Bahati Bukuku Biography

Bahati Bukuku (Bahati Lusako Bukuku) is a Tanzanian gospel musician who is popularly known for her hit song ‘Dunia Haina Huruma’.


  • Dunia Haina Huruma
  • Nani Aitikise Dunia
  • Yashinde Mapito
  • Nimesamehewa Dhabi

Bahati Bukuku Songs

  • Dunia Haina Huruma
  • Majaribu
  • Maamuzi
  • Lazima Usamehe
  • Heshima Ya Dhahabu
  • Magonjwa Yote
  • Nimesamehewa
  • Wewe Ni Baba
  • Atakushangaza
  • Siri Ya Mafanikio
  • Abneli
  • Songa Mbele
  • Ahabu
  • Nani Aitikise Dunia
  • Mbeba Maono
  • Kampeni
  • Muathirika Wa Ndoa
  • Mosala
  • Tendeka
  • Jehova
  • Barthimayo
  • Nabii Nani
  • Tsunami

Bahati Bukuku Husband and Divorce

Bahati was married to Daniel Basila but they later divorced and she came out to set the record straight after speculations that her husband divorced her after she was caught cheating with a doctor who was attending to her husband so that the husband could be discharged since they couldn’t raise the cash.

These specualtion arose when she released her song ‘Dunia Haina Huruma’ which chronicles the event. She said that she faced some of the problems and issues portrayed in the video.

‘My now ex-husband did not do such a thing. Though there’s a part of the song which was drawn from my real-life experience. Irreconcilable differences was the premise for our divorce.I cannot lie about a man who was my husband, even if I author a book, I will always say I was married before but the union did not work out.’


Bahati Bukuku
Bahati Bukuku