Wema Sepetu Biography

Wema Sepetu was born on 28th September 1988 in Dar es Salaam. She is a Tanzanian actress and former Miss Tanzania which she won in 2006. She hails from a Diplomat Family of the Late Abraham Sepetu. She is the last born in a family of four children. She obtained her primary, secondary, and high school education at Academy International School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and she later joined Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia to pursue an international business course which she did for a one-year and then dropped out to continue with acting.

Wema Sepetu Age

  • She was born on 28 September 1988 ( 29 years as at 2017)
  • Full Names – Wema Isaac Abraham Sepetu
  • Residence – Dar es Salaam
  • Occupation – Actress Entrepreneur TV Show

Early Childhood

She was born in Dar es Salaam and hails from a Diplomat Family. She is the last child in a family of four girls of Ambassador Isaack Abraham Sepetu.

Education Background

For her primary, secondary and high school education she attended Academy International School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and she later joined Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia to pursue an international business course which she did for a one-year and then dropped out to continue with acting.

Miss Tanzania – Miss Tanzania 2006

In 2006, she was crowned as Miss Tanzania, the competition which was held at Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam.  She was awarded a Toyota Rav 4 and a ticket to compete in Miss World. After winning the title of Miss Tanzania in 2006, Wema traveled to Warsaw, Poland to compete in the Miss World 2006 however she failed to enter the top 17 semifinalists.

Acting Career

She was introduced into the movie industry by the late Steven Kanumba during their dating, she made her film debut in A Point Of No Return she played Dina ,the main character alongside Steven Kanumba ,she gave an outstanding performance as young lady who is forced by her family to get married to the witch man Lameck (Steven Kanumba) who is not her choice.

She later appeared in many movies such as Family Tears, Red Valentine,White Maria that made her to be one of the popular and desired actresses in Tanzania.She has appeared in more than 20 films.

In 2011 she produced the movie called Superstar the film that tells her love life with musician Diamond Platnumz who have been on and off for some period, The movie was launched in 2012 at the Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar Es Salaam and was graced by many people including Omotola Jalade Ekeinde from Nigeria who was the guest of honour.

But the movie didn’t enter into the market till today and Wema said that she still looking for a best distributor who can pay her compared to her production costs since she stated that most of the distributors have pledged a few money compared to what she invested. After that she appeared in movies like Basilisa,It was not me,House boy ,Madame among others.

In 2014 she collaborated with Van Vicker from Ghana to produce a movie called Day After Death starring Wema and Van Vicker. The Film was planned to be released in 2015 but due to some delays it has not entered the market up to today.Apart from D.A.D to not be released, Wema appeared in some movies from 2015-2016 such as Family ,Mapenzi Yamerogwa and Chungu Cha Tatu among others.

In 2017 she made a comeback with her film called Heaven Sent which she produced and act as leading character that has also had Salim Ahmed (Gabo) as the main character ,the launch took place at Century Cinemax Mlimani City Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, the movie was sold via her mobile application Wema App,the movie received seven nominations at the 2018 Sinema Zetu International Film Festival Awards including Best Actress and Best Feature Film, where Wema won Best Actress and the movie won People’s Choice.

Endless Fame Production
In 2013 she launched her company called Endless Fame Production. The company deals with movies production and Artists management,they have managed some of Tanzanian musicians such as Mirror and Ally Luna. The company has produced movies such as Supestar,Unexpected,Day After Death,Family and Heaven Sent.

Reality Tv Show : Wema Sepetu In My Shoes
In 2013 she introduced the first season of her reality tv show called Wema Sepetu: In My Shoes on East Africa Television. In 2015 she launched the second season of a show but it didn’t last longer.In 2015 it was nominated for Favorite Tv Show at Tanzania People’s Choice Awards (Tuzo za watu 2015)

Wema Sepetu Movies

  • 2007: A Point of No Return
  • 2008: Family Tears
  • 2009: Red Valentine
  • 2010: Sakata
  • 2010: White Maria
  • 2010: Tafrani
  • 2011: 14 Days
  • 2011: Lerato
  • 2011: Basilisa
  • 2011: The Diary
  • 2011: DJ Ben
  • 2012: Crazy Tenant
  • 2012: House Boy
  • 2012: It Was Not Me
  • 2014: Madame
  • 2015: Mapenzi Yamerogwa
  • 2015: Saa Mbovu
  • 2015: Chungu Cha Tatu
  • 2016: Family
  • 2017: Kisogo
  • 2017: Heaven Sent


  • 2014: Sexiest Girl, Ijumaa Sexiest Girl
  • 2015: Favorite Actress (Madame), Tanzania People’s Choice Awards.
  • 2015: Female Personality Of The Year (East Africa),Nzumari Awards (Kenya)
  • 2016: Best Dressed Celebrity (East Africa), Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards
  • 2017: Female Stylish Personality of the year, Swahili Fashion Week Awards

Wema Sepetu Death

Wema Sepetu, the former Miss Tanzania and ex-girlfriend to Bongo musician Diamond, posted a disquieting message on Instagram foreboding her death. “Remember there is death. There is a day you will be called ‘the late’. Put that in your head. I’m thinking my day is soon… Alhamdulillahi for everything, though,” she wrote.

Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan

Wema Sepetu and comedian Idris Sultan, the Big Brother winner, began dating in 2016 but they broke up months after she got a miscarriage of their twins.

Wema instagram – Wema online

Wema Sepetu and Diamond

Feb 2018
Days after Diamond Platnumz came out to blast rumor mongers for claiming that he was rekindling his old flame Wema Sepetu, the Tanzanian model has also spoken up.

The two had people talking after a video emerged online as the former lovers reunited at a party organised by Diamond’s record label WCB last weekend.

The clip shows Diamond Platnumz hugging the model on stage before engaging in small talk, with online users speculating that Diamond whispered sweet-nothings in the actress’ ears.

The clip has been the subject of malicious rumors on social media and the blogosphere, something that irked Diamond.

“Many people like it when people fight; they enjoy engaging in fights which are baseless. You’d hear someone say: ‘Diamond, I am your biggest fan, and I really appreciate the work you do. I was, however, appalled when you invited Wema to your function’,” said Diamond.

He added: “You’d want me to continue differing with Wema, but the big question is: what will we be fighting over? When Wema and I are warring, how does it benefit you? How will it contribute positively to Tanzania’s art industry? You cannot purport to be my fan yet you rejoice when I am at war with other people, a war, which ended ages ago.”

While echoing Diamond’s sentiments, Wema Sepetu said they have never had beef and that they have both moved on.

“Diamond called me and invited me to the event and I accepted the invitation.”

When asked why she decided to attend the event knowing it would raise eyebrows, she said, “I do things that please my heart and not to impress people. My happiness is what comes first because it is my life.”

“We have never had beef, when our relationship ended, people created stories that we hated each other but we have always been on good terms. We have moved on and we are happy. I respect his life and he does the same, which is a good thing. We have matured, people will always talk, but we are just friends.”

Supporting him is not a bad thing, I am so proud of him. He is living his dream, I saw him hustling and his dream was to be where he is now.”

Wema Sepetu Latest News

Wema Sepetu’s pain of loosing her twins is one that never goes away easily, but Wema is hopeful that she will be able to give birth. She was pregnant for her then boyfriend, Idris Sultan, but she didn’t get the chance to see and hold her babies, as she had a miscarriage.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Wema however revealed that if she’s not lucky enough to have kids by the time she hits 32, she will remove her uterus.

The website asked her about having kids now that she is in a relationship and is ready to be someone’s wife, and she stated that she already knows why she lost her babies but she’s ready to try her luck.

Wema Sepetu – Video