Femi Adebayo Biography

Femi Adebayo is a Nigerian lawyer, film actor, director and producer. He was born on 31 December 1974 in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, but he originates from Ilorin, Kwara State. He is the son of the veteran actor, Adebayo Salami.

He attended the University of Ilorin where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master of Arts (M. A) degree in Theatre Art. Femi is the MD/CEO of J-15 media network Nigeria. He has masters in law.

He began acting in 1995, the same year he featured in a Tade Ogidan movie titled Owo Blow. He has starred in several Nigerian films, winning four awards as Best Yoruba actor at the 17th African Film Awards popularly known as Afro Hollywood awards at the Stratford Town Hall in London. He also won an award in the same category for the Best of Nollywood Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria Awards in 2012.

Femi Adebayo
Femi Adebayo

Femi Adebayo Age

He was born on 31 December 1974.

Femi Adebayo Wife – Femi Adebayo Married

Femi Adebayo, took a second shot at matrimony when he was joined with his sweetheart, Omotayo Maimunat Sanusi, as husband and wife.

Femi Adebayo Wedding

The wedding which held in Ilorin, Kwara State, was attended by lots of celebrities in the movie industry.

Femi Adebayo First Wife – Femi Adebayo and Khadijat

The actor’s marriage to Kadijat, the mother of his kids, hit the rocks when he was romantically linked with actress, Funke Akindele, an allegation they both denied, with Funke now married to JJC.

Femi and Kadijat were first separated for two years, before she filed for divorce in 2011 at an area court in Ilorin, where the marriage was first celebrated. Their union was legally dissolved afterwards.

Khadijat, his first wife and mother of his three children, has since remarried. She is now addressed as Mrs. Balogun and has a child with her new husband.

Femi Adebayo Movies

He has a long list of movies to his credits which includes:

  • October 1
  • Ayitale
  • Ladies Gang 2
  • Atónà
  • Omo pupa
  • Owo blow
  • Tania
  • Iya Alalake
  • Anini
  • Omo Ekun
  • Alagbaa
  • Onise Iku
  • Omo University
  • Ounje Ale

Femi Adebayo Interview

How much of influence and support do you get from your fa­ther on your career?

Femi Adebayo: Working closely with my father gave me a picture of life and may­be I got the passion from him since he is an actor. I used to take acting as a hobby before it turned to a profession. I wanted to be a lawyer and I stud­ied Law, but I later real­ized that I was having more fun and getting comfortable in show­biz. That was why I set­tled for acting.

What lessons have you learnt from your father?

Femi Adebayo: I have learnt so much from my fa­ther and I am still learning. I am using this opportunity to say thank you to him and if I am coming to this world again, I still wish to come through him. He is an extremely humble man and we learnt that from him. Apart from the fact that he is a talented ac­tor, he is a born leader and we im­bibed that from him too. I have been using so many of his principles in my daily activities and it’s really work­ing for me. I give it to him and I see him as a major factor behind my suc­cess.

Would you still practise law?

Femi Adebayo: In as much as I am a qualified bar­rister, I can appear before the court anytime. But it is important to men­tion that the professional ethics of Law won’t permit me to be a practis­ing lawyer, if I’m into any other busi­ness. As a lawyer, you should have enough time to prepare your matter in as much as you want to represent your client in the law court. You shouldn’t do a shoddy job of it. So, if I am not doing any other thing again, I can decide to go into full-time prac­tice.

At what time did you decide to dump Law for acting?

Femi Adebayo: Sincerely, it was even after my call to bar. I was called to the Ni­gerian bar in 2003 and I decided to turn my passion into a profession in 2005.

How do you manage your female fans? You know Femi Adebayo is an all-ladies man, especially because you are good looking.

Femi Adebayo: I am not an all-ladies’ man, like most people think. My female fans appreciate my work and I appreciate them as well. I have not experienced a case where a female fan does any­thing out of place to me. They are cool.

Why don’t you feature in Eng­lish movies?

Femi Adebayo: I deliberately don’t feature in Eng­lish movies because I am a promoter of culture. Ever since I came into limelight, I have chosen to be a pro­moter of culture. In primary and sec­ondary schools, they teach in English language. Even parents that cannot speak the language often force them­selves to with their children. I see that our culture is dying and I am a Yoruba man. I want our culture to still remain, which ex­plains why I do 70 percent on Yoruba movies.

Who is Femi Adebayo, away from the cameras?

Femi Adebayo: You can’t give me the opportunity to describe myself and I won’t say sweet things about myself. I am an easy going person, straightforward and I am totally different from the person you see on screen. But when it comes to work, I interpret my roles well and I can go to any extent to achieve them. I do my rehearsals very well.

Would you act nude for a price?

Femi Adebayo: Like I said, Yoruba movies are meant to promote culture and it’s not part of our culture to appear nude. So, I would never for any amount. What is money?

How do you intend combining family, career and your new ap­pointment?

Femi Adebayo: For now, I am more fo­cused on the Special Assis­tant job and I have always been juggling my career and family. It has al­ways come out well and I think this is more flexible be­cause I now have the opportu­nity to go to t h e office a n d return home, except when I have so much to do.

Femi Adebayo – Video



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