Frank Walusimbi Biography

Frank Walusimbi is a Ugandan Journalist. He is an NTV Luganda News anchor and Tuwaye host.

In an interview, he reveals that he had always wanted to be a journalist before anything else. In his senior six vacation he was given an opportunity to present a programme called Praise the Lord on the Green Channel (part of UBC) which he left to do his degree in Mass Communication at UCU (Uganda Christian University, Mukono).

Frank Walusimbi Personal life

Frank was born in Kilembe Hospital, Kasese District on 29th August 1981. His father was an engineer and his mother is a stay at home mum and together they brought up a closely knit family that Frank describes as consisting of best friends.

Unsurprisingly, Frank is a teetotaller and his idea of a good time is church and quiet evenings with family.

Frank Walusimbi Education

Frank Walusimbi attained his primary education from Busega Preparatory Primary School after which he joined Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School, Rubaga for his O and A- level; it is this school that he credits for building him.

Frank also holds a masters degree in Mass Communication, development studies from Nkozi University and a Master of Arts degree in Development Studies. His research thesis focused on the importance of development communication in farming.

Frank Walusimbi Career

He reveals that he began by contributing to the Sunday magazine in 2004 towards the end of his stay at UCU. He was mainly writing  humorous pieces while looking around for other stuff to do.

In 2005, Frank joined the Daily Monitor as a features writer and a reporter after which he joined NTV in 2006. He says, “joining TV wasn’t part of a grand master plan. It just happened”.

Frank Walusimbi Religion

Although raised a Catholic, Frank is now a “Pentecostal” as he calls it. You may call him a born again Christian, but not a “savedee”; he won’t like it.

Frank Walusimbi Married

Walusimbi is a very private person. He is very reluctant to divulge any personal information, but with a bit of prodding, he reveals that he is engaged and is soon to be married.

He further reveals, “I have not proposed yet, but she knows I’m going to marry her. We are getting there.”

Frank Walusimbi The Musician

On his twitter bio, the news anchor says he is a gentleman farmer and journalist. What he neglects to add is that he is also an accomplished singer.

He says, “My interest in music started at Rubaga and I took it seriously for some time, and I think I was quite good. There isn’t a competion I did not win at Nsambya Sharing Youth Centre. I’ve made a couple of albums with the production being handled by Joe Tabula”.

He continues to say, “I chose to be a journalist and I did not want to be to be known for anything else other than journalism”.

Frank Walusimbi Awards

Frank Walusimbi has received many awards as a result of his excellent service in the journalism field.

Some of the awards that he has managed to bag are as follows:

  1. Radio and Television academy award of 2014 for best factual program- Tuwaye
  2. Outstanding Alumni of Uganda Christian University
  3. Arts &Culture Reporting: Songs of Resistance


Frank Walusimbi Twitter

Frank Walusimbi Role model

Walusimbi was inspired by Venacio Ssenoga (RIP)the veteran radio journalist. He says, “listeners would send questions about anything in the world and he would always have answers. It would amaze me.”