Okmalumkoolkat Biography

Okmalumkoolkat whose real name is Smiso Zwane on 27th July 1983 in Umlazi, Durban in South Africa.He is a South African rapper and a group member of Dirty Paraffin.

Okmalumkoolkat Career

After graduating from college he moved to Johannesburg where he met Doctor SpiZee, with whom he formed Dirty Paraffin. They released singles together but they seperated after the house they were living in was broken into.

He was featured on Cassper Nyovest’s “Gusheshe”. He is currently signed to Austrian label Affine Records under which he has released his debut EP, Holy Oxygen. In 30 December 2016 he released his debut album Mlazi Milano which were supported by two singles before release which were “Ntwana Yam'” and “Gqi”. “Ntwana Yam'” Was released mid August, 2016 and “Gqi” was released a month before the album. The single “Gqi” features Durban-formed duo “Amadando” and was accompanied by its music video mid March, 2017. The album was released both in iTunes and officially in music stores.

Okmalumkoolkat Songs

  1. Ntwana Yam’
  2. Usangikhumbula
  3. Holy Oxygen
  4. Gqi!
  5. Ijusi
  6. Allblackblackkat
  7. Ngiyashisa Bhe!
  8. Fancy Footwork
  9. Mlazi Milano
  10. Sele Sele
  11. Ubhuti Ontsundu
  12. Mathananazane Wami
  13. Zharp
  14. Boomslang
  15. Bayavuma Interlude
  16. Galileo
  17. Straight to the Top
  18. Isimangaliso
  19. Amalobolo
  20. Ekse Aweh!
  21. Mega Milano
  22. Tongue Foo Action / Forever
  23. La Liga
  24. Uk’Thula / Spura Maluda
  25. Spina Gusheshe Like A Skateboard Skit!
  26. Spoek Mathambo International Airport
  27. Zweitbester
  28. Shark Attack

Okmalumkoolkat Conviction

In 2016 Okmalumkoolkat was jailed for sexual assulting a fellow artist. He was performing at MOFO and after the performance he went out drinking with his friends Returning to his hotel at 5:30 AM and was unable to find his room.

He entered the victim’s hotel room through an external sliding door that had been left ajar. The woman (who has not been named) awoke to find Zwane in her bed kissing her neck and rubbing her body. Zwane stopped after the victim told him to leave and showed him the way out.

He pleaded guilty and was sentensed to one month in jail.






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