Xavier Naidoo Biography

Xavier Kurt Naidoo , also known by his stage name Kobra, is a German Soul and R&B singer/songwriter, record producer, and occasional actor. He was born in October 2, 1971. He is a founding member of the German band Söhne Mannheims, and started two record labels, Beats Around the Bush and Naidoo Records. Naidoo also has a successful solo career.

Xavier Naidoo Career

Born and raised in Mannheim to South African parents of Indian, German and Irish descent, Naidoo worked in several jobs in the food and music industries before relocating to the United States in the early 1990s, where he released his first full-length English-language album Seeing Is Believing under his stage name Kobra in 1994. He currently resides in his native Germany.

After working as a backup singer for the Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt and 3P label mates Sabrina Setlur and Illmat!c, Naidoo released his first German language album Nicht von dieser Welt in 1998, for which he won an ECHO Award and an MTV Europe Music Award. Selling more than one million copies in total, it produced six singles, including “Seine Straßen” and “Sie sieht mich nicht”, the latter of which served as the theme song for Astérix & Obélix Take on Caesar in 1999. After his highly publicized departure from 3P, his third studio album Zwischenspiel – Alles für den Herrn was released in 2002. It spawned the top five hit singles “Wo willst du hin?” and “Abschied nehmen” and led to a collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan member and producer RZA, with whom he released his first number-one single “Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du)” in 2003.

Known for his soulful voice and his Christian lyrics, he has collaborated with several famous artists such as Deborah Cox and Swiss artist Stress. Naidoo was with Söhne Mannheims (Sons of Mannheim) earlier before he became famous, after his popularity increased he went back to the band and wanted to help them to become famous too, which worked. Nowadays he switches back and forth with doing some solo music or recording an album and going on tour with Söhne Mannheims. He joined groups like Brothers Keepers and the charity project (Signs of the Times) in the early 2013.

Xavier Naidoo Photo
Xavier Naidoo Photo

He also collaborated in Xavas, a duo formation with Kool Savas, a Turkish-German rapper in the album Gespaltene Persönlichkeit, in 2012. The two had already worked together on a number of other releases. In the year 2013, Xavier released “Eye Opener” on the vocal collaboration album “Features” by Kris Menace.

Xavier Naidoo Wife

There is no record of Xavier being married.

Xavier Naidoo Ex-Girlfriend

He has one ex-girlfriend by the name Stefanie Johst.

Xavier Naidoo Parents

He was born in Mannheim, Germany to his parents Eugene Naidoo and Rausammy Naidoo.

Xavier Naidoo Studio albums

Studio Albums

  • Seeing Is Believing (1993)
  • Nicht von dieser Welt (1998)
  • Zwischenspiel / Alles für den Herrn (2002)
  • Telegramm für X (2005)
  • Alles kann besser werden (2009)
  • Mordsmusik (2013) (as Der Xer)
  • Bei meiner Seele (2013)
  • Tanzmusik (Xavier lebt hier nicht mehr) (2014) (as Der Xer)
  • Nicht Von Dieser Welt 2 (2016)
  • Für Dich. (2017)

 Live Albums

  • Live (1999)
  • Alles Gute vor uns (2003)
  • Wettsingen in Schwetzingen – MTV Unplugged (2008)
  • Alles kann besser werden – Live in Oberhausen (2010)

Xavier Naidoo Awards

  • 1999: MTV Europe Music Award – “Best German Act”
  • 2000: ECHO – “Best National Male Artist – Rock/Pop”
  • 2002: Goldene Stimmgabel
  • 2002: Comet – “Best Act National”
  • 2002: MTV Europe Music Award – “Best German Act”
  • 2004: Amadeus Award – “Record of The Year” for “Ich kenne nichts (Das so schön ist wie Du)”
  • 2006: Goldene Kamera – “Pop National”
  • 2006: ECHO – “Best National Male Artist – Rock/Pop”
  • 2014: Das Goldene Brett vorm Kopf (“Golden blockhead”) for the “most astonishing pseudo-scientific rubbish

Xavier Naidoo Songs

  1. Dieser Weg
  2. Abschied nehmen
  3. Alles kann besser werden
  4. Wo willst du hin?
  5. Was wir alleine nicht schaffen
  6. Bitte hör nicht auf zu Träumen
  7. Halte Durch
  8. Sie sieht mich nicht
  9. Bevor du gehst
  10. Wann
  11. Führ mich ans Licht
  12. Ich Brauche Dich
  13. 000 Meilen
  14. Bei meiner Seele
  15. Zeilen aus Gold
  16. Sag es laut
  17. Seine Strassen
  18. Ich kenne nichts
  19. Hört, Hört
  20. Der letzte Blick
  21. Frei
  22. Bist du am Leben interessiert
  23. Seelenheil
  24. Freisein
  25. Lied
  26. Nicht von dieser Welt
  27. Mut Zur Veränderung
  28. Danke
  29. Bitte frag’ mich nicht
  30. Ich kann Dich sehen
  31. Wir haben alles Gute vor uns
  32. Raus aus dem Reichstag

Xavier Naidoo YouTube Video

Xavier Naidoo News

Sing my song: Xavier Naidoo touches us with “Amoi seg ‘ma us again”

Updated On: 1st May 2018
Source: www.vox.de

Andreas Gabalier “It was an awesome moment!”

One of the most emotional moments of “Sing my song” is without question Xavier Naidoo’s interpretation of “Amoi seg ‘ma us again”. For the first time, the host sings time in the Styrian dialect and puts a lot of emotion in the very personal song. Song giver Andreas Gabalier can not hold back his tears during the performance: “It was a madness moment!”

Andreas Gabalier can not hold back his tears

On the evening of Andreas Gabalier, host Xavier Naidoo chose a particularly personal title for “Sing my Song” 2014: “Amoi seg ‘ma us again”. In the song, the folk rock’n’roll bids farewell to his father and his little sister, both of whom he lost in tragic circumstances. “It has been a sad song for a long time because of this story,” explains Andreas Gabalier. “But after the concerts it has become a totally hopeful song for me and people are thanking them with tears in their eyes for signing autographs because they lose children in accidents or Grandpa because life is over.” With his soulful interpretation, Xavier Naidoo hits the “Sing my Song” stars right in the heart. Song givers Andreas Gabalier and Sarah Connor finally let their tears run wild. “I never cry,” says Andreas and hugs Xavier after the performance. “I do not know when I last cried, it was a hell of a moment on the show, thank you.”