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Eve Esin is a Nollywood actress, model, television personality and a philanthropist. She is an indigene of Oron in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. She was born On October 17th.

She attended Immaculate Conception Secondary School, Itak-Ikono in Akwa Ibom state. She studied Theatre Arts at the University of Calabar.

After graduation from the University she got a job in the bank but due to her passion in acting she quit the banking job.

She is one of the most talented actress in Nigeria. She is popularly known she her ability to cry in movies. She became highly famous after performing in the blockbuster movie “Idemili” directed by Ernest Obi. According to her the most challenging movie is “Idemili” due to she gathered enough courage to carry a live snake in her role.

She has won many awards such as Best Actress & Most Prominent actress of the year at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Eve Esin
Eve Esin

Eve Esin Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be about $470,000.

Eve Esin Husband – Eve Esin Married

The information is being updated.

Eve Esin Movies

She started acting professionally in 2008. She has acted in over 100 movies. She has featured in a number of Nollywood movies. Some of the movies which she has featured in include:-

  • Soul After Soul
  • Best Interest
  • Innocent Pain
  • Room Service
  • Painful Sin
  • Scent of Passion
  • Evil Intention
  • Queen of the Jungle
  • 24th July

Eve Esin Age

Eve Esin was born On October 17th. Her year of birth will be updated soon

An Interview with Eve Esin

The notion that a woman’s true beauty is judged early in the morning, in her natural state, without make-up somewhat gives credence to a popular belief that women would rather not be seen by a stranger upon waking up in the morning.

This postulation was actually proven wrong when screen queen, Eve Esin opened her room at Monty Suite in Uyo to the RhodiesWorld Crew for this interview. We had expected to wait for a couple of hours knowing how it goes when a (female) celebrity is about to meet with a journalist she has never met before… However, she looked as fresh as the morning dew even before the professional makeup which, I would say, was just for the pictures.

She also maintained an impressively hospitable disposition throughout the interview where she talked about some things that make her tick and also about her career in the Nollywood industry.

Can we get to meet you?

Eve Esin: My name is Eve Esin, from Oron L.G.A, Akwa Ibom State, from an Extended family. I studied theatre arts in the University of Calabar, Cross River State.

After School, did you pick up any appointment or you went straight into acting?

Eve Esin: After school, I went for my youth service and upon completion, I applied for a job with Access Bank and I was invited for an interview, where I excelled and was offered employment. I was preparing to resume training for the job when a movie I auditioned for came up, so I told myself, “Okay! this is it; this is what I will do!” So I chose to go into acting. If I’m given such the opportunity a million times, I believe, I will still choose acting.

How long have you been acting?

Eve Esin: I came in and out of the industry in 2005, but professionally, I came back in December, 2008.

While growing up, was there anything along the line that suggested you were going to become an actress?

I would say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Yes, because I did a lot of acting in school and church. At some point, in my church, I used to write stories and feature in the children’s group. When I got to secondary school, I had an ambition of reading Law but later saw myself studying Theatre Art in the University.

Some actresses dictate the role they want to play in a movie. What kind of roles do you prefer to feature?

Eve Esin: I’m going to correct that impression. A lot of people do have choices of roles they would want to play, but as an actress, you shouldn’t streamline yourself to a particular type of role. A good actress should be able to play practically anything that comes up. I’m not choosy, if anything comes up, I’ll do it except, I say EXCEPT going nude.

What if the price is high?

Eve Esin: No amount of money can make me play nude. I am an African woman and I won’t go nude for anything.

What have been your best and worst moments in acting?

Eve Esin: Acting opens doors for everyone, you walk into somewhere and you are given prompt attention

If you were given the chance to choose roles, what kind of roles would you love to play?

Eve Esin: I really would not have the choice because the script usually comes with your character and name attached to it. If I don’t like a role, I’ll just turn down the script. I can play anything, from a Reverend Sister, to a doctor,… anything. It’s versatility that makes you a good actress.

What has been your most memorable role so far?

Eve Esin: Every role I have played has been memorable; every role comes with its challenges but I’m going to make special reference to a movie called Idemili directed by Ernest Obi. It’s memorable because I had to carry a snake and it wasn’t a toy snake, it was actually a live snake. It is one of the best lead roles I have played. It was challenging because on a normal day, I’m afraid of dead snakes, not to talk of a live one.

Apart from acting, what else do you do?

Eve Esin: For now, it’s strictly acting.

How about producing or directing a movie?

Eve Esin: I actually have interest in producing movies.

You don’t seem to be loud on the Social Media. Any problem?

Eve Esin: (Cuts in) Yes! Yes!! I agree….

There is a mentality people have about artists; when you grant an interview or you release your new photos, people will appear from nowhere and start saying negative things about you. I am really not a public person per say, but the nature of my job makes me a public person. If someone says something untrue about me, it gets at me. So as much as possible, I try to stay off the social media.

Have there been any bad report about you?

Eve Esin: Well! so far, none.

Aren’t you lucky?

YEve Esin: es I am. This is because I try to stay off the social media, ….until Rhodies world caught me. *laughs*

Why do you prefer Epic movies?

Eve Esin: I do Epic and I also do glamour movies too. I also think the village stories are trending in the market. Also the viewers are more interested in what they can relate with, somehow, I get to act them very well and the scripts just keeps coming

Have you been nominated or picked for an award?

Eve Esin: City people have nominated me for Idemili and BON Awards also nominated me for 7 Rivers, for the both movies, as supporting act but I didn’t win. Hopefully, I will win someday.

Who would you love to act with?

Eve Esin: Anyone. Even if you were my worst enemy, I will play my role and get away. I am a professional actress.

Have you experienced sexual harassment just to get a role?

Eve Esin: I will like to say this: people who grow and people who make it are two different people. There are also people who came, and for some reasons, couldn’t break through. These are often the people who go out to cook up stories about some producers, directors or whoever was trying to harass them sexually. Should that happen, it means two adults consented to doing that. No one pushes anyone into doing that.

There are speculations that most Nollywood actress do not prefer to settle down in their marriages; what is your observation about this?

Eve Esin: A lot of actresses are settling down. For those whose marriage didn’t last, I may not know why. I’m not married yet but when I do, I will actually settle down with my husband. Because one or two celebrities went into marriages that crumbled, does not mean that marriages are not working in the Nollywood industry. That shouldn’t be a yardstick to judge every other person. After all, Chioma Chukuka and Omotola Jalade are still married and their marriages are working.
There are lots of marriage problems in other professions but people don’t get to hear of them. If doctors, lawyers, bankers have break-ups in marriage, I wonder why people think we can’t make mistakes. Nollywood actors and actresses are not super humans; we are not angels and you should not expect us to be perfect. The funny thing is that people don’t get to talk about the marriages that work, but only focus on the ones that didn’t work.

When you think of settling down, what kind of a man do you have in mind?

Eve Esin - Idemili
Eve Esin – Idemili

Eve Esin: ..laughs. I don’t streamline myself to choices. Whatsoever God designs for me, I will come to know it and will I will fulfil it

What makes you feel like a star?

Eve Esin: (Smiles) I don’t usually feel like a star, I’m extremely humble and down-to-earth. Sometimes, I wonder why people look at me when I go out, and then I’ll remember I’m an actress…

Are you satisfied with the Nollywood productions and compared to Hollywood?

Eve Esin: People will always react to the fact that they don’t like or watch Nollywood movies. The fact is if you compare a 2015 movie to a movie that was shot in 2000, you will definitely know that we are growing, Nollywood is not where it used to be many years ago. So, it can only get better.

Why are you based in Port Harcourt when Lagos is where everything is happening?

Eve Esin: For some reasons, I don’t know why I’m in Port Harcourt. Sometime soon, I may find myself in Lagos.

Are you not missing all the fun and parties with most of your colleagues in Lagos?

Eve Esin: Like I said, I’m not a public person and I don’t think I should be found everywhere. The ones that are really important, I will find myself there.

Who is your role model?

Eve Esin: Angelina Jolie


Eve Esin: (She laughs) No idea.


Eve Esin: Anyone who has been there before me and has been acting well is my role model, I won’t pick out one person, I always learn at least one thing from any movie I watch. Even from my younger colleagues.


Eve Esin: A lot of people think Nollywood is for riff-raffs, people who are not educated. First of all, you have to be educated because it’s one thing to read a script, and another to interpret it. You have to go through the basics. If you are just starting, you have to go through some auditions, everyone should start from there. You must be determined that you will make it because, I can recall, I almost gave up at some point when it was as if nothing good was going to come out of it. I have gone for an audition that lasted for one year and it was as if nothing good was going to come out from it.

Even if you are given one scene, act it as your life is dependent on it because you might not know where it will lead you to. I want to use the case of my colleague and brother Ime Bishop, we were on a set of the movie “Uyai” directed by Emem Isong. I got a role to feature with Ime Bishop who was just to play about three or four scenes, but after he did his first scene, he got everyone laughing and the Director was like, “this is a comic relief for the movie. There’s no way he will play just few scenes.” That’s how he ended up playing twenty something scenes, and from there, he moved on.

So that’s how life is. When the opportunity comes, no matter how little, grab it and make good use of it. And most importantly, you need God’s Grace.

Best Meal:

Eve Esin: Oh, I really love yam; whether, cooked, fried, roasted, anyhow it is prepared, I love it.

Football Team

Eve Esin: (Laughs) I’m a big Chelsea fan!

Favourite car:

Eve Esin: I just love good cars, but I’m in love with Honda as a brand.

Thank you for your time:

Eve Esin: You are welcome.

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