Saida Karoli Biography

Saida Karoli was born on 4th April 1976 in Rwongwe, Bukoba in Tanzania. She is a traditionist Tanzanian musician who is popularly known for her hit song ‘Salome’.

Her music is described as natural with mellow vocals and hypnotically rhythmicism. Though she sings primarily in her native tongue Haya, her lyrics also incorporate extensive Swahili and the occasional phrase in English.

Saida Karoli Age

  • She was born on 4th April 1976 ( 41 years as at 2017)


Saida music in carrer began in 2001, she released her first album  Chambua kama Karanga which had the song “Maria Salome” which number three in airplay on Tanzanian radio. After the song’s success in Uganda, she became popularly known there as Wanchekecha, a nickname derived from the lyrics of the song. In 2013 “Maria Salome” was featured on the movie Peeples

She has entertained the Kabaka of Buganda and is an act at Zanzibar’s Sauti Za Busara Festival. She has staged live shows in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.  She got pregnant at the age of 13.

Saida Karoli Albums

  • 2001: Chambua kama Karanga (Maria Salome)
  • 2003: Mapenzi kizunguzungu
  • 2004: Harusi
  • 2005: Mimi Nakupenda
  • 2008: Nelly

Saida Karoli Songs

1. Omukaile Kilinjwi
2. Kitobero
3. Kitabero
4. Mapenzi Kizunguzungu
5. Nkyali Muto
6. Ekitobero
7. Akatambala
8. Maria Salome
9. Dunia
10. Ntua mayenje
11. Mukazi Wange
12. Rugema
13. Chambua Kama Karanga
14. Nsenene
15. Kitobero (feat. Benjamin)
16. Mapenzi sio pesa
17. Chambua (Disco Mix)
18. Ekitobero (Disco Mix)
19. Ndombolo Ya Solo
20. Maria Solome
21. Consolata
22. Nakupenda
23. Omukaile Kilinjw
24. Sweet Tanzania
25. Engonzi
26. Mimi Nakupenda
27. Chambua Kama Karanga Original
28. Engonzi Part 2
29. Umbea
30. Sakina Tanzania
31. Orera Ng’ambe
32. Chambua Kama Karanga Remix
33. alimu atusile
34. Kitobero (feat. Chameleone)
35. Africa Tupendane
37. Nakupenda (feat. Banana Zorro)
38. Orugambo
39. kaisiki (RR)
40. Mpenzi Nakupenda ft. Banana
41. Ndombolo
42. Nkaba ningya kianja
43. Fimbo Ya Mbali
44. N’dombolo 2
45. Ekitobero – Disco version
46. Saida Karoli-Chambua Kama Karanga Original
47. Kila Mwanandamu Ni Muhimu
48. Baisiki (girls)
49. Chambua Kama Karamga
50. Karanga

Saida Karoli Husband

She got her first baby at the age of 13. She got married but the marriage did not work out .Her second husband who was the father of her last child died after suffocating inside a gold mining shaft he was working. She told ‘e daily’ that she got demoralized from getting into a new relationship altho she made up with a man whom she had a child with in a previous relationship but the re union did not work out as he was jealous and over protective.


Saida Karoli
Saida Karoli

Saida Karoli Maria Salome