Adam Ant was born 3 November 1954. His birth name is Stuart Leslie Goddard and is an English singer and musician. He gained popularity as the lead singer of new wave group Adam and the Ants and later as a solo artist, scoring 10 UK top ten hits from 1980 to 1983, including three UK No. 1 singles. He has also worked as an actor, appearing in over two dozen films and television episodes from 1985 to 2003.

May 1977, the newly formed band, The Ants perform for the first time in public at the ICA restaurant, The Mall in central London and are told to stop after performing just one song “Beat My Guest” in front of what was said to be a stunned audience.
They continue their set in the ICA theatre, next door, before comedian John Dowie took to the stage.
The photographs below were taken during the restaurant performance and the subsequent theatre show, they were first published in Ant News Today issue 9 in 1987.

The Ants followed this debut with a couple of shows in the basement of the Man in the Moon pub on Kings Road supporting X-Ray Spex before headlining their own show there on May 25th.
It was after this last show that SEX shop assistant Jordan took on the role of manager for the band and also later as a part time vocalist during The Ants set for the song “Lou”.

Soon afterwards, through Jordan’s contacts, Adam got involved in the film “Jubilee”. He was given the acting part of The Kid and the band got to play a version of the song “Plastic Surgery”, which was featured in the 1978 release of Derek Jarman’s film. The song is also included on the soundtrack album for the movie along with “Deutscher Girls”, (original version rather than the overdubbed lyric release from 1982). It was to be the debut release for the band that would then be known as Adam and the Ants
The band at this time featured Adam (vocals and occasional guitar), Andy Warren (bass), Dave Barbe (drums), Mark Ryan (guitar) and Jordan (vocals).
They began to pound the gig circuit in their home ground of London playing such venues as The Vortex, The Roxy and the Marquee. They also started to get gigs out of the capital and played as far afield as Liverpool, Birmingham and Plymouth.

By October Mark Ryan was out and John Beckett, who was to be known as Johnny Bivouac for the 7 months that he is was the band, took his place. For this change of band members The Ants are no more, the band were then to be called Adam and the Ants. By this time the production company for the film “Jubilee”, Megalovision, were organising things for the band. They managed to secure a three month residency at the infamous Marquee club on Wardour Street during November, December and into January 1978.

Throughout the start of 1978 Adam and the Ants played around England building up a solid fan base.
They also managed to record four songs (Puerto Rican, Deutscher Girls, It Doesn’t Matter & Lou) for the first of their three BBC Peel sessions for Radio 1 in January.
After this they completed the tracks Plastic Surgery and Deutscher Girls, which were to be used for the Jubilee soundtrack album.

In May they played at the Roundhouse in Camden supporting X Ray Spex. It was another major turnaround in the band’s career as it is the last show featuring Jordan on vocals and Johnny Bivouac on guitar.
Shortly after this show auditions took place and 17 year old Matthew Ashman was enrolled as the new guitarist. He was thrown in at the deep end as within two months of joining the band they had recorded their second BBC Peel session (Zerox, Friends, You’re So Physical & Cleoptra) and had signed to Decca Records for a one year deal.
The deal with Decca produced a batch of demo recordings and the Adam and the Ants debut single; Young Parisians b/w Lady which was released in October and coincided with a short European tour successfully taking in Belgium, Germany and Italy.

On their return to the UK, the band played a few shows around the UK before finishing with a 2 night residency at the Marquee club, the final time that they were to perform at the venue after having played a total of 14 times in just over a year.

In January the band set out on their first full national tour; The Parisians Tour starting in Leeds and working their way around most of England and Wales over the next two months.
In February the problems that had been brewing between the band and the record company came to a head and as a result they were released from their contract with Decca.
The UK tour was finished with a few more dates spead around England and the following month saw them sell out the Lyceum Theatre in London, which at the time Adam and the Ants were now possibly the biggest and most popular unsigned act in the country.
Two shows in Berlin followed before the band returned to London to rest and formulate plans for their future.

These plans were to sign with the Camden based “indie” label Do-it Records who put the Ants straight into Roundhouse Studios to record their next single, which was to be Zerox b/w Whip in my Valise. A series of adverts were printed in the UK music press to promote this release over a period of 5 weeks, each slowly uncovering details of the single before its release and culminating in full page spreads which included details of the forthcoming Zerox Tour in July.

Following the tour, the band took on the major task of recording their debut album which was to be called Dirk Wears White Sox.
August was spent in the studio with Adam also taking on the task of producing the LP which was eventually released in late November 1979 to a mixed reception.
There was a lot of criticism in the press, which was nothing new for the band, and fans opinions varied, but whatever the case the album enjoyed a healthy long stay at the top of the independent charts in the UK which warranted subsequent pressings of the vinyl.

After the album was recorded, Adam and the Ants effectively split up for a few months. This left Adam and Dave to work on and record new material, re-enlist Matthew, bring Malcolm McLaren on board and eventually get Leigh Gorman in as a new bass player where they closed the year off with a show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom.

1980 would prove to be the most disruptive and eventually productive year to date for Adam as before January had been completed Malcolm McLaren, who had been paid for some temporary management advice, had in essence stolen Adam’s Ants in a coup that resulted in the band leaving to form Bow Wow Wow.
Adam was distraught but within a few days, after contacting ex Models and Rema Rema guitarist Marco Pirroni, was back on his feet.

The collaboration with Marco would end up as the longest-lasting and most fruitful working relationship that Adam would have and this started with a rewrite of the songCartrouble which would be the single to release Adam from the Do-it contract.

This recording session proved to be to thier benefit in more ways than one as the producer that Do-it records assigned was one Chris “Merrick” Hughes, who built up such a rapport with Adam and Marco that he was enlisted as the band’s permanent producer and also took on one of the drum positions along with ex-Model Terry Lee Miall.
This left only a bass player to find, which they did shortly afterwards in the form of Kevin Mooney.
With the new band complete they began to practice and write in earnest to show Malcolm, the ex-Ants, the industry that Adam and the Ants may have received a knock but they certainly weren’t out of the game.

In April, the single, Kings of the Wild Frontier had been recorded and the following month the Ants Invasion Tour began its assault on the general public starting and finishing in their home town of London, the band played 15 shows in 18 days debuting a new set of songs along with some reworked favourites.
After the last night at the Empire Ballroom, record companies were stumbling over each other to get the band on their books, CBS were eventually the victors where they wasted no time in putting out the Kings single and then putting the band straight into the studio to record the album of the same name.

He was arrested in a London pub in 2002 for assault and possession of a firearm (witnesses said he threatened a crowd with a starter’s pistol) and sectioned under Britain’s Mental Health Act. As it turns out, Goddard/Ant had a long history of mental illness, including a diagnosis of bipolar disorder when he was young. He managed to get his act together, literally, by 2010, and performed in local clubs before getting a record deal in 2011.

 Adam Ant Age

He is now  62 years.

Adam Ant Songs

  1. Friend Or Foe
  2. Puss’n Boots
  3. 10 – Stand and Deliver
  4. 1969 Again
  5. 20th Century Boy
  6. 5 Guns West
  7. A Girl Named Bill (Spoken Word)
  8. N.T.S.
  9. Alien
  10. All Girl Action
  11. Amazon
  12. And So You Shall (Demo)
  13. And So You Shall (Unreleased Demo)
  14. Angel
  15. Anger Inc.
  16. Animals And Men
  17. Ant Music
  18. Ant Rap
  19. Antmusic
  20. Ants Invasion
  21. Apollo 9
  22. Apollo 9 Acapella
  23. Apollo 9 Accapella Reprise
  24. B-Side Baby
  25. Baby (B-Side)
  26. Baby, Let Me Scream At You
  27. Bathroom Function (Unreleased Decca Demo)
  28. Beat My Guest
  29. Beautiful Dream
  30. Big Big Man (Razor Down) (Unreleased Demo Track)
  31. Big Big Man (Razor Keen) (Demo)
  32. Billy Boy
  33. Boil In The Bag Man (Unreleased Decca Demo)
  34. Boxing Clever (Spoken Word)
  35. Brain Candy
  36. Brand New Torso
  37. Bright Lights Black Leather
  38. Bruce Lee
  39. Bulls**t
  40. Bullshit
  41. Cajun Twisters
  42. Call Of The Wild (7″ Version)
  43. Call Of The Wild (Extended Mix)
  44. Can’t Set Rules about Love
  45. Cant Set Rules About Love
  46. Car Trouble
  47. Cartrouble
  48. Cartrouble, Pts. 1 & 2
  49. Catch A Falling Star
  50. Catholic Day
  51. Charge of the Heavy Brigade
  52. Christian D’or
  53. Cleopatra
  54. Cool Zombie
  55. Coup D’Etat (Demo (Unreleased))
  56. Coup D’Etat (Outtake)
  57. Coup D’Etat (Unreleased Album Version)
  58. Crachpot History And The Right To Lie
  59. Crackpot History And The Right To Lie
  60. Cradle Your Hatred
  61. Dandy in the Underworld
  62. Darlin’ Boy
  63. Day I Met God
  64. Desperate But Not Serious
  65. Desperate but Not Serious / Manzanera
  66. Desprate But Not Serious
  67. Deutscher Girls
  68. Digital Tenderness
  69. Dirk Wears White Sox
  70. Dirty Beast
  71. Dirty Harry (Demo)
  72. Dirty Harry (Demo Version of Amazon)
  73. Dog Eat Dog
  74. Doggy Style (Demo)
  75. Doggy Style (Unreleased Demo Track)
  76. Don’t Be Square (Be There)
  77. Don’t Knock It
  78. Dont Knock It
  79. Early Mornings Gene Vincent (Spoken Word)
  80. Fall In
  81. Fall Out
  82. Family Of Noise
  83. Fat Fun
  84. Feed Me To The Lions
  85. Five Guns West
  86. Friend Or Foe
  87. Friends
  88. Gargoyles Are Go (Demo)
  89. Gargoyles Are Go (Unreleased Demo Track)
  90. Goes Around
  91. Good Sex Rumples The Clothing (Unreleased)
  92. Good Sex Rumples The Clothing (Unreleased B Side)
  93. Goody Two Shoes
  94. Gotta Be A Sin
  95. Greta-X
  96. Gun In Your Pocket
  97. Hampstead
  98. Hardmentoughblokes
  99. Headgear
  100. Hello, I Love You
  101. Hell’s Eight Acres
  102. Here Comes The Grump
  103. Hired Gun (Unreleased)
  104. Horse You Rode In On (Demo)
  105. Horse You Rode In On (Unreleased Demo Track)
  106. How Can I Say I Miss You?
  107. How To Steal The World
  108. Human Bondage Den
  109. I Know They Know (Demo)
  110. I Know They Know (Unreleased Demo Track)
  111. I Win Zulus (Demo (Unreleased))
  112. If
  113. If You Keep On
  114. Image Of Yourself
  115. It Doesn’t Matter
  116. Jolly Rodger
  117. Jolly Roger
  118. Juanito The Bandito
  119. Kick
  120. Killer In The Home
  121. Kings Of The Wild Frontier
  122. Kings of the Wild Frontier Alt. Version
  123. Kings of the Wind Frontier
  124. Kiss The Drummer
  125. Lady
  126. Lady / Catch A Falling Star
  127. Let’s Have A Fight
  128. Libertine
  129. Liggotage
  130. Liggotage (BBC Session)
  131. Ligotage
  132. Little Devil
  133. Little Italy (Demo)
  134. Little Italy (Demo version of Man Called Marco)
  135. Los Rancheros
  136. Lou
  137. Lou (BBC Session)
  138. Lou (New York Coke Joke)
  139. Made Of Money
  140. Maid of Money (Adam On Drums Demo)
  141. Making History
  142. Man Called Marco
  143. Manners & Physique
  144. Manzenera (Instrumental Demo)
  145. Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter
  146. Mile High Club
  147. Miss Thing
  148. Mohair Locker Room Pin-Up Boys
  149. Mohair Lockeroom Pin-up Boys
  150. Mohair Lockeroom Pinup Boys
  151. Montreal
  152. Mowhok
  153. Navel To Neck
  154. Never Trust A Man
  155. Night They Vietcong (Demo)
  156. Night They Vietcong (Unreleased Demo Track)
  157. Nine Plan Failed
  158. No Zap
  159. Norman
  160. Obsession
  161. Out Of Bounds (7″ Version)
  162. Out Of Bounds (Extended Mix)
  163. Out Of Bounds (Instrumental)
  164. O.E.
  165. O.E. Inventory List
  166. Persuasion
  167. Phoenix
  168. Physical
  169. Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios
  170. Piccadilly
  171. Place In The Country
  172. Plastic Surgery
  173. Play Boy
  174. Playboy
  175. Press Darlings
  176. Prick Up Your Ears
  177. Prince Charming
  178. Puerto Rican
  179. Puerto Rician
  180. Puerto Rico
  181. Punkyoungirl
  182. Puss’n Boots
  183. Razor Keen
  184. Red Scab
  185. Rip Down
  186. Room at the Top
  187. Rough Stuff
  188. Rubber People (Unreleased Decca Demo)
  189. E.X.
  190. Saigon
  191. Sausage
  192. Scorpio Rising
  193. Scorpios
  194. Seems To Me
  195. Send a Letter to Jordan
  196. Seven Up
  197. Sexatise You
  198. Shake Your Hips
  199. Shakin’ All Over
  200. She Wins Zulus (Demo)
  201. She Wins Zulus (Unreleased Demo Track)
  202. Shrink
  203. Something Girl
  204. Something Girls
  205. Song For Ruth Ellis (Unreleased Decca Demo)
  206. Spanish Games
  207. Stand And Deliver
  208. Stand & Deliver: The Documentary
  209. Stay In The Game
  210. Steve McQueen (Unreleased)
  211. Strip
  212. Survival Of The Fetish
  213. Tabletalk
  214. That Voodoo
  215. The Human Beings
  216. The Idea
  217. The Magnificent Five
  218. Tiger Tiger (7″ Version)
  219. Tiger Tiger (Extended Mix)
  220. Try This For Sighs
  221. S.S.A.
  222. Ups and Down
  223. Ups And Downs (Demo)
  224. Valentines
  225. Vampires
  226. Vanity
  227. Very Long Ride
  228. Vince Taylor
  229. Viva Le Rock (Instrumental Dub Mix)
  230. Vive Le Rock
  231. Viviene’s Tears
  232. Vivienne’s Tears
  233. What’s Going On
  234. Whip In My Valise
  235. Who’s A Goofy Bunny?
  236. Why Do Girld Love Horses
  237. Why Do Girls Love Horses
  238. Woman Love Through Me
  239. Won’t Take That Talk
  240. Wonderful
  241. Yellowbeard (Demo)
  242. Yellowbeard (Unreleased Demo Track)
  243. Yin & Yang
  244. Yin + Yang
  245. Ying Yang
  246. Young, Dumb & Full of It
  247. Young Parisians
  248. Yours, Yours, Yours
  249. Zerox
  250. Zydyco (Unreleased)

Adam Ant Tour

Here is his schedule this year
  • 6th – Fort Lauderdale, FL, Parker Playhouse
  • 8th – Clearwater, FL, Capitol Theatre
  • 9th – Orlando, FL, The Beacham Theatre
  • 10th – Jacksonville, FL, Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center
  • 13th – New York, NY, Beacon Theatre
  • 15th – Detroit, MI, Sound Board @MotorCity Casino Hotel
  • 16th – Cleveland, OH, House of Blues
  • 17th – Pittsburgh, PA, Palace Theatre
  • 19th – Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Sound Stage
  • 20th – Richmond, VA, The National
  • 22nd – Charlotte, NC, Fillmore
  • 23rd – Atlanta, GA, Variety Playhouse
  • 24th – Nashville, TN, War Memorial Auditorium
  • 26th – Denver, CO, Paramount Theatre
  • 29th – San Francisco, CA, The Masonic
  • 30th – Los Angeles, CA, Greek Theatre


  • 9th – Auckland, Powerstation, NZ
  • 10th – Wellington, Opera House, NZ
  • 12th – Brisbane, Tivoli, AUS
  • 13th – Sydney, Enmore Theatre, AUS
  • 15th – Melbourne, Palais Theatre, AUS
  • 16th – Fremantle, Metropolis, AUS


  • 21st – London Roundhouse

Adam Ant Albums

  1. Dirk Wears White Sox (1979)
  2. Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980)
  3. Prince Charming (1981)
  4. Friend or Foe (1982)
  5. Strip (1983)
  6. Vive Le Rock (1985)
  7. Manners & Physique (1990)
  8. Wonderful (1995)
  9. Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar in Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter (2013)

Adam Ant Tickets

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Adam Ant Hits

Here are top 8 greatest hits in the 80’s
  1. Dog Eat Dog
  2. Press Darlings
  3. Ants Invasion
  4. Goody Two Shoes
  5. Desperate But Not Serious
  6. Something Girls
  7. Libertine
  8. Playboy

Adam Ant Costume

Adam Ant Costume
Adam Ant Costume