Walz in Majorca, Spain, where one of the casting events for Deutschland sucht den Superstar,the German version of American Idol and Pop Idol,was held. They have a daughter, Amelie born 2011 and a son, Maximilian born 2013.

Bohlen lives in the village of Tötensen near Hamburg. He is left-handed, but was forced to learn how to write with his right hand at grammar school. He plays tennis with his left hand because he started tennis after his school years.

Dieter Bohlen Awards

  • 1985: Goldene Stimmgabel, Most successful composer and producer
  • 1989: People’s Artist of the USSR
  • 1998: VIVA Comet – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2001: Top of the Pops Award, Top Artist Germany
  • 2003: German Book Prize, Second according to the public audience
  • 2003: Goldene Feder
  • 2003: Media Control Award, 25 Jahre Media Control
  • 2003: GQ Man of the Year
  • 2003: Unsere Besten, position No. 30 as the greatest German ever
  • 2003: Bambi, Pop National
  • 2004: Echo, best national producer
  • 2004: Echo, Single of the year We have a dream
  • 2008: Platin-Otto, Lifetime achievement award

Dieter Bohlen Songs

  1. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
  2. Cheri Cheri Lady
  3. Sexy Sexy Lover
  4. Brother Louie
  5. Geronimo’s Cadillac
  6. No Face No Name No Number
  7. Atlantis Is Calling
  8. Space Mix
  9. You Can Win If You Want
  10. Do You Wanna
  11. You Are Not Alone
  12. In 100 Years
  13. With a Little Love
  14. Just We Two
  15. Modern Talking Megamix 2000
  16. Jet Airliner
  17. Win The Race
  18. You Can Get It
  19. Heaven Will Know
  20. China In Her Eyes
  21. Locomotion Tango
  22. All I Have
  23. Ready For The Victory
  24. Just Like an Angel
  25. Angie’s Heart
  26. Last Exit to Brooklyn
  27. In Shaire
  28. My Bed Is Too Big
  29. Don’t Take Away My Heart
  30. Lucky Guy
  31. Only Love Can Break My Heart
  32. TV Makes the Superstar


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