Rich Mavoko Biography – Richi Mavoko

Rich Mavoko is a Tanzanian artiste popularly known for his hit song “Moyo Wangu”.  He is one of the few Tanzanian celebrities who have warmed their way into Africa’s hearts with his song “Roho Yangu” becoming a popular tune.

He signed a contract to become the first ambassador to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Solar for Education (S4E) campaign. Solar for Education campaign is an initiative of the WWF Regional Office for Africa (ROA) Energy Hub piloted in 2015 by WWF Tanzania to demonstrate the opportunities renewable energy solutions can provide to the social economic transformation in Africa.

After successfully building his brand in Tanzania, Rich Mavoko was featured in 2015 in Kenya’s Rabbit Kaka Sungura on their song “Njoo” and after the musical project, it seems that Mavoko fell in love with Kenya. Mavoko was signed by King Kaka into his Kaka empire records.

Rabbit who runs Kaka Empire announced that Richi Mavoko had been signed into his record label and urged fans to welcome him to he label. King Kaka post read, “Help us welcome Tanzania’s Rich Mavoko to Kaka Empire. He has joined one of the biggest and fastest growing artiste management stables in Kenya. Kaka Empire will be managing Rich Mavoko’s affairs in Kenya. Mavoko joins Rabbit, Avril, Femione, Owago and Raj at Kaka Empire. Karibu Rich Mavoko.”

Mavoko who was signed to King kaka’s label, did not renew his contract opting to shift camps to his native country. He signed to Diamond’s label, Wasafi Records. Wasafi Records is the first ever record company in Tanzania owned by an artist. Following his move, King Kaka posted on his Instagram, “Congratulations to my brother and friend @richmavoko for joining @diamondplatnumz ‘s Wasafi Records all the best, wishing you nothing but greatness, we had great times at Kaka Empire and looking forward to making more hits and inspiring our generations. Kubwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Diamond would not be left behind as he posted on his instagram, “Welcome to the Family @richmavoko. Let’s take Bongo flava to the world!”

Rich Mavoko Girlfriend – Rich Mavoko Wife

Rich Mavoko’s ‘girlfriend’ returns dowry after breakup with Joho

A few weeks ago the internet was awash with reports that Wasafi stable singer Rich Mavoko was dating fellow artiste Lulu Diva. This was after the two were seen cozying up to each other in several events including the unveiling party of new WCB signee Mbosso. Well, it has now emerged that the flamboyant Lulu who was engaged to a businessman identified as Joho has been forced to return back dowry that had been paid to her parents.

This was after Joho learned of her affair with fellow artiste Rich Mavoko. Lulu told global publishers that she had decided to return the dowry herself. Last year Lulu told a Kenyan radio station that she was single and ready to mingle, this was at the height of reports doing rounds that she was secretly dating Kenyan artiste cum legislator Jaguar.

However speaking to global publishers, A Tanzanian publication, Lulu accused her ex-boyfriend of mistreating her when they were dating. “Yaani sitaki kukumbuka maana kipindi niko na Joho alinitenda sana kiasi kwamba nilikuwa nikikesha nalia ,Alinifukuza kwenye nyumba niliyokuwa nikikaa na hata Nyumba alioninunulia alinipokonya”

( I hate to remember when I was dating Joho as he really mistreated me.I used to cry a lot and he even chased me out of his house and repossessed the vehicle he had gifted me with” Lulu said. This is not the first time that Lulu’s ex is repossessing gifts to the singer over a misunderstanding.

Last year, the said ex-forced Lulu to grab a cab home after he took back a Mercedes Benz he had gifted to the singer on allegations that she was cheating on him with fellow Tanzanian singer Madee. Lulu later distanced himself from having a romantic relationship with Madee.

Rich Mavoko Age – in 2016

When Rich Mavoko was reaching 21 years of age, this made him one of the youngest musicians controlling the industry, the WCB leadership decided to do something different by having one of the biggest parties in South Africa for Rich Mavoko.

WCB said the party will be open to anybody who is ready to pay for the tickets .


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Rich Mavoko new song – Rich Mavoko music

Rich Mavoko – Rudi ft Patoranking

Tanzanian super-star Rich Mavoko, famous for his hits like “Roho Yangu” and “Silali”, managed to please his fans with a new song – “Rudi”. It was recorded in a creative duo – Rich Mavoko ft Patoranking. Continue reading and find out what was the result of the Tanzanian-Nigerian duo.

It’s becoming to be a highly popular trend today – to join the coastal African show-business circles you have to take part in interesting duos. A modern star has to have the capacity to magnetize artists of their own kind, or even more famous.

Rich Mavoko proved his talent, after his scandal refusal to extend the contract with Rabbit’s Kaka Empire. Rich Mavoko new song 2017 – Rudi, recorded with Nigerian reggae/dancehall artist Patoranking became a real hit among his Youtube fans. According to Rich Mavoko songs Youtube channel the song has already gained 1 578 683 views and 1 625 comments.

After watching the music video, it seems that Rudi is a totally new step in Rich Mavoko singing career. He refused to use Afrobeat bass-lines in favor of something completely different. Something very trendy and new to him – dancehall rhythms.

Instead of writing a song in his ordinary way, Rich Mavoko Rudi song is full of smooth, tropical tunes, innocently immersing the audience in a light euphoric trance. The song and music favorably emphasize the voice of Rich Mavoko. It definitely worked for him, especially taking into account the singer’s love for recitative singing, which sometimes sounds pretty rough.

However, the song includes enough tunes to understand that the artist is going to use auto-tune as a new tool in Rich Mavoko new songs. Thanks to this, his voice sounds much more airy and pleasant for his fans ears.

In his latest Rudi song, Rich did not abandon the old principles of Bongo Flava. The song feels very thought out and whole. You can compare it with a sip of cool water on a hot day among the thousands of meaningless pop-songs that we have nowadays.

The musical video begins with a heart breaking story – a beautiful girl decides to broke up with the main hero – Rich Mavoko. The singer is having a hard time experiencing the break, constantly remembering those precious moments when the couple was still together.

He meets his friend (Patoranking) and they both began singing together. In the end of the video clip, Rich Mavoko drinks coffee in one the cafes, and through the window the singer sees his ex-girlfriend with her friend. Following the script of all romantic films, the singer tries to catch up with her, but it was just a vision. On such a sad note, the video ends. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Rich Mavoko Songs – Mavoko new song

1. Rich Mavoko Kokoro

Artist: Harmonize & Rich Mavoko
Featured artist: Diamond Platnumz
Released: 2016
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

2. Roho Yangu

Artist: Harmonize & Rich Mavoko
Released: 2015

3. Pacha Wangu

Send ‘Skiza 8540150 ‘ to 811 (Safaricom )
Duration: 3:53

4. Silali

Artist: Harmonize & Rich Mavoko
Released: 2015

5. Follow me

Directed by Adam Juma

6. Rich Mavoko ft Diamond Kokoro

Artist: Harmonize & Rich Mavoko
Featured artist: Diamond Platnumz
Released: 2016
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

7. Mapenz

8. One Time
9. Marry Me
10. Pacha Wangu (Prod by Mazuu)
11. Ibaki Story
12. Mery Me
13. Mapenzi
14. Bolingo Ngai
15. nataka
16. One Ti
17. Ongea Nae
18. rich_mavoko_roho_yangu
19. Pacha wangu
20. Ibaki Story

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