Diamond Platnumz Biography

Diamond Platnumz whose real name is Nasibu Abdul Juma was born on 2nd October 1989. He is a Tanzanian bongo flava recording artist and dancer from Tanzania. He has had several hit songs including “Number One” which he featured Nigerian artiste Davido.

Diamond won numerous awards at Channel O and the HiPipo Music Awards. He performed at the Big Brother Africa 7 eviction show in May 2012. Diamond is considered influential among his fans, and is said to be the most loved and decorated East and Central African artist at the moment.

He is believed to be the highest selling Tanzanian artist of ringtones by mobile phone companies in 2013, as well as being among the artists earning the highest income in the African Great Lakes region’s music industry.

Diamond Platnumz Age

Diamond Platnumz was born on 2nd October 1989 (28 years as at 2017). Diamond Platnumz just turned 28 years a few weeks ago. He was however publicly dating Zari Hassan who was 10 years older than him. But now Hamisa Mobetto who is in her early 20’s is always involved with the singer. Fans assume that Diamond Platnumz is interested in older women.

Diamond Platnumz Education Background

In 1995 he joined Chakula Bora Nursery School  and in 1996 he joined Tandale Magharibi Primary School and completed primary school education in 2002. In 2003 he started his secondary school education and graduated in 2006.

Diamond Platnumz Musical Career

Diamond Platnumz spent his formative years imitating local and international artists and singing their songs at different occasions. His mother bought for him albums from different artists and assisted him in writing lyrics for some songs so that he can easily sing them.

Diamond Platnumz mother took him to different talent shows hoping he will get a chance to sing; this was against some family members as they were of the view that music was a waste of time and can never be a career, instead they wanted her to encourage him to concentrate on education.

To make it as an Artist was not easy. As Diamond Platnumz was trying to raise money for a studio session in 2007, he was forced to engage himself in casual works like selling second hand clothes, filling station attendant, freelancing as a photographer, and any other work in which there was a little money to be earned. There was a time he was involved in illegal gambling; all that for the money to record his first studio single.

It was not easy for him to save enough money for one studio session and fend for his family with the money he made. He was forced to sell his mother’s gold ring secretly and use the money to pay for his session. As it was his first time in the studio, the song was not an immediate hit but it opened doors for him and marked the beginning of his journey as a bongo flava music artist.

Through that song Diamond Platnumz met Chizo Mapene who volunteered to be his Manager supervising all his music works. The agreement was for them to do an album but unfortunately money became a problem and their working relationship came to an end without releasing that album.

Dreams were shattered and royalty was tested; relationships came to an end and friends became strangers. Diamond Platnumz could not get a studio to sign him, his girlfriend left him telling him that she cannot be with someone who cannot provide for her; a dreamer who think that he will be one among the great musicians in Tanzania living the life of a Star.

Diamond Platnumz meet  Papaa Misifa  in 2009 who agreed to support him financially  on his first single “Nenda Kamwambie”. That was the song that opened doors for him in music industry.

Diamond Platinumz management

Diamond is jointly managed by Babu Tale and Said Fella from the Tanzanian music industry. In February 2018 he launched his new Wasafi Tv and Radio in Tanzania.He also launched his first album “A Boy from Tandale” at Nairobi Kenya in march 2018. Diamond is said to be the richest musician in “East Africa”. hes also the second musician after Youssou Ndour of Senegal to own a TV and a RADIO station in “AFRICA”

Diamond Platnumz new song

  1. Diamond Platnumz ft Jason Derulo – Colours
  2. Diamond Platnumz Ft Harmonize – Kwa Ngwaru
  3. Diamond Platnumz – NIKUONE
  4. Diamond Platnumz Ft Young Killer – Pamela
  5. Diamond Platnumz Ft Miri Ben Ari – Baila
  6. Diamond Platnumz – Sijaona
  7. Diamond Platnumz ft Rayvanny – Iyena
  8. Diamond Platnumz ft. Vanessa Mdee – Far Away
  9. Diamond Platnumz – Baikoko
  10. Diamond Platnumz Ft. Omarion – African Beauty
  11. Diamond Platnumz – Uko Tayari
  12. Diamond Platnumz ft Rick Ross – Waka
  13. Diamond Platnumz – Niache
  14. Diamond Platnumz – Sikomi
  15. Diamond Platnumz ft. Omarion – African Beauty
  16. Diamond Platnumz ft Jah Prayzah – Poporopipo
  17. Diamond Platnumz Ft. Morgan Heritage – Hallelujah
  18. Diamond Platnumz – Kipofu
  19. Diamond Platnumz – Nitashinda
  20. Diamond Platnumz ft Patoranking – Love You Die
  21. Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rich Mavoko & Rayvanny – Zilipendwa

Diamond Platnumz all songs

1. Marry You
2. Nana
3. Kidogo
4. Salome
5. Ntampata wapi
6. Nataka kulewa
7. Utanipenda
8. number one
9. Ukimuona
10. Kesho
11. Number One – Remix
12. MdogoMdogo
13. Mdogo Mdogo
14. Bum Bum
15. My number one
16. Kamwambie
17. Kizai Zai
18. Kizaizai – Remix
19. Mawazo
20. Mbagala
21. Nimpende Nani
22. Nasema Nawe f/ Khadija Kopa
23. Lala Salama
24. Moyo Wangu
25. Kidogo (feat. P-Square)
26. Nana (feat. Flavour)
27. Number One (feat. Davido)
28. Mapenzi Kitu Gani
30. Nitarejea
31. Marry You (feat. Ne-Yo)
32. Marry You ft. Ne-Yo
33. Mapenzi Basi
34. Binadam
35. Nalia Na Mengi
36. Number One (Rmx) [feat. DaVido]
37. Love Boat
38. Kwanini
39. Bum Bum (feat. Iyanya)
40. Upofu
41. Fire
42. Ukimwona
43. Acha Nikae Kimya
44. Jisachi
45. Kizaizai
46. My Heart
47. I Will Marry You
48. Natamani
49. Salome (feat. Rayvanny)
50. Nitampata Wapi

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth / Wealth

Diamond Platinumz is the most paid, decorated and sought after artiste in Tanzania. Diamond Platinumz, revealed how much he is worth  He said he is worth a whopping KSh 405 million shillings and counting.

Diamond Platnumz Religion

Diamond is a Muslim. In 2010, he endorsed Tanzania’s dominant ruling party, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and its presidential candidate, Jakaya Kikwete. He also recorded a remix of his single Mbagala, titled CCM Tusonge Mbele (CCM Let’s Move Forward).

Diamond Platnumz Wife

Diamond Platinumz Was married to Zari Hassan one of the most beautiful and among the most controversial celebrities in East Africa. He had two children with his former spouse.

Diamond Platnumz Family; Parents, Siblings

His parents are Sanura Kasimu and Abdul Juma but he was raised by his mother after his parents separated due to unresolved differences. He has two siblings Romeo Abdul Jones and ESma Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz Children

He had two children, with his former partner Zari Hassan, Latifah Dangote born on 6th August 2015 and Nilan Dangote born on 6th December 2016. He has a son Abdulatifah Naseeb Juma with his baby mama Hamisa Mabeto.

Diamond Platnumz House

Details about Diamond Platnumz house will be updated soon

Diamond Platnumz Photo

Diamond Platnumz Social Media Accounts

Instagram:  diamondplatnumz

Twitter: @diamondplatnumz,(@WCBWasafi)

Email: diamondplatinumz@gmail.com

Youtube Vevo: Diamond Platinumz


Diamond Platnumz Interview

Source: News Africa Now

Diamond Platnumz  interview from BET Experience Africa

Tell me something; Is Diamond your real name?

Diamond Platnumz: No, that’s not my real name. My name is Nasibu.

So where did Diamond come from?

Diamond Platnumz: I got that name from back in the day. My friends used to say I was talented and if I could find someone that can help to boost my talent then, I’ll have value like a diamond. So I started calling myself Diamond.

Wow! Anyway, you are part of this year’s BET Experience Africa. Why do you think they chose you out of all the Artists in Africa?

Diamond Platnumz: I believe it’s because I’m doing a great job, so there is no way I can let my continent down. Everytime I’m on stage I give it my all.
(Apparently he is Africa’s Michael Jackson. That’s what David Kau told us.)

Which SA Artists have you collaborated with so far?

Diamond Platnumz: I have a song with AKA that we will be performing this Saturday at the BET Experience Africa. I also have a track with Donald.

Oh yes, I heard about that one. I was actually invited to your studio recording session and also the video shoot but I couldn’t make it.

Diamond Platnumz: You stood us up. Hahahaha

No ways I could stand y’all up. I couldn’t make it because of work.

Diamond Platnumz: We worked hard on that song with Donald. We might perform it at the festival as well. Looking at the BET Experience Africa, I’m ready and I’m very much excited. This I can say is one of the biggest events to come out of Africa. I will also be performing a song with Flavour. Our song is making waves so we have to serve the performance to our fans. We owe them that much.

I hope you’ll be performing my favorite song as well. My Number One. I loooooove that song.

Diamond Platnumz: Yes, I’ll definitely be performing it. That song won 3 Awards at the Channel O Awards.

It’s a brilliant track. Those lyrics were my BBM and WhatsApp status forever. Hahahaha! I didn’t understand 90% of the lyrics. What language is that?

Diamond Platnumz: I sing in Swahili. Most of my songs are in Swahili.

Word in the streets is that you’re collaborating with NeYo again? Is that true?

Diamond Platnumz: Gosh!! Hahahaha, where did you hear about that?

I’ve got my sources, don’t you worry about that.

Diamond Platnumz: Hehehe, yes it’s true. It’s not yet out but I think it will be called Marry Me.

Let’s tone it down a bit. Take me back to when you were a child. What kind of a child were you? You look like the naughty type.

Diamond Platnumz: I was a smart child, very intelligent. I was there at the top. *laughs*

You seem to be hooked on music right now. If you had not been an Artist, then what would you have been?

Diamond Platnumz: A video Director. Just living my life directing videos would have been enough for me I’m sure.

Where do you see Diamond in like 5years time? Or maybe you don’t care about the future, you are just living for today?

Diamond Platnumz: Oh no, I live for the future. I am pushing myself today so that the future can be fruitful, not just for me but for those coming after me. African music needs to grow and be bigger than what it is today. I want to be bigger than I am right now.

What do you think about Fame, Women and Money?

Diamond Platnumz: Woooooooooooh! That’s a lot. Hahahahaha. Where do I start? It has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s focus on the positives. So give me those advantages.

Diamond Platnumz: Well, because of music I’m able to take care of my mum whenever she needs me. I’m able to give to those who need my help. And I’m able to get a beautiful woman. (He laughs out very loud)

Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you don’t even have to look for them. They just come to you huh?

Diamond Platnumz: You know! (Laughs) With my fame I’ve been able to open doors for upcoming artists. I have a Record Label,and the artists are doing very well in Tanzania. It’s not just Tanzanian artists, I have artists from Kenya, even here in SA.

You are really working hard. What is that 1 disadvantage about being famous?

Diamond Platnumz: To have people insult you on social media. Saying stuff like they know you when they actually don’t. You get accused of things you don’t even know.

Sadly that’s a struggle every famous person has to deal with. How do you handle that?

Diamond Platnumz: I choose to keep quiet. But either way it’s damaging to me because I’d have already seen it and it hurts. And also you find yourself in situations where people ask you for money and they don’t believe that you don’t have it.

That must be a serious challenge. Us ordinary folk deal with our relatives who have expectations because you live in the suburbs, you drive, so therefore if they ask you for something they expect it.

Diamond Platnumz: You see? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s expected from you. To hell with your budget or what you have planned, it becomes about them. They expect you to make it about them. That’s hard!

Shame man. I feel for you.

Diamond Platnumz: I’m from the township. I love it and I’m used to that simple, low and difficult lifestyle but there is no way I can do it anymore because when I go there it seems everyone is waiting just to take something from me. I can’t even enjoy that good food from the township tarvens anymore.

Food? You can find someone to cook for you the same stuff at home.

Diamond Platnumz: I know Kiki but trust me it’s not the same. I don’t know how they cook theirs. I think the township environment also makes the food to taste better. I miss having food that I used to have before this fame came along. That’s the food that made me who I am. Now I am forced to stay indoors and sometimes I eat alone. It’s stressful.

And then there is the traveling as well. That takes you away from your loved ones.

Diamond Platnumz: I’m always on Tour. I miss my mum, my family, my friends….it gets too much sometimes.

Well, you chose this road…. hahahahaha

Diamond Platnumz: I know hey. But that still doesn’t make it easy.

You keep talking about your mum. How old are you?

Diamond Platnumz: I’m 26. I’m very young. (Laughs)

Do you have kids?

Diamond Platnumz: Yes I have a lil one and is based here in South Africa.

Your child lives in SA? Is the mother South African? What’s her name? Hahahaha

Diamond Platnumz: The mother is originally from Uganda, but she is based in SA.

So you are in a relationship?

Diamond Platnumz: Yes I am. And my daughter is only 3 months old. The traveling doesn’t allow me to spend time with my child. But then again, I’m doing this for her, hopefully she’ll understand. I have to work, otherwise I’ll be broke. (Laughs)

Talking about fatherhood. You say you hardly spend time with your baby because of work – that’s understandable. But what do you have to say about those men that make babies and keep on stepping away from their responsibilities?

Diamond Platnumz: I experienced that when I was young. I was raised by my mother. My father basically abandoned me. Then as I grew older, there was a time when he tried to come back into my life. I was mad at him, but I realized he is still my father. I had to forgive him. I just feel like, if you’re not ready to be a father then don’t make any babies until you’re ready to be responsible, because you might think you’re punishing the mother of your child, not realizing that it’s the child that suffers the most. That’s why I’m doing my best to make sure that my child doesn’t go through what I went through with my father. That’s my main focus.

That’s a mouthful. Thank you so much Diamond. I can’t wait to see you perform with Flavour this Saturday at the BET Experience Africa.

Diamond Platnumz: It’s gonna be the biggest performance because I’m bringing my dancers and stage crew just so I can give the best of me. See you there!

Diamond Platnumz Salome (diamond salome)

Diamond Platnumz Latest News

Hamisa Mobetto holds Diamond’s hands and tells him her deepest intimate feelings
April 27, 2018

At this rate it’s almost certain Diamond is going to marry Hamisa Mobetto. The two are still showing public display of affection even after their explicit video landed Diamond in trouble.

Zari Hassan dumped her unfaithful baby daddy in February and now it seems Hamisa Mobetto has taken her rightful position in Diamond’s life.

Hamisa and Diamond rekindled their love affair on April 1st 2018 while attending the Sinema Zetu International Films Awards. The ‘African Beauty’ hit maker publicly flirted with his baby mama when they took to the stage to present an award together.

Hamisa has been posting photos on SnapChat to demonstrate how Diamond and her are tight. The mother of two is seen holding Diamond’s hand in a recent photo she shared. “Diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m shining with ya,” Hamisa captioned the photo which was accompanied with a love emoji.