Sugar Mummies in Uganda

There are lots of Rich Sugar Mummies in Uganda, all you need to do is know where to find them, how to make a good  first impression and make sure you are a beast between the sheets. 

If you are sick of being broke, sick of getting to your lecture room sweating like a farmer while some of your friends cruise by in the latest cars, sick of begging and pleading with your parents for money, sick of always striking over some small allowances, if you are on government sponsorship then rich Sugar Mummies in Uganda is the answer for you.

We bring you a full guide on how  to get rich Sugar Mummies in Uganda. After implementing these tips you will begin to rival your friends who are already enjoying life. With a sugar mummy, you will have the latest I-phone to click on; you will have the latest clothes to walk around in, the latest car to drive and of course, the latest STD to spread.

1. Do not expect to get a sugar mummy from online dating sites.

There are a number of dating websites, many pages on Facebook named after hooking you with a sugar mummy and they will often ask you to pay before they hook you, after giving them your hard earned money, they will disappear. They have conned many and you won’t be too special to be ripped off. Take note and avoid them.

2. Be common on the party scene

These sugar daddies and mummies are common on party scenes. Never miss a wedding or someone’s birthday party. Honour all party invitations that you get, lots of these Sugar daddies and mummies are at these parties with their spouses but they always move with their business cards and when you get one, remember to send a message.

3. Reduce the need for public affection

Have it in Mind that ladies keep their “search” a secret. They do not easily say it out that they need a toy boy and even fear being known to be in such relationships. So before you continue with your search, have that in mind, their privacy and reputation first, you last. Do not try to show it in public that you are trying to dating them.

4. Hang-out in their sections

Start flocking common areas where they go for outing and hang out in the VIP sections and look for ways to stand out like speak English with a super accent. You need to be more updated about the trending bars and clubs where these women always crowd in the evenings and since trends change, you need to know more hangout places. I recommend hangouts in Bweyogerere, Kireka, Ntinda, Najjanankumbi and Zzana, they have a horde of them.

Sugar Mummies in Uganda
Sugar Mummies in Uganda


5. Frequent the Corporate places

Stop having your sodas at Chicken Tonight, leave that to those campus wannabes, your aim in this case is to attract ministers, permanent secretaries, CEOs and those big figures. Your list should be like; coffee at Sheraton, lunch at Serena, dinner at Kabira country club and the weekend should be spent at the commonwealth resort in Munyonyo. Be a fan of these places. They will spot you and they will approach you, you first reject them, then they give you their business cards and you can call them later.

6. Be honest and transparent.

Sugar mummies have been in various relationships and will not love it when you try playing with their feelings like how taata boy did to them or try to show greed for money. Definitely its money that you want but if try to show greed in the first place she will just get rid of you.

7. Style up and be updated

You need to be styled up and updated, remember you are setting yourself ready to date and work with businesswomen, they do not need these stories of “I loaded 50MBs and they are now showing me 70%” no, know the latest trends in business and politics. Remember she may even need you to help her in her business.

8. Reduce the number of your friends

Stop acting like villagers who go to the well in tens. Only have a maximum of two friends on you when you go out. Stop carrying your whole clan. These mummies have approach anxiety, so they are always scared about approaching younger guys. Make life easier for them.

When you are only two in the group, it will even be easier for all of you to end the night with a sugar mummy such that you can stop updating your Facebook status via Nokia and update it via a Samsung Note II.

9. Become a celebrity of sorts

Have some talent on you, either a radio or TV presenter somewhere, be a show host in a night club or an upcoming female or male artiste. These sugar mummies enjoy supporting and promoting ‘celebrities’ who are on the sure road to fame. So, if you have ever sung something in your bathroom then, it’s time to hit a music studio and release your next hit song. You can always plagiarize a Nigerian beat and sing to it. When they see you, they will yearn for you.

Disclaimer: These 9 tips will guarantee you a sugar mummy without any struggle. Informationcradle is however not responsible for the outcomes of getting a sugar mummyor sugar daddy whatsoever.

If you have made up your mind and ready to find yourself a sugar mummy then it will not be difficult, it just requires patience. Creating a rapport with these ladies will enable you to get that loaded mummy sooner than later.

WARNING: Before you go on to date a sugar mummy, first make research and findout if she is really married or cohabiting with someone, my brother I encourage you not to pursue that relationship. The best you can do is begin a business at campus and grow it as a side-income source.