Patrick Bitature Biography

Patrick Bitature is a Ugandan businessman and entrepreneur.

He is the founder and chairman of the Simba Group of Companies, an East African conglomerate, with interests in telecoms, energy production, mining, media, real estate, travel, and leisure.

He is also the co-owner of Protea Hotels. He is reported to be one of the wealthiest individuals in Uganda.

Patrick Bitature Age

Bitature was born on 10th May 1960 (age 58) in Fort Portal, Kabarole District in the Western Region of Uganda.

He was the first born in a middle-class family. When he was 13 years old, his father was murdered during the Idi Amin regime. He then became the bread winner, trading in sugar, clothing, shoes, and foreign currencies. Later, he expanded into mobile telephones and mobile airtime distribution.

Patrick Bitature Education Background

Bitature attended Namasagali College in Kamuli District for his O-Level education. While there, he was mentored by Damien Grimes. Later he attended Nyakasura School in Fort Portal, Kabarole District for his A-Level education. He then studied at the London School of Accountancy in the United Kingdom.

He then joined the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. He holds the rank of fellow of the institute. In 2013, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the United Graduate College and Seminary International, based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Patrick Bitature Career

In 1998, Bitature and his wife started a company that he named Simba Telecom Limited. The company became a franchisee of MTN Uganda, which had just opened in the country. Simba Telecom has grown into the largest seller of MTN airtime in Uganda, with gross sales in excess of US$80 million in 2010.

Over the years, he has formed other companies, to form the Simba Group of Companies, with subsidiaries in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Some of the companies in the group include the following:

  1. Simba Telecoms Limited
  2. Kampala Protea Hotel
  3. Eletromaxx Limited – Owner-operator of the 70 megawatt Tororo Thermal Power Station
  4. Simba Mining Limited
  5. Simba Dairy Farm
  6. Tororo Solar Power Station

He also serves on many Boards in Uganda and is an active philanthropist.

Patrick Bitature’s Other Responsibilities

  • He is the chairman of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, which is an umbrella body composed of private sector enterprises and offering lobbying advocacy and training for its members. He was appointed to that position in 2014.
  • Since 2007, he has been the chairman of the board of directors of Umeme, the largest electric energy distributor in Uganda.
  • Since 2009, he has been the chairman of Ndege Premier Aviation Company, a private air charter and earoplane management company based at Kajjansi Airport.
  • He has been a member of the board of directors of the Commonwealth Business Council since August 2013.
  • Since October 2007, he has been a member of Traidlinks Limited and a director of the Ugandan chapter. Traidlinks is an Irish, non-profit organisation focused on improving the productivity of subject matter experts and promotes the growth of Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Since December 2010, he has served as the honorary consul of Australia in Uganda.
  • Since March 2013, he has served as the patron of the Australian Alumni Association Uganda

Patrick Bitature Family

Bitature is married to Carol Bitature and together they have four children. Among them is Nataliey Bitature, a British, Ugandan entrepreneur and co-founder of Musana Carts in Sans Francisco.

Patrick Bitature Philanthropy

Some of his philanthropic activities include:

  1. He is the founder of the Patrick & Carol Bitature Foundation, a charity organisation focusing on education and life-saving health care initiatives. It was established in December 2010 with the main objective of providing education and healthcare to disadvantaged youth in the community. Project 500K is one of the projects run by the foundation.
  2. The Makerere University Business School Entrepreneurship Club initiated the Patrick Bitature Entrepreneurship Competition to nurture young talent through competition. The award supports and finances start up enterprises.
  3. He has been the chairman of the Nyakasura School Alumni Association since 2010. He is the largest contributor towards re-development of the school’s infrastructure.
  4. Since May 2010, he has served as the chairman of CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, a paediatric neurosurgical hospital in Mbale in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Patrick Bitature Net worth

Patrick Bitature’s net worth is $100 million. He is in top 10 richest people in Uganda. This is according to an estimation in 2012.

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Patrick Bitature Awards

  1. Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities – United Graduate College and Seminary
  2. The East African Business Leaders of the Future – Price Water House Coopers
    World survey 2003
  3. Entrepreneur of the Year 20 I I, EasternAfrican – Ernst & Young

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Patrick Bitature News

OIL CURSE! Shock as Tycoon Bitature “Mortgages” Self, Wife, Children and Family Empire to Moneybags Sudhir

Updated On: 15th January 2017

KAMPALA, Uganda: Much as it can be a blessing most times, the black gold (read oil) is associated with curse. Tycoon Patrick Bitature of the Simba Telecom fame is fast waking up to this rather rude fact, The Investigator can authoritatively and exclusively report.

We have been made to understand that in pursuit of the big cash in the bourgeoning oil and gas business, Bitature walked to his friend Sudhir Ruparelia to seek for billions in loans. He was seeking to construct a plant in Hoima to engage in the treatment, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of oil and gas. This was in June 2016.

Talks between the two parties ensued. They ended with Crane bank agreeing to give Bitature and his business associates something like Ushs150Bn to pursue their oil and gas dreams. They spoke to Sudhir under a firm whose particulars we have since discovered. It is called White Nile Consults Limited.

But as a condition to access the loan, Bitature and his friends pledged a number of prime properties in town. Nor did they spare land on which stands their oil plant located in Hohwa in the oil-rich Hoima region.

The Investigator is now privy to the properties which Bitature and his friends pledged to Crane bank as one of the conditions for the loan to be granted. The securities are eight in total. They include Plot No.3317, Kyaddondo on Block 244 Land at Kisugu, Plot No 3318, Kyaddondo Block 244 at Kisugu, Plot No.32, Hill Lane, Kampala (FRV 1330, Folio 21.

Others are Plot 17, Kyaddondo Road, Kampala (FRV 1330, Folio 18, Plot 1 A, Bill Road, Kyaddondo County, Mengo district (FRV420, Folio 6, Plot 92, Lake Drive Luzira, Kampala (LRV 2768, Folio 25, Plot 90, Lake Drive Luzira, Kampala (LRV 2769, Folio 1 as well as Plot 134, Buhaguzi, Block 2 at Kaseeta, Hoima (FRV 647, Folio 25).

Apart from the securities mentioned above, Bitature who seems to have wanted the financing badly at this point in time, even went out of his way and offered himself and members of his family as guarantors for the huge sums of money. In so doing they were undertaking to personally clear the loans in case the firm failed to return the same to Crane bank.

The family members who stood as guarantors for Bitature with Crane bank, so to speak, include Carol Bitature and Natalie Patricia Bitature. As if that was not enough, Bitature also pledged his signature firm Simba Telecom Limited with Crane bank and he did the same with Luzira Marina Limited and Chapter Eleven Limited. Both parties signed the attendant agreement on June 14, 2016. The interest on the Uganda shilling loan (Ushs12Bn) was agreed at 12% while that on the US dollars loan (3.6m) was agreed at 10%.

All had gone well until August 12 last year when Crane bank started sending out demand letters to the borrowers asking them to return the money advanced. Other demand letters would arrive on the borrowers’ desk again- on September 10th and October 4th last year. As the borrowers were still trying to come to terms with the three previous demand letters, the bank lawyers sent yet two more letters on January 5th this year. These ones were really stern. They were demanding for the immediate payment of a total of Ushs13, 258,520,549.

The lawyers were also asking the borrowers to pay up another USD3, 805,742.47. They warned that the securities pledged to obtaining the loan would be put up for auction by January 16 this year if the borrowers failed to pay up the whole sums with interest and penalties by that date.

Bitature and his friends went begging their friend Sudhir to prevail over Crane bank to give them more time to pay up. Sudhir listened. But trouble came when Bank of Uganda took over management of Crane bank and started to squeeze all loan defaulters to pay up. Seeing that Bank of Uganda was hell bent on recovering the billions from them, the Bitatures have since dashed to court to thwart moves to return the funds.

We know that the Bitatures filed the lawsuit at the commercial section of the high court early this year. They retained Muwema and company advocates to represent them in the legal showdown where they cite Crane bank as the defendant.

The borrowers, among others, claim that much as Crane Bank undertook to advance the funds, the financial institution never advanced all the funds. The borrowers argue that non-remittance of the loans sums renders the agreement between them and the bank null and void and there unenforceable.

“Despite the offer and acceptance of the said credit facility, the defendant did not disburse the monies stated to be loaned to the plaintiff but merely made a book entry of the loans on the plaintiffs’ account NO 10020130230000071 and 10020230300000092 respectively,” the borrowers’ state in plaint lodged at the commercial court.

The Bitatures undertake to table bank statements regarding the said loans to prove to court that Crane Bank did ‘not actually disburse’ the funds they undertook to disburse. Without prejudice to the above line of defense, the borrowers claim further how Crane bank is making premature demands for the return of the money allegedly advanced.

According to them, they are supposed to start repaying the money by September 30 this year. Moreover, they are claiming that the demand letters are illegal and unenforceable. “They are issued contrary to the Mortgage Act 2009 and the Regulations thereunder and the penal interest of 36% demanded is extortionate, unconscionable and illegal,” the lawyers argue on behalf of the borrowers.

They accordingly demand for an account reconciliation of their accounts in order to ‘determine’ the correct loan amounts due, if any, as it is apparent that the defendant is acting upon fictitious or unexplained amounts.” Crane bank had not responded to the charges by end of business last week.