Faustin Munishi Biography

Faustin Munishi is Kenya-based Tanzanian gospel singer.  He is populary known for his hits such as ‘Malebo’ and ‘Niko Chini ya Mwamba’. He was born in Arusha, Tanzania.

Munishi, who in 1980 changed his vocation from painting when he acquired an accordion, started to sing old Sunday school themes such as ‘Niko Chini ya Mwamba’, which became a Kenyan number one single in 1990. Munishi is set to release his ninth album, Nafurahi, in 2015. Munishi’s music can be said to have popularized the gospel genre in Tanzania and beyond.

In 2000, he appeared to have turned to politics. He released a controversial cassette, Volume 7, in which he urged Tanzanians to vote out the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM). The critical lyrics were in the song, Mpende Adui. He expressed interest in the presidency Tanzania, ahead of the polls. He later chamged his mind.

Faustin Munishi Songs

  • Malebo
  • Mwabudu nani
  • Furahini
  • Munishi-Mwabudu nani
  • Mwanadamu
  • Wanamwabudu Nani
  • maji yana mdudu
  • Wamamwabudu nana?
  • Ukimwi na maisha
  • Yote
  • munishi – gazeti sio ugali
  • Ulimwengu mashakani
  • Yesu ni mambo yote
  • Instrumental
  • Mageuzi
  • Munishi-Mwanadamu
  • Malebo Aokoka
  • Maisha
  • Tafuteni Mtapata
  • Yesu Anaweza Yote
  • Wimbo Wangu Ni Yesu
  • Wokovu Ni Kutubu
  •  Mafundisho Ya Yesu
  • Ajali Ya Ndege Dar


Faustin Munishi
Faustin Munishi

Faustin Munishi Son

Source: Standard 

Gospel musician Faustin Munishi’s son has been named as one of the suspected hard-core criminals in Oloolua, Ngong.

Salelo Mbilishi was arrested last month and taken to a Kibera court after Oloolua residents named him as a member of a notorious gang in Ngong.

The Niko Chini ya Mwamba 1990s gospel hit singer has nonetheless dismissed these allegations

“This is not true. He was arrested, put in police cell for two days then taken to Kibera court and released without being charged for any wrongdoing. I was in court but he was taken to an office behind the court and I was not allowed in that office to hear what charges police have against him,” Arusha-born Swahili gospel singer told The Nairobian.

But Salelo was ordered to report to Ngong police station once every month till his probation is called off by the OCS.

“He was released and ordered to report to Ngong OCS every two weeks. If he was a criminal he should be charged and if found guilty, jailed. Why didn’t they charge him? Because he was innocent,” he added.

Ngong OCS Leajori Saitoti confirmed that Salelo is a suspected hardcore criminal.

“He was arrested following an outcry by residents that he is one of the criminals in Oloolua Ngong neighbourhood. It is very sad because he is a high school dropout yet he is barely 18. His parents claim that they can’t afford his school fees,” Leajori Saitoti told The Nairobian.

When asked about the school fees issue Munishi contradicted the allegations made by the OCS.

“So the OCS arrested him to take him back to school?” he posed admitting that his son is a drug addict.

“He is under rehabilitation for a drug-related addiction not a crime related addiction! He dropped out of school because of that. In fact it’s the principal who expelled him and told us he is going to die. I think my son was introduced to drugs by people who wanted to use that against me,” Munishi said.

Faustin Munishi Music Video – Munishi Malebo