Brenda Fassie Biography

Brenda Fassie whose real name is Brenda Nokuzola Fassie was born on 3rd November 1964 in Langa, Cape Town in South Africa. She died on 9th May 2004. She was an anti apartheid afropop singer.

Brenda Fassie Career

Her career in music began at an early age since her mother was a pianist she started singing for tourist at an early age.

In 1981 at the age of 16 she joined the vocal group Joy (filling in for one of the members who was on maternity leave) and later became the lead singer for a township music group called Brenda and the Big Dudes.

Around 1991 when he divorced her husband she became addicted to cocaine and had a set back in her career. In 1995 she was discovered in a hotel with the body of her female lover, Poppie Sihlahla, who had died of an apparent overdose. She underwent rehabilitation and got her career back on track.

From 1996 she released several solo albums, including Now Is the Time, Memeza (1997), and Nomakanjani?. Most of her albums became multi-platinum sellers in South Africa; Memeza was the best-selling album in South Africa in 1998.

Brenda Fassie Albums

  • 1987: Ag Shame Lovey
  • 1988: Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu
  • 1989: Too Late for Mama
  • 1989: Brenda
  • 1990: Black President
  • 1991: I Am Not a Bad Girl
  • 1992: Yo Baby
  • 1994: Brenda Fassie
  • 1995: Mama
  • 1996: Now Is the Time
  • 1997: Memeza
  • 1997: Paparazzi
  • 1999: Nomakanjani
  • 2000: Thola Amadlozi
  • 2001: Brenda: The Greatest Hits
  • 2002: Myekeleni
  • 2003: Mali
  • 2003: The Remix Collection
  • 2004: Gimme Some Volume

Brenda Fassie Songs

  1. Vuli Ndlela
  2. Black President
  3. Nomakanjani
  4. Too Late For Mama
  5. Weekend Special
  6. Mama I’m Sorry
  7. Mpundulu
  8. Ag shame lovey
  9. Sum’ Bulala
  10. Thola Amadlozi
  11. Soon and Very Soon
  12. Nakupenda
  13. Hara Lebitla
  14. Ngiyakusaba
  15. Good Black Woman
  16. Wedding Day
  17. Touch Somebody
  18. Life is going on
  19. Boipatong
  20. Mina Ngohlala Ngi Nje
  21. Kenang Bohle
  22. Memeza
  23. Ponci Ponci
  24. Mama
  25. Qula
  26. Amagents
  27. Hamba Sathane
  28. I Straight Le Ndaba
  29. Higher & Higher
  30. Bongani
  31. Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu
  32. Ngeke Umconfirm

Brenda Fassie Death

On the morning of 26 April 2004, Fassie collapsed at her home in Buccleuch, Gauteng, and was admitted into a hospital in Sunninghill. The press were told that she had suffered cardiac arrest, but later reported that she had slipped into a coma brought on by an asthma attack. The post-mortem report revealed that she had taken an overdose of cocaine on the night of her collapse, and this was the cause of her coma. She stopped breathing and suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen.

Brenda Fassie Family

In 1985 she got a son, Bongani Fassie, of a fellow Big Dudes musician. In 1989 she married Nhlanhla Mbambo but later divorced in 1991.

Brenda Fassie Photo

Brenda Fassie
Brenda Fassie

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