Adam Zango Biography

Adam A Zango is a Kannywood actor who hails from Zango, Nigeria. Adam Zango was born Adamu Abdullahi on October 11 in Zango, Katsina State, Nigeria.

Adam Zango started his career as a music composer, advantageously he become a singer, and sung numerous hits song till date. He started his acting profession as a low level actor. Within a short time, he aroused to international icon by winning Africa Movie Award in London, UK.

Adam Zango is popularly referred to as ‘Usher’.

Adam A Zango is not a graduate of any university or polytechnic. He thinks education goes beyond just having a degree or whatever. “If an individual can make and contribute positive things to himself and the people he lives with; learn from them and give back that knowledge he has in whatever capacity, I think that is real education. I have so much experience in life and I am well educated in my own capacity. It doesn’t have to be a degree or Masters or whatever. I think at some point in life one has to get educated. It only depends on how you use your education to benefit the people.”

Adam A Zango
Adam A Zango

Adam Zango Wedding

He married Ummul Kulsum, a Cameroonian. The marriage came as a surprise to many of his fans and colleagues as the plan was kept secret. Zango now has three wives, and the latest bride came barely three years in to his marriage to Maryam Yola – his second wife.

Adam A Zango Phone Number

His phone number is being updated.

Adam Zango Awards

  • Best Film for Gwaska – 2015
  • Kannywood Best Actor – 2012
  • Africa Movie Best Actor – 2014
  • City People Magazine Best Popular Actor – 2015

Adam A Zango Songs – Adam Zango Songs

  • Gwaska (Hausa song)
  • Ringing
  • Gambara
  • Dan Kuka
  • Soyayya dadi (Hausa song)
  • Ki aminta dani (Hausa song)
  • Bayan rai (Hausa song)
  • Me kika rike (Hausa song)
  • Xani gida (Hausa song)
  • Ki yarda dani (Hausa song)
  • Ina nan dake (Hausa song)
  • Yankan Baya (Hausa song)
  • Babbar Yarinya (Hausa song)
  • Huhu Lahu (Hausa song)
  • Yar fara (Hausa song)
  • Aslam (Hausa song)
  • Gamdakatar (Hausa song)
  • Yar fullo (Hausa song)
  • Soyayya da Shakuwa (Hausa Song)
  • Latifa (Soyayya da Shakuwa Hausa song)
  • Nisan Tunani (Soyayya da Shakuwa Hausa song)
  • ALLAH Gwani (Soyayya da Shakuwa Hausa song)
  • Rikeni Gwaska (Hausa song)
  • So (Hausa song)
  • Tafiya da gwani (Hausa song)
  • Dorina × Nas B × El’muaz (Hausa song)
  • Fatima
  • Aye Girgiza
  • Kukan kurci

Adam Zango Movies

  • ‘Ya ‘Ya Na
  • ‘Yar Agadez
  • Adam
  • Adamsy
  • Addini ko Al ‘Ada
  • Adon Gari
  • Ahlul Kitab
  • Alkawarina
  • Albashi (The Salary)
  • Andamali
  • Ango Da Amarya
  • Artabu (A Mazauna)
  • Aska Tara
  • Auren Tagwaye
  • Baban Sadik
  • Babban Yaro
  • Balaraba
  • Basaja
  • Bayan Rai
  • Bita Zai Zai
  • Dajin So
  • Dan Almajiri
  • Dare
  • Dijangala
  • Duniya Budurwar Wawa
  • Dutsen Gulbi
  • Farar Saka
  • Fataken Dare
  • Ga Duhu Ga Haske
  • Ga Fili Mai Doki
  • Gaba da Gabanta
  • Gambiza
  • Gamdakatar
  • Gwamnati
  • Gwanaye
  • Gwaska
  • Hadizalo
  • Hindu – An African Extra Vagrant
  • Hisabi
  • Hubbi
  • Ijaabaah
  • Jamila
  • Kaddara Ko Fansa
  • Kama Da Wane
  • Kare Jini
  • Ko Lo
  • Kundin Tsari
  • Laifin Dadi
  • Larai
  • Madugu
  • Masu Aji
  • Mata Ko ‘Ya
  • Matsayin So
  • Mazan Fama
  • Mazan Fama
  • Mukaddari
  • Murmushin Alkawari
  • Mutallab
  • Nai Maka Rana
  • Namamajo
  • Nas
  • Ni Da Ke Mun Dace
  • Nijeriya Da Nijar
  • Niqab
  • Nusaiba
  • Rabin Jiki
  • Rai A Kwalba
  • Rai Dai
  • Rawar Gani
  • Rintsin Kauna
  • Rumana
  • Ruwan Idona
  • Ruwan Jakara
  • Sai Wata Rana
  • Salma
  • Shahuda
  • Soyayya Da Shakuwa
  • Soyayyar Faze Buk
  • Tarkon Kauna
  • Tsangaya
  • Ummi da Adnan
  • Walijam
  • Wata Rayuwa
  • Ya Salam
  • Zanen Dutse
  • Zarar Bunu
  • Zatona
  • Zeenat
  • Zo Mu Zauna
  • Zulumi

Adam Zango Interview

Kannywood actor, Prince Adam Zango, has responded to rumours about him and actress Nafisa Abdullah. The two actors were rumoured to have had an affair which resulted in Nafisa getting pregnant. She was also said to have taken Zango to court over the pregnancy.

In a video that accompanied his latest album, Sabon Salo, Zango explained how he was able to survive the rumours and move on with his career.

Adam Zango specifically addressed the rumours about him and Nafisa in the video, Komai Daga Allah Ne, saying that they were false.

What would you say about all the allegations that you are not a good person?

Adam Zango: What people have been saying about me are pure lies. This is the work of my enemies that are not wishing me good in this industry. I urge all my fans and supporters not to believe everything they hear or read about me unless they verify its authenticity or rather hear me live on television or radio otherwise it is all fabrication.

You have been ridiculed for your failed marriages, how do you respond to that?

Adam Zango: Everybody will say Adam Zango did this or did that. I can tell you that I know many spiritual leaders and wealthy individual that have gotten married to different women and are now divorced yet, nobody is talking about them. Why? Probably because they are influential and people are scared of getting arrested or dealt with. People, without knowing what led to your divorce, will choose to call you names and ridicule you over it.

I was married only three times and right now I live with two of my wives and children. The truth is that I divorced one of my wives; the other two are happily living with me and my children. My issue is not peculiar but my enemies use it against me all the time.

You have been away from the movie business for a while; what have you been up to?

Adam Zango: I have been away from the movie industry for about three month and I left to take care of some personal Issues. Prior to that, I was always very busy; either I’m in Kano, Kaduna, Niger or Abuja shooting or recording one movie or the other.

t got to a stage where my child would not want to come to me because he did not know me. I seemed like a visitor to my children.

I also used that break time to register for school; I would love to go further with my education. I also reconnected with my old friends and relatives. I am currently working on improving the quality of my acting and movies produced under my label.

To my friends, producers, directors and actors of Kannywood, I want to use this medium to appeal to them to pardon me and please, bear with me.

What message do you have for your fans?

Adam Zango: I wish to thank all my fans and wish them well. I also want to let them know that all they have been reading about me on the pages of some papers are not from me. About 80% of what they publish is purely generated just to paint me bad in the eyes of my fans. I will not forgive this kind of people and Allah shall judge us.

I do not have a Twitter handle or a Facebook account. I also do not use a Blackberry. Any account with the name, Adam Zango is false. You can get any information about me from my friends, Tahir I. Tahir and Falalu Dorayi.

Adam A Zango Music Video


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