Alfie Deyes Biography

Alfie Deyes (Alfred Sidney Deyes) was born on 17th September 1993 in London, United Kingdom. He is an English YouTuber, property investor and author. He runs the YouTube channels PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogVlogs and PointlessBlogGames.

Alfie Deyes Age

  • He was born on 17th September 1993 ( 24 years as at 207)

Alfie Deyes Books

  • 2014: The Pointless Book
  • 2015: The Pointless Book 2.
  • 2016: The Scrapbook of My Life/
  • 2017: The Pointless Book 3.

Alfie Deyes Youtube PointlessBlog

He started his PointlessBlog YouTube channel in 2009. As of November 2017 he had 5.5million His vlogging channel has 4.0 million subscribers and over 478 million views on YouTube. His vlogging channel has 4.0 million subscribers and over 844 million views, his gaming channel has 1.9 million subscribers and over 205 million views.

In 2013, Deyes was a member of the “Guinness World Records OMG!” channel (GWRomg) and held a number of world records, including “Most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of two”, along with YouTubers Marcus Butler and ‘Laurbubble’ (which they still hold); and “Most party poppers
popped in 30 seconds” with a count of 29, beating the previously set record by 1 (he subsequently lost this to Ashrita Furman in October 2013), and filling the most pancakes in one minute, with chocoate sauce and bananas, which was 7.

Alfie Deyes PointlessBlog Book

In 2014 he signed a book deal with Blink Publishing. His debut book ‘The Pointless Book’ was released on 4th September 2014. . This was followed by another book, “The Pointless Book 2”. Deyes released it on 26 March 2015. His third book, “The Scrapbook Of My Life” was released on 24 March 2016. His third book on the pointless book series was released on 13th July 2017.

The Creative Store

He has an online ecommerce company called ‘The Creative Store’ that he started in 2016. He sells most of the merchandise for lots of YouTube channels.

He has a pop up shop in London that 32,000 people come to over the course of a week.

Alfie Deyes Girlfriend/ Zoella and Alfie

Alfie and Zoela made their relationship public in August 2013. Zoella is also a youtuber and a sister to Joe Sugg.


Alfie Deyes
Alfie Deyes