Matthias Reim Biography

Matthias Reim is a German singer-songwriter, born on 26 November 1957 in Korbach, Hessen. He grew up in Homberg. His father was the director of the gymnasium in Homberg. After receiving his Abitur, he began his undergraduate studies in the German and English languages as well as Germanistic and Anglistic literatures in Göttingen. This took 18 terms – this is above average, as he spent its time predominantly in the music studio and not in the lecture-room.

Matthias Reim  Career

Matthias Reim composes, writes lyrics, mixes and plays songs himself. The music to some songs comes from the German composer and music producer Christoph Brüx (Hamburg), for example Das erste Mal (The first time). He composed for many other performers such as Bernhard Brink, Roberto Blanco, Jürgen Drews and Tina York. His first own LPs with his bands Fallen Dice and Fair Tax did not bring commercial success.

Reim’s first – and largest – hit came out in 1990 – called “Verdammt, Ich lieb’ dich” (“Damn, I love you”). The single sold 2.5 million copies world-wide and was at the top of the pops of German charts for 16 weeks – between 18 May and 6 September – since 1971 no other single stood longer without interruption at place one but Matthias Reim shares this record with Boney M. The first album Reim was released soon after. Until 1999, he had published nine further albums with Polydor. His LP Zauberland was also released in an English-language version in Canada – there called Wonderland.

Matthias Reim Photo
Matthias Reim Photo

Matthias Reim Personal Life

Matthias Reim lives with his family in Ibiza.He has five children from four women. Bastian who was born in 1988,is handicapped. Julian,born in 1997,from his second wife Mago. With the German singer Tanja Shitawey popularly known as Michelle,he also has a daughter, Marie-Louise born on 8th May 2000. With his wife Sarah,they have Romeo born on 23rd November 2004 and Romy born on 2nd August 2008.

Matthias Reim  Albums

  1. 1990: Reim
  2. 1991: Reim 2
  3. 1993: Sabotage
  4. 1994: Zauberland
  5. 1995: Wonderland (Zauberland in Canada)
  6. 1995: Alles Klar
  7. 1997: Reim 3
  8. 1998: Sensationell
  9. 1999: 10 Jahre intensiv
  10. 2000: Wolkenreiter
  11. 2002: Morgenrot
  12. 2003: Reim
  13. 2004: Déjà Vu
  14. 2005: Unverwundbar
  15. 2006: Die Fan-Edition
  16. 2007: Männer sind Krieger
  17. 2010: Sieben Leben
  18. 2011: Sieben Leben Live 2011
  19. 2013: Unendlich
  20. 2014: Die Leichtigkeit des Seins
  21. 2016: Phoenix

Matthias Reim Songs

  1. Verdammt ich lieb’ dich
  2. Ich hab geträumt von dir
  3. Du Idiot
  4. Du bist mein Glück
  5. Einsamer Stern
  6. Das Lied
  7. Ich hab’ mich so auf dich gefreut
  8. Hallo, ich möcht’ gern wissen wie’s dir geht
  9. Doch da war mehr
  10. Idiot 2011
  11. Wenn du gehen willst, mußt du…
  12. Wer nie durch Scherben ging
  13. Du hast mir den Kopf verdreht
  14. Was ist nur los?
  15. Die Leichtigkeit des Seins
  16. Im Himmel geht es weiter
  17. Allein allein
  18. Letzte Weihnacht
  19. Du wirst es immer sein
  20. Erinnere dich
  21. Gib uns nicht auf
  22. Liebst du mich noch?
  23. Wie man liebt
  24. Verdammt für alle Zeit
  25. Ich liebe dich
  26. Sowieso
  27. Männer sind Krieger
  28. Wolkenreiter
  29. Vergiss es
  30. Alles was ich will
  31. Verdammt ich lieb dich immer noch
  32. Ist schon gut so

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     Matthias Reim News

Matthias Reim: It’s a strange feeling to be sixty

Updated On: 6th April 2018

The worst word the hit star, who is currently dating a 30-year-old woman, can imagine is “retirement age.”

Pop singer Matthias Reim (“Damn, I love you”) had a strange feeling in his own words when he reached sixty. His father had started from this age, to live on the pension, he said to the schlagersender Radio B2 from Berlin. “And this word” retirement age “- for me that’s the worst thing I could imagine for myself.”

He does not even think about “having to change anywhere due to counted years,” said Reim, who had turned 60 last November. Looking at his more than 30 years younger partner, the pop singer Christin Stark, he said: “I notice no age difference.” The love is something that you can not control “Thank God”. This includes “emotional unreasonableness,” which makes love for music and life so exciting.

When asked why he dressed like a 25-year-old, Reim said: “I can not imagine other clothes on me, I have to feel good. And this is so easy for me: I put on my jeans, I pull a T-shirt or a jumper over it, ‘a cool jacket – that’s me.’